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In 1989, Hurricane Gilberto struck Mexico with force. Little Brenda Guajardo, in preschool at the time, lost everything. Her entire family—her parents and eight siblings—lost their home. For a poor family, this was truly a devastating blow.

But Brenda’s Mano Amiga school community opened its doors, and its arms, and let the Guajardo family live at the school until they could get back on their feet.

Today, Brenda is a teacher at her old Mano Amiga school, doing the important work of educating the next generation, and loving students and their families with open arms.

Mano Amiga Santa Catarina, Mexico

Mão Amiga Brazil

Mano amiga Teacher Brenda.SantaCatarina

Brenda Guajardo, Mano Amiga alumna and now a Mano Amiga teacher

Mano amiga _Kevin David R López_student

Kevin Davis López, Mano El Salvador

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Now in 2020, Mano Amiga schools throughout Latin America and the Philippines continue their unwavering commitment to their students. They’re doing everything they can to ensure students can still get the quality education they deserve—in spite of the new hurdles thrown in their path by COVID-19. Like no access to internet in the face of distance learning, or school delays for weeks or months.

With more parents out of work around the world, more and more students will be at risk of not being able to go to school.

Students like Isaias in Brazil.

Kevin in El Salvador.

Charlene in the Philippines.

95% of Mano Amiga students rely on full or partial scholarships. Your generous support of Catholic World Mission’s Mano Amiga Annual Scholarship Drive makes it possible for thousands of deserving, yet desperately poor, girls and boys to have access to a quality, life-changing, Catholic education.
Charlene's future is in jeopardy unless you help today!

Charlene, Mano Amiga Philippines

Donate to help a poor child to go to school

Isaías Silva, Mão Amiga Brazil

In the face of so much uncertainty,

the good news is that you can help today.

This year, because of the pandemic, more children need a scholarship than ever before!

Will you provide for a child’s education today?

Mano Amiga Tapachula, Mexico

Mano Amiga Venezuela

Mano Amiga Scholarship give the gift of education
Will you stop right now and pray for Mano Amiga students and their families—that God would encourage them and provide for their needs?

Give now. Give hope. Set a child free from poverty with the gift of education today!

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