New Projects

Every month, we get to highlight one project you can support around the world. Here are three of the most recent ways you can make an impact…

Help Finish Building a School in Cameroon!

We are almost finished with the construction of the new Saint Mary’s Primary School in Nkar, Cameroon. Will you help us complete the school so children in this village and surrounding areas have the opportunity to pave the path out of poverty?

Create a Dignified Environment for Seminarians

Create a Dignified Environment for Seminarians

Help us give nineteen brothers at the Manila Theological House in the Philippines a safe, dignified environment by adding bathrooms to the seminarian’s dormitories.

Annual Fund Drive 2023

Start the New Year in an impactful way as we commit to equipping our General Fund to change endless lives and communities around the world through various and multiple projects.

Ongoing Projects

We are a worldwide Catholic church charity with multiple projects you can choose to support. Thanks to our generous donors we are able to complete between 50-70 projects each year.
Help us change the world by supporting our projects. Here are some examples of projects that still need help from you today:
Send Hope and Joy to Sri Lanka this Christmas!

Send Hope and Joy to Sri Lanka this Christmas!

Send sick children and blind families meals, gifts, and medical equipment as we bring hope and joy to Sri Lanka this Advent season.

Kenya is helping disabled and mentally handicapped children

Help Disabled and Mentally Handicapped Children Become Independent

Empower children with disabilities reach their utmost potential at St. Joseph the Worker Home in Kenya by giving them the essential care and tools they need as they work towards becoming self-reliant.

Back-to-School for Nigeria: Send Supplies & Change Lives

Help Over 900 Students Achieve Their Dreams

Provide four schools in Nigeria with resources including school supplies, whiteboards in classrooms, and weekly meals this back-to-school season.

Support these devoted young men as they serve our Heavenly Father

Support a Seminarian

YOU can help us sponsor 65 Seminarians this year from the Diocese of Wiawso and the Society of African Missions (SMA) Order as they embark on their calling to serve God and change the world.

Mexico - Solidarity Supper feeds the hungry in Playa del Carmen neighborhood.

Solidarity Supper Feeds Families in Playa del Carmen Neighborhood

Your help is urgently needed to feed growing numbers every day…

Create a Self-Sustaining Community by Cocoa Farming

We have the amazing opportunity to help Enchi’s cocoa farm produce stable income for families and increase the crops planted. With YOUR help, we can change lives by giving them the tools they need to succeed!

Mano Amiga (“Helping Hands”) the gift of education

Give the Gift of a Mano Amiga Scholarship

The Mano Amiga School Program is a beacon of hope for children around the world as they pave a path out of poverty for themselves and their families. Help these students attend a Mano Amiga school to make this path possible for them.

Camino San José welcomes every soul of good will who desires to embark in this spiritual encounter with St. Joseph

Building St. Joseph's Way

Sponsor a resting place and shelter from the desert sun as the faithful from around the world gather to witness the transformational journey of St. Joseph’s Way, Cuatro Ciénegas, Coahuila, México

Haiti CFSOP missionary work

Restart Life-Saving Feeding Program

On top of the recent earthquake that destroyed everything they own, the Sisters are struggling to feed many impoverished children that live in the remote Viloux area of Haiti. We can relieve the Sisters of this heavy burden by restarting their Nutritional Feeding Program that will be able to feed 300 children.
You can help these hard-working parents give their children a successful future in Nigeria

Building a School and Better Opportunities

In Oyede, Nigeria there are over 250 students that are paving the way to a brighter future. You can support these students by renovating the worn-down church they learn at into a fully functional school. Help these children who face harsh realities be able to have the chance to be nurtured and encouraged to follow their dreams.

Girls back from river 4km away to get clean water

Supply the precious gift of clean water

So many children in Ndekesha community are deprived of even a basic education because they spend so many hours fetching water just  to survive. You can provide safe clean water for life.

Most Recent Completed Projects

Thanks to your generosity we have a 100% success rate on all projects we undertake. See below for some of the most recent projects we completed together:
Thanks to your generosity we have been able to give the Diocese of Lokoja five motorcycles

Motorcycles for Nigeria to Spread God's Word

Thanks to our generous donors we have given the Diocese of Lokoja in Nigeria five motorcycles allowing their Priests to spread the Gospel to previously unreachable areas!

Uganda, Radio Mass program,Some of the representatives who received the food, masks and sanitizers

Uganda received spiritual and critical aid

Over the past four months the village of Namwendwa has successfully received help from selfless donors who have given them the gift of the mass being broadcasted over the radio and food, masks, and sanitizers as they continue to struggle through the ongoing pandemic.
India Trinitarian Fathers Bus

School Bus for Impoverished Children in northeast India

Many of these children have to walk almost 5 miles to school. Thanks to you, a school bus has been purchased to allow these children to arrive at school safely and ready to learn.
The kids of Holy Rosary School in Nigeria now have new bathrooms

New bathrooms for students in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Holy Rosary Elementary School can have a more pleasant schooling experience thanks to your help on giving them essential school building necessities!

Group of boys in uniforms at Broadrick Primary School

Donors' Fast Action & Generosity Completes Crumbling School Roof

You’ve made dreams come true for Broadrick Street Primary School in Nigeria. Click the button below to see a video of students celebrating this finished project!

Girls in white & green outfits holding a rose walking between rows of people to a church

Igniting the Spirit in Their Communities

Your generosity in India has paved the way for Christianity to expand in the most remote of villages. The Tribal People now have places to worship, learn, pay, build community… thanks to you!
Family from Mexico in front of their house

Mexico Earthquake Relief

Your dollars helped ETC missionaries respond heroically, and build 2 homes after devastating earthquake hit Chiapas.

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