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United States

Population: 318.9 million
Percentage Below Poverty Line: 15.1%

In the United States there is a great struggle with both physical poverty and spiritual poverty. About 46 million Americans live in physical poverty, and many more live in spiritual poverty. In both cases we need to alleviate their suffering and help them meet Christ.

Explore the tabs below to learn about the many ways our donors’ dollars are at work in the United States.

“The future starts today, not tomorrow.”
― Pope John Paul II

COVID-19 Response – Feeding Local Homeless


Sharing Love, Sharing Lunch

We are all being hit hard in different ways due to the spread of the Coronavirus, but one group being hit in a drastic way is the homeless. Many food banks and charitable organizations are no longer able to provide support to the homeless. The homeless are therefore without basic necessities such as food, water, and hygiene products.

Thanks to the generosity and quick response of three sisters and their family in Atlanta, GA, the local homeless are being taken care of!

The three sisters are: Natalie, a medical student from the Medical College of Georgia; Sophie, a college student from the University of SC graduating this year with a Psychology Degree; and Taylor a high schooler from St. Francis High School.

Each week Sharing Love, Sharing Lunch prepares 80-100 packages, which include a sandwich, cereal, snacks, hygiene products, and an encouraging message each week. These packages get delivered to the homeless around Atlanta every Thursday.

the photos below are from March 2020

“The kind deed that one person in a desperate situation does for another – if we can’t get to someone in a wheel chair or unable to walk (we don’t leave the Jeep) someone always offers to help.”

“One child that had the biggest smile and started dancing around because he was given a bag of food.  His mother and his baby brother were happy, but he was over the moon with excitement!”

“Serving the homeless during the Coronavirus outbreak has been quite a unique experience due to all the precautions that need to be taken to ensure the safety of the team and those being served. Normally, when we work with the homeless, we spend most of our time trying to encourage and embrace them (often literally) and when possible share the Good News; providing a meal is almost secondary. With the Coronavirus outbreak many services for the homeless have been reduced or stopped altogether so we find ourselves in a situation where the primary need today is to provide a meal in a safe manner.”

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Local parishioners of the Catholic Church of St. Ann in Marietta, GA band together each week (observing the social distancing directive) to pack and provide over 200 sandwiches and over 400 bags of cereal to be passed out to the local homeless in Atlanta every Thursday.

Click the image to hear from some of the parishioners:

Catholic Church of St. Ann - parishioner testimonies video

*Please note: all COVID-19 protective measure guidelines are being followed during the execution of this project. We at CWM support and honor the CDC guidelines and local shelter-in-place orders issued by the government.

Local Community Help
Local parishioners of the Catholic Church of St. Ann in Marietta, GA band together each week (observing the social distancing directive) to pack and provide over 200 sandwiches and over 400 bags of cereal to be passed out to the local homeless in Atlanta every Thursday.

Hear from the parishioners:

Sharing Love, Sharing Lunch has partnered with Lady T’s Homeless Ministry to ensure Atlanta’s homeless population still receives meals and encouragement during this tough time.

Teresa “Lady T” Hamilton was greatly moved by the homelessness she encountered while visiting Nigeria. Her heart was so moved that she knew she had to help the homeless in her local community of Atlanta, GA. When she returned home to the United States she left DeKalb Medical to start her own catering business. Every catering contract indicates that all leftovers will be donated to feed homeless people, and “Lady T’s Homeless Ministry” was started. She has been feeding the homeless for over 20 years.

“The mission of Lady T’s Homeless Ministry is to supply physical and spiritual nutrition to the less fortunate individuals who live on the streets, in the parks, behind alleys, in the woods and those that have found a place in the battered women, children and men shelters. Our objective is to give them the basic necessities of life to lift them up and encourage them.”

Through Lady T Ministry, over 300 homeless people are served a hearty meal every week. She serves homeless living on the streets and homeless families living in extended stay low income hotels, which includes over 100 children.

