Send Hope and Joy to Sri Lanka this Christmas

Ring in a Cheerful & Colorful Christmas for Sri Lanka!

As we gather around the ones we love this Christmas and celebrate the birth of our Savior, we remind ourselves of those who will spend the holidays struggling beyond what we can comprehend. You can bring hope to sick children and blind families in Sri Lanka by giving them a Christmas to remember! Imagine giving a Christmas dinner to a child fighting illnesses such as thalassemia and cancer in the hospital. Think about the difference you could make by sending nutritious ready-to-eat meals for blind families in the Diocese of Kurunegala. Giving Sri Lankans in dire need a day of comfort and joy is the best Christmas gift you can give this year.

Your present has the power to bless families such as Shashini and Sanduni’s who are grappling with long-term diseases. Even though both sisters live with thalassemia, a blood disorder that requires ongoing treatment, they live to the fullest and display immense gratitude. The two sisters love to read, play outside, work in their garden, and hang out with friends. Their father works as a seasonal crop farmer while their mother stays at home to care for them. Even with all of the hard work their parents do to make ends meet, it is still difficult to properly nourish and educate their daughters.

Unfortunately, many families in the Diocese of Kurunegala fall under the same circumstances due to many children being born with thalassemia in the area. Being able to encourage these families this Christmas will bless their lives in more abundant ways than you can imagine

“CWM and Rev. Fr. Sagara thank you a million times over. We love you a lot. We are grateful to all who aid us through our troubles.” – Shashini
Send Hope and Joy to Sri Lanka this Christmas

Sashini is one of two members in her family that struggle with thalassemia.

“CWM and Rev. Fr. Sagara thank you for helping us with our needs. We owe you thousands and thank you for giving us hope for a better tomorrow” – Sanduni
Send Hope and Joy to Sri Lanka this Christmas

Sanduni lives life to the fullest despite her medical condition by enjoying hobbies such as gardening and appreciating nature.

Along with helping families stricken with thalassemia and cancer, YOU also have the chance to give aid to blind families such as Shelton’s in the Diocese. Shelton, his wife, and his daughter work hard to stay afloat and overcome their conditions. While his daughter goes to school to pave the path out of poverty, he and his wife work to pay their monthly expenses on an inconsistent income. Shelton is blind and his wife suffers from cancer. He is committed to giving his daughter a better life and desires to help heal his wife. You can brighten their holiday season by sending them nutritious ready-to-eat meals to them and other blind families. These meals will bring them nourishment as they navigate their day-to-day lives.

“I don’t know how to express my thanks. God is our savior and we always thank God for sending us living images of God to us. Thank you CWM and Fr. Sagara. We see our God in you.” – Shelton
Send Hope and Joy to Sri Lanka this Christmas

Shelton works hard to provide for his family, including peeling coconuts for the village’s coconut business as one of his jobs.

YOU can team up with CWM this holiday season and give the Christmas of a lifetime to Sri Lanka!

Any amount can make a difference!

Sending $150 provides more than sixty meals for children in the hospital battling illnesses. A gift of $500 will send twenty-five nutritious ready-to-eat meals to families navigating the challenges of blindness and accessing necessities. Providing $900 gives the hospital in this Diocese lifesaving medical equipment to help patients fight cancer and thalassemia.

Christmas is the season of showing care for our loved ones and spreading the glorious message of our Savior’s arrival. Bringing hope to the Diocese of Kurunegala will foster joy and uplift countless children and families. Are you ready to give the Christmas of a lifetime?

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