Will you help the poor weather the COVID-19 storm?

Every day, requests pour in from around the world. Our friends and partners are working hard to help people who are left desperate and suffering in the wake of COVID-19. People all over the world need help, from day laborers who can’t work and have no money to feed their families, to the rural poor who live in such remote locations that the only way to reach them with news about the virus and spiritual support is to broadcast radio programs and Masses.

One of our partners in Ghana, Msgr. Simon Assamoah, is doing the incredible work of stocking local hospitals with hand sanitizer, face masks, gloves, thermometers, and antiseptic body washes. There are two more local hospitals waiting for supplies, and Msgr. Simon has turned to you for help.

Msgr. Simon’s work to help local hospitals amid COVID-19. Click to see captions:

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In times of crisis, the poor suffer the most. You can help today.

Here in the US, some of our cities and states are starting the slow process of re-opening, and we all know it could take a long time for us to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, even once we’re all healthy.

You and your loved ones are in our prayers during these difficult days. Now, more than ever, we know how blessed we are to count you as part of the Catholic World Mission family.

Today, the impact you can make is bigger than ever before, and it’s an impact that will be felt all over the globe.

You can give aid and hope right now.

In times like these, when the whole world is reeling from the shockwaves caused by COVID-19, the poor and vulnerable usually suffer the most. You know well the challenges faced by children and families in the developing world. Worry, uncertainty, and hardship are nothing new, but today, they need your help more than ever.

You can help a child or family in need weather the coronavirus storm right now. Just like COVID-19 has impacted you, it’s also impacted them—and it’s stolen what little hope they had left.

Please, give today and help a child or family regain their hope. Every dollar counts.

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Every dollar you give sends love, support, and hope to children and families in need all over the world. Give now!

Catholic World Mission’s COVID-19 Response

How You Can Help

Your urgently needed gift today will be rushed to meet the critical needs of our ongoing programs in some of the poorest corners of the world. Here are just some ways your generosity will make a difference during this challenging time:

Dignified Living

You can send food to the Ndekesha orphans in DR Congo today.
Your donation today will be rushed to children like these in Ecuador, who need shoes.
Your generosity will help people in the United States who struggle with homelessness.


  • Workbooks for our Mano Amiga schools in Latin America
  • Supplies for career clinics for troubled youth in Malawi (thread, needles, sewing machines, etc.)
  • School supplies for students in Nigeria
Mano Amiga schools need your help to send workbooks home with their students who are now learning from home.
Malawi Career Clinic
You can send school supplies to children in Nigeria.


  • Fuel to help with transportation of evangelizers in Mexico, Ecuador, and Nigeria
  • Motorcycle for priests in Nigeria so they can reach remote villages with aid
Catholic evangelizers in Ecuador can only reach some villages by boat. They need your help buying fuel.
Priests in Nigeria need help buying a motorcycle like this one to be able to bring aid to remote villages.
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Here’s why your gift right now is especially crucial:

1. Needs and expenses are up.

As bad as things are here for us in the States, things are even worse for our friends, partners—our brothers and sisters—in developing nations. Not only were they grappling with a lack of resources and infrastructure before COVID-19, but that lack of resources has also led to even greater shortages now. In short, coronavirus took things from bad to worse very quickly. You (and through you, Catholic World Mission) are the only hope for many families and communities around the world.

Children and families living in poverty face desperate shortages as the world grapples with COVID-19

2. We’ve had to cancel all in-person fundraising events.

Visits from bishops are on hold—like Bishop Emery Kabongo from the DR Congo, who was set to visit this summer to raise funds on behalf of the Ndekesha orphans. Without the funds Bishop Kabongo hoped to raise, the children will face shortages of food staples and medicines in the coming months.

Bishop Kabongo's visit this year has been canceled. Without the funds he hoped to raise, the orphans in DR Congo will face extreme shortages this year.

3. Monthly donations are down.

Some of our regular supporters are grappling with the effects of this pandemic and can no longer make the monthly donations that allow us to plan projects and distribute desperately needed funds to waiting children and families around the world.

Without the help of our monthly donors who are struggling with the effects of COVID-19, little ones who rely on us will suffer.

If together, we don’t remember the poor, who will?
Please give right now. We have no time to lose.

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