Lady T - Founder of Lady T Homeless Ministry

In addition to a weekly meal, she provides clothing, blankets, toiletries, stuffed animals to children, cereal snacks, crayons and coloring kits. Each homeless person she serves is given two pairs of socks and a daily devotional.

Visit to see some of Lady T’s incredible photos.

See pictures from this wonderful program below, and our very own Senior Manager of Operations, Roxanne Haslach, and her daughter, Sophia, assisting in packing lunches.

How You Can Help
COVID-19 hits home for all of us. However, the homeless are being hit in a drastic way.
Donate now to provide local homeless with lunch; hygiene products; an encouraging, Christ-based message; and much more.
Bring them hope and nourishment today.
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Forming Leaders in the Faith


“With Christ as the center of your life, you will never be disappointed” – Pope Francis

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are responding to the many prayers requests we receive every day for your daughter, son, niece, nephew, granddaughter, grandson, neighbor’s child, etc. who have left the faith once they entered college.

70% of Catholics will leave the church after high school and will never return. We must help build the bridge that has seemed to collapse carrying faithful Catholics through young adulthood. This is the least served group within the Church, but the group that can make the most difference.

By partnering with Catholic Campus Ministry programs we will help bridge the gap in hopes of forming future leaders in our faith. We don’t want lack of finances to prevent students from participating in the many faith formation opportunities helping them foster a stronger relationship with Christ.

Read more in the tabs to see how we are beginning to answer this call by partnering with the Catholic Student Union at Florida State University. Together we can help young people find their community, their purpose, their faith and their mission.

Catholic Center at FSU

Program at FSU

We are partnering with the Catholic Student Union (CSU) at Florida State University in forming future leaders in our Catholic faith. CSU has been meeting college students where they are at and inviting them into a relationship with Jesus Christ since 1947. CSU is run by the Brotherhood of Hope, a community of religious brothers, and staff.

The CSU is a college campus ministry that reaches out to thousands of students each year from The Florida State University (FSU) and the Tallahassee Community College (TCC). CSU provides several opportunities for students to experience an encounter with Jesus Christ. CSU does this by hosting and facilitating various events throughout the semester, incorporating St. John Paul ll’s vision for the “New Evangelization”, relational evangelization and discipleship formation and preparing them for the next steps after graduation.

CSU offers many opportunities for the students  who are “poor in spirit” to become immersed in their faith. The projects are designed for students to encounter Christ through “relational formation” and eventually “discipleship formation”. As they deepen their own relationship with Christ they become disciples for Christ. Fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commandment: “You shall love…God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength…You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
(Mark 12:30-31).

CSU provides many programs for students including:

  • A Spirit Nite (Faith Formation/Hot Topics discussion) every Wednesday when schools is in session
  • Men’s and women’s small groups – weekly meetings
  • Bible study
  • Two annual retreats
  • Men’s and women’s retreats
  • International and national mission trips
  • Attend March for Life
  • Volunteer in the local area to serve the poor and homeless
  • Invite students to participate in a conference entitled School of the New Evangelization (SNE) every August
  • Social Events: Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Sports events

Each of these different forms of “relational formation” and “discipleship formation” are designed to assist the student to continue to grow in their faith, gain leadership skills and continue in deepening their faith in Christ. So as they graduate from college they are able to go out and change the world through the new found calling to holiness and in particular to marriage, to priesthood or religious life. 

The formation begins when they encounter Christ through our campus ministers and student leaders. One of the major avenues they experience this encounter is at the CSU bi-annual retreat. CSU has on average 200 students who attend a given retreat. The students are provided with opportunities to share their faith by listening to talks given by CSU Staff/other guest speakers and student leaders, praise and worship, small groups and fellowship. It helps them to get connected with their peers who are growing in their faith to become selfless in love, to have a personal prayer life and evangelistic outreach. They experience this love for Christ also in our Men’s and Women’s retreats and small groups. With this deepening personal relationship with Christ, the Light of the world, they will be able to bear His Light into a world darkened by sin.

