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Boys, bananas, and bicycles. Sounds like a title for a children’s book or a theme for a movie. Riding bikes, finding adventure, pedaling along, learning about life. Like many children the boys from Namwendwa are learning about negotiation, team work, and sacrifice. Unfortunately, their learning doesn’t take place in the school yard or on a playing field. They are learning by selling fruit to survive on the fringes of chaotic markets and Covid weary villages. Think about that.
Uganda children from Namwendwa are learning about negotiation, team work, and sacrifice

 “This morning I saw kids at the trading center selling vegetables to make ends meet for their families.” Msgr. Paul Musana.

95-year-old Mbwali Teopista takes care of her grandkids in Uganda

Mbwali Teopista

95-year-old Mbwali Teopista takes care of her grandkids in Uganda

Ninety-five-year-old Teopista and her grandchildren

With the loss of jobs and lockdowns, each family member works to survive. Parents, many who are single mothers, seek ways to earn a living wage. Children, shut out of schools, take to the streets to sell fruit. Grandparents are left in charge of the children. Without access to masks, soaps, or sanitizers for protection grandparents, like 95-year-old Mbwali Teopista, are left vulnerable to the virus. Teopista cares for her seven young grandchildren. She has unbearable pain in her legs and hands. Her muscles ache all over. Yet Mbwali awakens each day and does her best to provide for her grandkids. These grandparents sometimes do not eat, putting others in the family first when food is scarce.

“Your support will enable our parish to pay for radio airtime. The Mass, celebrated by priests, will be broadcast live on radio sharing the message of Christ. We can restore hope, build resilience, and instruct the population without sectarianism to prevent further damage for the future of the people of God.”

Msgr. Paul Musana worries as he sees these stories play out each day in the Namwendwa trading centers. He hears how weary parishioners are without access to the Mass, community, and pastoral care. He sees grandparents fall ill from the spread of the virus without access to masks, sanitizer, or soaps. He hears children who should be in school changing their future, barter for bags to sell their fruit and help their families survive. The toll on both social economic and spiritual life seems overwhelming and unbearable.

Uganda children sell vegetables in the village in order to help their families survive during the pandemic

Young children sell vegetables, bananas, and berries in the village in order to help their families survive during the ongoing pandemic lockdown in Uganda. So many have lost their jobs and have no other source of income.

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Fr Mausana_Mass in Uganda
Msgr. Paul celebrating the Mass
 “Many people are despairing despite God’s assurances to His faithful that they would not be abandoned,” says Msgr. Paul

With your generosity, Msgr. Paul, other priests, choir members, and youth leaders will broadcast the Mass on Kamuli Broadcasting Service Radio. They will reach over 1.5 million suffering people with the hope of the Gospel. Msgr. Paul will be able to reach remote church members and offer counseling and vital messages of prevention.

The radio evangelism project will reach over 1 million people in rural parishes and surrounding communities and provide an opportunity for them to pray together!

There are hundreds of families in the Jinja Diocese in dire need of food staples like maize, flour, beans, and salt. There’s also a high demand for masks, soap, and cleansers so these families can maintain proper sanitation and safety. Because you care, Msgr. Paul will be able to help Teopista and her grandchildren with food and other basic supplies while sharing the message of Christ. Msgr. Paul will encourage Teopista’s family and many families in the community “not to lose hope but to turn to God and pray.”


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Reach over 1.5 million suffering people with messages of healing and hope of the Gospel.


Feed and protect 300 families in the Jinja Diocese in need of food relief and Covid prevention supplies.


Provide pastoral care for 35,000 remote parishioners.

COVID Information

Distribute information about Covid-19 prevention to keep the communities safe.


3 months food relief for 3 families


Broadcasts a Mass to 35,000 parishioners and reaches 1 million in the community


Provides Protection soaps, sanitizer, and masks


Broadcast 6 Sunday Masses to 1 million people


Food relief for 100 families


Broadcast 12 Sunday Masses to 1 million people

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

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