New Projects

Every month, we get to highlight one project you can support around the world. Here are three of the most recent ways you can make an impact…

Make Christmas Matter Again

This year, honor your loved ones by giving a real gift in their name to a real person in poverty…
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Under the smiles and sunshine, a dark secret lurks

In any tourist destination, beneath the veneer of smiles and sunshine, there is a gritty underside that many tourists never see: poverty. But in Cancun, Mexico, you can rescue young children from poverty when…
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Ongoing Projects

We are a worldwide Catholic church charity with multiple projects you can choose to support. Thanks to our generous donors we are able to complete between 50-70 projects each year.
Help us change the world by supporting our projects. Here are some examples of projects that still need help from you today:

Strengthen the Church by Strengthening Families

Under attack from all angles, families in India are fighting back…
Strengthen Families Now

Children suffer in a system that rewards wealth.

With families surviving on $1USD a day or less, there is so much you can do to help…
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Share the Gospel in Malawi

Lay people are ready to help their priests reach remote areas for Christ
Give Now to Save Souls
Newly ordained deacons from the Society of African Missions

A Light Shines in the Darkness

You can help the next generation of holy priests when you…
Support Future Priests Here

$800 is All it Takes to Send a Child to School

Every dollar helps in the fight to end poverty
Sponsor a Child Now

Monstrances Around the World

Give a poor parish a monstrance today
Spread Eucharistic Adoration Now

They Depend on You

These orphans in DR Congo are more than survivors. Thanks to you, they are “thrivers.”
Give Now to Let These Littles Thrive

Bravely Bringing Light into Darkness

Full-time lay missionaries bring the Gospel to the poorest of the poor. With a shortage of priests, these missionaries are the only way for many to have a chance to learn about the Gospel, to find hope, and be transformed by Christ!
Support Their Service Today

Most Recent Completed Projects

Thanks to your generosity we have a 100% success rate on all projects we undertake. See below for some of the most recent projects we completed together:

Donors' Fast Action & Generosity Completes Crumbling School Roof

You’ve made dreams come true for Broadrick Street Primary School in Nigeria. Click the button below to see a video of students celebrating this finished project!

24 New Desks for Mano Amiga Bello!

24 new desks were recently purchased by Mano Amiga Bello as a direct result of your generosity during our Back to School campaign! Click to see photos from the classroom, the new desks, and the students’ happy smiling faces!