Give a Physical and Spiritual Nourishment in Uganda

Give a Physical and Spiritual Nourishment in Uganda

With the loss of jobs and lockdowns, each family member works to survive in Namwendwa. Parents, many of who are single mothers, seek ways to earn a living wage. Children, shut out of schools, take to the streets to sell fruit. Grandparents are left in charge of the children. These grandparents sometimes do not eat, putting others in the family first when food is scarce.
There are hundreds of families in the Jinja Diocese in dire need of food staples like maize, flour, beans, and salt. There’s also a high demand for masks, soap, and cleansers so these families can maintain proper sanitation and safety. Monsignor Paul Musana hears how weary parishioners are without access to the Mass, community, and pastoral care. It is during indescribably difficult times such as now when the Gospel of Jesus Christ is desperately needed.

Ninety-five-year-old Teopista and her grandchildren

“This morning I saw kids at the trading center selling vegetables to make ends meet for their families.” Msgr. Paul Musana

Project Updates

Project Updates

Radio-Broadcasted Mass

June 2021

St. Joseph Balikuddembe Catholic Church in Namwendwa is abundantly grateful for the selfless donors who have been able to bring the radio-broadcasted mass into the Diocese of Jinja.

The mass has been airing on the radio for over four months and brings forth joy and hope during an exceptionally difficult time. On June 6th, a second lockdown was put into place for Uganda. While under the enforcement of the lockdown no one can gather in a church unless it is to attend a funeral.

Not only has the parish been hard at work in spreading the gospel, but they have also been distributing much-needed food, masks, and sanitizers to 300 families in the area.

Familiar faces featured in the campaign, including the woman in the red shirt and the children of Namwendwa, continue to be positively impacted by the broadcasted mass. They thank Catholic World Mission for this blessing of a gift as they face disastrous effects from the pandemic.

We bought blue and black masks and liquid soap which were distributed to the families.

Some of the representatives who received the food, masks and sanitizers.

Monsignor Paul Musana shares that he wants to,“…keep thanking the almighty God who channeled the response from you people. For sure the people are benefitting. And as a pastoral worker I feel empowered.”
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