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Typhoon in the Philippines: Emergency Relief


Hospital supplies washed away by Typhoon Haiyan. Patients are in deperate need!

On November 8, 2013, the lives of millions of Filipinos were forever changed. Typhoon Haiyan thrust its force upon Tacloban City and surrounding provinces with the storm surging as high as five meters, obliterating thousands of homes, taking the lives of 6,000 people and leaving at least a half million people homeless. Although the news of this disaster has diminished, the need prevails--even expands as the full extent of the long-term need is still being assessed.

Catholic World Mission has partnered with the Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce – Georgia (PACCGA) to provide hospital beds, chronic and urgent care equipment and medicines to hospitals located in the heart of the hardest hit area of Tacloban City.

"We are grateful for our collaboration with Catholic World Mission to aid the Philippines.Through our connections with hospital representatives, we can ensure the needed supplies and medicines will be hand-delivered from port to hospital and put to good use immediately," said Bryan Ramos Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce – Georgia.

The hospital was greatly damaged from the typhoon including the first floor of the hospital completely submerged in water; roofs torn off of the medical buildings; mud and debris demolishing the intensive care unit; damaged medical equipment; an entire pharamcy of vital medicines washed away; and destroying anethesia machines, operating tables and lab supplies. 

"After we were hit with 10-foot storm surges, the hospital lost electricity, water and much more. We had to bring water in from a truck. Our needs have accumulated since Yolanda. We are very grateful for any help we can get to restock medicines and supplies", said Sister Eloisa David, of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters, in charge of operations at Divine Word Hospital in Tacloban.

Partnering with the PACCGA, our current project is to supply the hospitals in the heart of Tacloban City with urgently needed medicines, equipment, and hospital beds.

Our plan is to ship a 40-foot container of supplies to a nearby port. Volunteer missionaries will personally meet the container in the Philippines and coordinate distribution of the supplies to the hospital, ensuring the medicines and equipment get to the hospital as quickly as possible.

As Pope Francis urges us to send "concrete help" to the victims of one of the
worst tragedies to ever hit the Philippines, we ask you to give as much as you can.

Read our appeal letter here.