Give Sick Children a Christmas Day
They’ll Remember Forever

Christmas miracle for sick children in Sri Lanka

Some battle cancer.

Others fight a genetic blood disorder called thalassemia.

No matter their specific ailment, these precious children in Sri Lanka face the prospect of celebrating Christmas in the hospital. You can help bring the joy of the season to these little ones!

Bishop Perera, long-time partner of CWM, visits the orphanage, hospital and greater community delivering Christmas meals, dry rations and hope along with Father Sagara who offers spiritual support to hospitalized children and their families. Children like Nethmi Hiranya…

Nethmi Hiranya was diagnosed with Thalassemia when she was just three years old. She’s had to come to the hospital for monthly blood transfusions ever since! Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder in which blood cells carry less oxygen than normal. This leads to fatigue, weakness, paleness, and even slow growth. Thalassemia is incurable and can cause anemia. Children with Thalassemia must receive monthly blood transfusions. If left untreated, Thalassemia can be fatal.

In spite of everything she’s faced, Nethmi Hiranya is a star student. She works hard to do well in school and hopes to be a teacher when she grows up. Her dad works as a driver, and her mother is a homemaker. They can barely afford Nethmi Hiranya’s monthly transfusions, much less her school fees—and definitely not a special Christmas meal.

Through your generosity, Fr. Sagara and the Diocese of Kurunegala hope to help 800 children with Thalassemia, just like Nethmi Hiranya, 200 children battling cancer and 60 blind families.

Please act now and give from your heart so these children have a very special Christmas.

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This is Nethmi Hiranya. She regularly attends the monthly clinics at Kurunegala Hospital for blood transfusions and medication.

Special Christmas for a blind family in Sri Lanka

With your support we can help blind families in need. 

Sri Lanka Christmas Miracle for sick children
Donate to a sick girl in Sri Lanka at Christmas 2020
ri Lanka Christmas Miracle - Gift for Sick Children


Here’s how you can help…

You can give these brave children a special Christmas meal and a small gift. You have options to choose, please donate now :

Ways to give a Sri Lanka sick kid a wonderful Christmas

Give right now so that all children in Sri Lanka can experience a joyful Christmas morning!

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