Building Catholic Churches for Communities

In a Tiny Village in Eastern Uganda, 423 Catholics Gather Under the Shade of a Mango Tree for Mass.

villagers in Uganda gathering under a tree for mass

That’s because they have no church structure of their own. Many of these worshippers are elderly and can’t make the trek to the parish church in the next town over 2.5 miles away.

So every Sunday, Fr. Sunny Mattathil, MSFS, comes to them. He celebrates Mass under the mango tree, and the people pray that one day, they’ll have a church of their own.

They Built 25,000 Bricks by Hand…Only to See Them Destroyed by Rain

The villagers of Kyamwinula made 25,000 bricks by hand so they could build their church. People are very poor here. Most are subsistence farmers with little or nothing to spare. But they came together, made bricks for their church, and got ready to build. They planned to name their new church St. Teresa of Calcutta.

Sadly, before they could cure the bricks, a rainstorm came and washed their work away. The bricks were destroyed.

The sad truth is the villagers have nothing left to start over with. They have no resources to buy building materials. And they’re running out of time: the rainy season is about to start again. With no church structure to protect them from the elements, the rainy season will put this faith community in danger of losing hope.

We need to help build this church NOW.

Catholic church destroyed by rain after bricks had been laid

Your Generosity Helped Build Other Churches and Community Centers in India and Africa

When Fr. Sunny came to us asking for help, we knew we could count on you.


Because you have helped build churches for other communities in need all over the world: from Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Enchi, Ghana, to 11 community centers (that double as churches) throughout India, to missionary centers in Costa Rica. There’s no one who cares more about sharing the faith than you and donors like you.

There’s no one who cares more about sharing the faith than you.

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New Catholic Church in Ghana Funded by Donations from Catholic World Mission
New community center in India built with Catholic World Mission donations
New Missionary center funded by Catholic World Mission donations

For the Villagers of Kyamwinula, There Is No Other Option

Help build a Catholic Church in Uganda

In Uganda, the rainy season lasts 8 months out of the year. While there are two “dry” seasons, the country experiences substantial rainfall even during those seasons.

Can you image what it’s like to have Mass outside in the rain? People get soaked, clothes get drenched, and worse yet, the hosts used for communion would dissolve before the priest could even consecrate them.

In short, the rains effectively cut the villagers off from the Sacraments!
When the rains come…
Masses will be canceled.
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Catechism classes will be called off.
The faith of 432 of our brothers and sisters in Christ will be in peril!

Kyamwinula is an extremely remote village. The nearest church is only 2.5 miles away, but the terrain is rough and ragged—an impossible journey for villagers in Kyamwinula (most of whom are elderly or very young children) to make. It’s even more dangerous in the rain.

Please, friend, we must do what we can to keep the spark of faith in Kyamwinula from going out.

We need your help.

Fr. Sunny needs your help.

The villagers under the mango tree need your help.

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The total cost to build a church in Kyamwinula is $39,479.

That may sound like a lot, and it is, but when we all come together, we can accomplish even more. You’ve done it before, and we know your generous hearts will do it again!

  • $44 provides 50 cement blocks to help build the church
  • $117 can provide one iron door for the church
  • $884 pays for half of all electrical work needed for the entire church
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Build St. Teresa of Calcutta Church for Kyamwinula, Uganda Today!

$39,479 together, we can accomplish great things!
  • $44 provides 50 cement blocks to help build the church
  • $117 can provide one iron door for the church
  • $884 pays for half of all electrical work needed for the entire church
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