Where We are Working

We are a worldwide Catholic church charity with multiple projects you can choose to support. Thanks to our generous donors we are able to complete between 50-70 projects each year. Help us change the world by supporting our projects.

Where We are Working

Thanks to our generous donors we are able to complete between 50-70 projects each year. Help us change the world by supporting our projects.
Relieve the Pain of the Sick, Suffering, and Disabled in Malawi and Help Them Live with Dignity

Malawi -
Relieve the Pain of the Sick, Suffering, and Disabled

Ease the suffering of 357 critically ill patients at Atupele Community Hospital in Malawi.

ETC, Lay Missionaries,have carried the Good News to 4,938 communities in Mexico alone.

Mexico - Create Self-Sustaining Communities

Support two lay missionaries apart of Evangelizadores de Tiempo Completo (ETCs) as they work to evangelize the Gospel while uplifting 7,000 parishioners out of poverty through taking care of chicks.

Mexico - Seminarian Support 2023

Support fifteen Seminarians studying at the Conciliar Seminary of Mexico as they pursue their Divine Calling and lead parishes worldwide.

Tanzania - Give Malnourished Students Nutritious Meals

St. Luke’s Primary School in Tanzania is helping its students learn and achieve brighter futures. Help this school be able to continue its life-saving feeding program so its students can pave the path out of poverty

Cameroon - Help Finish Building a School!

We are almost finished with the construction of the new Saint Mary’s Primary School in Nkar, Cameroon, so children in this village and surrounding areas have the opportunity to pave the path out of poverty.

Create a Dignified Environment for Seminarians

Create a Dignified Environment for Seminarians

Help us give nineteen brothers at the Manila Theological House in the Philippines a safe, dignified environment by adding bathrooms to the seminarian’s dormitories.

Mexico - Solidarity Supper feeds the hungry in Playa del Carmen neighborhood.

Mexico - Solidarity Supper Feeds Families in Playa del Carmen Neighborhood

Your help is urgently needed to feed growing numbers every day…

Ghana - Create a Self-Sustaining Community by Cocoa Farming

We have the amazing opportunity to help Enchi’s cocoa farm produce stable income for families and increase the crops planted. With YOUR help, we can change lives by giving them the tools they need to succeed!

Haiti CFSOP missionary work

Restart Life-Saving Feeding Program

On top of the recent earthquake that destroyed everything they own, the Sisters are struggling to feed many impoverished children that live in the remote Viloux area of Haiti. We can relieve the Sisters of this heavy burden by restarting their Nutritional Feeding Program that will be able to feed 300 children.
You can help these hard-working parents give their children a successful future in Nigeria

Nigeria - Building a School and Better Opportunities

In Oyede, Nigeria there are over 250 students that are paving the way to a brighter future. You can support these students by renovating the worn-down church they learn at into a fully functional school. Help these children who face harsh realities be able to have the chance to be nurtured and encouraged to follow their dreams.

Completed Projects

Thanks to your generosity we have a 100% success rate on all projects we undertake. See below for some of the most recent projects we completed together:

Completed Projects

Thanks to your generosity we have a 100% success rate on all projects we undertake. See below for some of the most recent projects we completed together:

Bangladesh - Send Tea Farmers’ Children to School

The project has positively impacted on the lives of 250 students in different villages and 13 teachers in tea garden providing stipends for catholic education-related expenses in the Diocese of Sylhet.

Kenya - Thankful as the Security of the Children is Assure

Thank you for your support to St. Joseph The Worker Home for the physically challenged and children with epilepsy. The Sisters were able to construct a secure chain-linked fence around the home.

DR Congo -Water Tower for Ndekesha

We are pleased to share that as of September 17, 2023, the population of Kazumba now has access to clean and safe drinking water.

Brazil - Shaping Well-Rounded Minds and Caring Hearts

Thanks to your generous support, Mão Amiga Brazil and Catholic World Mission continues our partnership with another year of education, faith, and fellowship for 483 children!

Mexico - A Car for Retired Priests in Cancun!

The Anahuac Community of Retired Priests in Cancun, Mexico has been blessed with a car for transportation thanks to your selfless giving!

Liberia - The Church is Complete!

We are overjoyed to announce the completion of the brand-new St. James Catholic Church in Yookudi, Liberia!

South Africa - Plumbing at the Nazareth House!

Thanks to your abundant generosity, the Nazareth House is getting the plumbing assistance they need!

Ecuador - Boating to Share the Faith

Thanks to your bountiful support, the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales have boats to travel and serve even more communities!

Ecuador - A Year of Flourishing Faith!

This past year, 790 children and 300 adults have been baptized, and 400 children have celebrated their first Holy Communion!

Uganda - A Vehicle for Pastoral Work!

Through your faithful generosity, the priests now have a reliable car to help them serve their parishes, schools, and entire community.

Guatemala - Another Successful School Year!

Thanks to your support, the students, teachers, and parents of Mano Amiga Guatemala continue to have another successful school year!

Mexico & Guatemala - Supporting Lay Missionaries!

Your generosity has supported more than 150 full-time lay missionaries in Mexico and Guatemala!

Kenya - Lives are Being Transformed at Saint Joseph the Worker Home

Your bountiful support has given the precious children who live at the Saint Joseph the Worker Home a healthy and flourishing environment!

Nigeria - Motorcycles for Nigeria to Spread God's Word

Thanks to our generous donors we have given the Diocese of Lokoja in Nigeria five motorcycles allowing their Priests to spread the Gospel to previously unreachable areas!

India - School Bus for Impoverished Children in northeast

Many of these children have to walk almost 5 miles to school. Thanks to you, a school bus has been purchased to allow these children to arrive at school safely and ready to learn.

Nigeria - New bathrooms for students

Nigeria’s Holy Rosary Elementary School can have a more pleasant schooling experience thanks to your help on giving them essential school building necessities!

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