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Mano Amiga graduates have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, dentists, business professionals, loving parents and involved members of the community. More than 85% of Mano Amiga students proceed to institutes of higher learning; 83% of graduates are formally employed. The system is working, and it starts with touching the heart of a youngster, extending to the soul of a seasoned professional who has Mano Amiga to thank for his solid foundation.

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Mano Amiga Argentina

Student Profile: Johnny Parent Profile: Tito Gabriela 

Mão Amiga Brazil

Otávio Pereira Silva Kethlyn Almeida Campos William Santos Borges

Mano Amiga Colombia

Alvaro Stiven Jimenez  Jinela Maria Villa Lorena Rodriquez     

Mano Amiga El Salvador


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 Christian Xiomara 

Mano Amiga Guatemala

Check back for more profiles coming soon!


Mano Amiga Mexico

Juan Castro Brenda Eunice Alejandro and Francisco Christopher Jenifer Pérez Jennifer Rivas Julio Cesar Octavio Palacios  Gabriela and Josmar Miguel 

Mano Amiga Philippines


Mano Amiga Venezuela