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Are you or a loved one in need of prayers? Praying for you is part of our mission at Catholic World Mission. We firmly believe that prayer is a powerful means of connecting with God. When we pray, we are not just talking to the air. We are looking toward heaven and acknowledging our dependence on God. As we appeal to Him, we recognize God’s goodness with deep reverence and thankfulness.

For me, prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy. – St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Whether you send in your prayer intention by mail, online, over the phone or by e-mail, we will lift you up in prayer the following Friday afternoon. We reserve a special time for you to beg God to bless you abundantly.

Our Holy Father’s Intentions for December 2022

Volunteer Not-for-Profit Organizations
We pray that volunteer non-profit organizations committed to human development find people dedicated to the common good and ceaselessly seek out new paths to international cooperation..

Hands Praying

Week of December 5, 2022

For loved ones and my special intentions; For the children who are away from the Church; For my son to stop using alcohol and drugs, and for him to never get sick; For my brother to be healed of cancer; For my sister; For our president; In thanksgiving for my blessings; For my parents to rest in peace; For world peace; That God may bless one and all of your missions for your wondrous good works in doing His will for the poor in need; For those suffering; For a loved one in the hospital; For a loved one who is grieving; For loved ones; For all lost souls; For the repose of the soul of my dad; For deceased loved ones; For our daily prayer intentions; For the return to the faith and conversion for a loved one; For departed loved ones; For the Holy Father, vocations, missions, Muslims, refugees, and a loved one; With praise, honor and thanks to God, our Father; For world peace; For food for all; For the poor souls in Purgatory; For world peace; For asylum seekers; For Native American Indians; For victims of disaster and poverty; For wisdom for our leaders; In thanksgiving for business received; For our priests, religious, deacons and lay people; For God to protect human rights in the whole world; For those who are hungry and suffer; For world peace, especially in Ukraine; For world peace; For the salvation of my family members’ souls; For loved ones to return to the Catholic Faith; For loved ones’ conversion to Catholicism and baptism; For all my family’s spiritual, mental and physical health; For my 101-year-old father that his remaining days are peaceful; For a cure for my wife’s uterus infection; For the poor souls in Purgatory; For the reparation of sin; For vocations to the priesthood; For all who are suffering in the world; For improved heath for loved ones and myself; For the deceased members of our families; For Russia to end its attacks; For the poor and lonely; For improved memory for a loved one and myself; For our son to return to the Catholic Church; For the health of my wife and family; For the most neglected soul in Purgatory; For our Pope, bishops, and priests; For deceased family members, friends, and neighbors; For our country to return to its religious roots; For my family members living and deceased; For an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life; For an end to war and violence; For peace within families, especially with my sisters and me; For good physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health; For my family and me; For the deceased members of my family; For the healing of loved ones; Happy Birthday, Jesus; For the poor, hungry, all souls and sinners, all missions, seniors, and the disabled; For my sins and for forgiveness; For me to be healthy in body, mind and spirit; For my special intentions; For good health and healing for loved ones; For the repose of the souls of loved ones; For conversion, perseverance, and a peaceful death for all my loved ones; For good marriages and lives; For all the poor souls in Purgatory, especially my loved ones; For salvation for the dying; For the spiritual and physical healing of my suffering children; For world leadership and USA leadership to do God’s will; For all families to love as the Holy Family did; For fathers to follow St. Joseph’s example; For those suffering from worldly addictions; For the mentally and physically ill; For us to love God first and our brothers and sisters in Christ second; For my healing and health; For my family, friends, and all who are in need of God’s blessings; For world peace; For a loved one to receive healing in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, of his kidney stone condition and may he be blessed with good health; That I may receive God’s protection against all harm and evil intended toward me by other persons; For my family; For an end of favoritism at our work by senior executives in the hiring practices as the oppression and depression of the staff is very bad; For company managers to lead as Christ, to be fair and to not hurt children of God systemically; May God bless our brothers and sisters at CWM and my family with abundance, faith, love and strength; May He bless my applications at USCIS and my relationship with a loved one and that he may be re-united into the Catholic faith; May the Lord walk with me every step of the way, amen; For help for me with my disbelief and unbelief as I am suffering from bipolar disorder, diabetes, and PCOS.; That the Lord Jesus Christ intercede for me as well; For special intentions for my family; For me and that God may grant me all the graces necessary for my salvation, in the name of Jesus and through Mary’s intercession; For three loved ones who need prayers the most as they continue fighting cancer and to find work even though they are depressed; For me to be able to fulfill all my Board member duties without feeling so overwhelmed; For the prayer intentions of the Pope; For all our bishops, cardinals, priests, deacons, seminarians, and religious brothers and sisters to defend the Holy Eucharist; For the merger of St. Mary’s, in accordance with God’s divine will; For my best friend’s mother who is suddenly battling cancer after a time of strife with faith and family; That she may draw closer to God and know His love and that of her family’s; That she may recover and may her family grow in faith and reliance on God; For my brother who has Alzheimer’s, my sister-in-law with pancreatic cancer, and the strength to keep their hopes up; For my sons’ conversion and their healing; That our friend is brought to a peaceful place and that there can be comfort and peace of mind for all his family and friends and the communities he touched; That my thyroid nodule goes away, and I do not need surgery on it; That I do not slouch or have a slouching bump anymore on the back of my neck; That I not be fragile, fractured anywhere, or break anything or pull anything out of socket; That I stay in one piece from head to toe always, and that I get stronger and stronger with my health; For my beloved cat who is in pain and has congestive heart failure; For help for me as I am deeply obsessed with a person, it causes me to be delusional and I am really going crazy; For my friend for he is blind to God’s light and makes assumptions about the Faith of which he knows nothing of; For the strength and courage to find His grace; For the success of a housing project I am currently funding; For my friend; For all my special intentions; For the repose of the souls of loved ones; For healing for my cousin; For all loved ones that the Faith comes alive and to get the elf off the shelf; For my exam results and for God to help me to get a 9A in my ordinary level examinations; May the Lord forgive my sins and bless me; That my marriage is saved and that my husband returns home to me and our 19-month-old daughter; For my daughters, especially the one that would like to become pregnant; For my 58-year-old daughter who had a brain injury in October and has been in the hospital and in a coma since; For me to find a job, as money needs are great for me and my children and I am scared; For me to get a chance as I have much to contribute to many people; For my son who has graduated from college and is searching for a job in his field of study that he may find one; For my daughter who will be returning to teaching after maternity leave; For my grandson that he may have health always; For the conversion of a loved one that God heals him and gives him a new heart; For a financial blessing and miracle to come to my school district very soon to help with the enormously large deficit we’re currently facing and to help so many people in the community; For this miracle to prevent many job losses, save many extracurricular activities for students, and also save class electives for them; For the grace of final perseverance and the grace of my salvation; For my earthly grandfather, Genadi, who came from Ukraine to Belgium and is hospitalized and that God may reward you for your love and prayers of intercession; For a Christmas miracle for my friend; For the salvation of my soul; For my friend; For my health to improve and for my children to return back to the Church; For my family; For my wife’s and my health to improve; For my family; For the Second Coming of Jesus, I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return, amen; For the healing for those who are sick, physically or mentally, serious or mild, and for those who are suffering the loss of their loved ones; For forgiveness and guidance, that we may know the right path to choose for us and for our future; For protection, from sickness and danger, and that we may all live a happy and healthy life with our loved ones; For all these we ask, through our Savior Jesus Christ, amen; Lord, soothe my heart, soothe my soul, give me peace of mind; For the repose of the soul of a loved one and for the healing of the family over the tragic loss of their 12-year-old son; For a financial breakthrough to come sooner than later; For my husband and I to remain healthy in body and mind as we are in our 80s and having issues; For the special intentions of a loved one; For all my special intentions…

What Kind of Prayer Intention Can I Submit?

Prayer changes everything. Prayer, at its heart, is an act of faith, asking God to step in and believing that He is both willing and able to listen to us. There is no prayer intention too large or too small — you can ask for God’s help with every need.

Jesus Christ said to bring our every need before God, and He assured us that “whatever you ask the Father in my name he will give you.” (John 16:23)

Whatever your needs may be, prayer provides strong relief to a variety of situations you may face. Some people find that Catholic prayers help them in everyday life or with difficulties placed before them. Please share your prayer intentions with us. Whether they’re for you or someone you know, we will join you in your prayers regarding:

Nothing is off limits. When we lift up your prayer intention, we add our prayers to what you are praying for. We will ask special favor from God for any circumstances you, your family or someone you know may be going through. Your prayer intentions are sacred, and you can rest assured that we honor them.

Can I Submit a Prayer Intention If I Am Not Catholic?

At Catholic World Mission, we are committed to teaching the beliefs of the Catholic Church, bringing Christ everywhere we go and providing support by helping the poor and spreading the Gospel. However, we are here for all individuals regardless of their faith. Wherever there is a need, we serve. When you submit a prayer intention, you or your loved one does not need to be Catholic or even believe in God for us to pray.

By lifting up your prayer intention on your behalf, we believe it benefits the world and reflects the love God has for His people.

Submit Your Prayer Intention Online

You’re not alone. Everyone needs prayer. Whether it is a healing prayer or a prayer regarding finances, we would love to pray for you or someone you care for. We invite you to fill out the Prayer Intention form on this page. Once you submit your prayer intention, our team commits to praying with you the following Friday afternoon.

Sending your prayer intention is completely free. You do not need to make a commitment to Catholic World Mission in order for us to pray for you. However, if you would like, we invite you to learn more about our Mission to serve as the hands, feet and eyes of Christ to children and families in communities throughout the world.

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