As the students grow in their faith they want to act on it. CSU provides the students multiple opportunities to serve. CSU provides this growth through our service projects and mission trips. They offer every year, three different mission trips that we hold during FSU’s spring break. This year, they had 16 men head to New York to serve the poor and homeless. They had 16 women who served the poor and homeless in Alabama. The international trip went to Haiti where 12 men and women served with the Missionaries of Charity. Each trip provides the student to grow in appreciation, understanding and of giving oneself to Christ. A big part of the students growing in their understanding of true selfless love is by serving the homeless and the poor.

CSU also provides student leaders the opportunity to experience and deepen their faith and grow in their understanding of their baptismal call to discipleship by attending the School of the New Evangelization (SNE) conference in St. Paul, MN hosted by St. Paul’s Outreach. It is a one week conference that is held at the beginning of August right before a new college school year begins. The conference gives the students the opportunity to deepen their faith through orthodox teaching, prayer and community living with over 200 other teachers and college students across the country. The response from the students who want to attend the conference has been overwhelming.

FSU profiles

Read and listen to the profiles of students who have kept their faith after graduating from high school.

“I arrived in Tallahassee in 1999 to begin my studies at Florida State University. Initially, I visited numerous churches around the area and was seeking a place to call home. My roommate, who was my good friend from high school, began attending the Co-Cathedral of St. Thomas More and got involved with the Catholic Student Union. Eventually, he attended their Fall Retreat that semester, and I saw the incredible impact it had on him when he returned. As he shared about it and I observed the change in his life, it stirred my heart to want to attend a retreat myself in the Spring… I continued to be very involved with the Catholic Student Union as a student leader until I graduated in 2004, and it was during a Spring Break Mission Trip to serve the materially and spiritually poor in Boston, MA, where I realized that I really loved sharing my faith — I experienced such great joy when doing this sort of work! This realization on that unique mission helped me discern a call to the priesthood by steering me in the right direction. I eventually entered the seminary and was ordained a priest on June 4th, 2011 for the mission Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee.”
Click here to read Fr. Tim’s full story

Spring Break Mission Trip to New Orleans; Women’s Spring Break Mission Trip to Ohio; Break Mission Trip to Haiti – Through these experiences and many more with the Catholic Student Union, I have been formed and shaped in countless ways… I knew what the life of a disciple looked like, in following Jesus, but my heart has been changed to longing not only to be a disciple, but to become an apostle, to be able to share this love with others and to make my life truly focused on working for Christ… I have recently accepted an offer to do a year of medical mission work in the South Sudan and the Dominican Republic of Congo. Going into college, I never thought this would be a part of my life, but I have learned so much about what it means to serve.” 
Click here to read Catherine’s full story

“After graduating high school in 2012, I decided to attend Florida State University… Over the course of my first year and a half of college, I was confronted with the reality that the current college culture is often directly opposed to a life of faith. As a result, my unpreparedness led me to a time of desolation and spiritual poverty… I heard an announcement that the Catholic Student Union (CSU) of FSU was going on a weeklong Spring Break Mission Trip to Haiti… Through this, God revealed to me my own spiritual poverty, and I realized God was reaching out to me — and always had been… Experiencing God radically change my life through CSU has strengthened my faith beyond what I ever thought it could be. I am so thankful for the Catholic Student Union, and I pray for other students to experience God as I have through this wonderful ministry.”
Click here to read Colter’s full story

“I wasn’t raised Catholic: my dad was a non-practicing Catholic and my mom a non-practicing Protestant through most of my childhood, but God’s grace slowly began to capture my heart… It wasn’t until college that I encountered God’s love for me… As I continued to grow in my relationship with Jesus, it became clear that He had been preparing me to consecrate the entirety of my life to Him as a religious Brother in the Brotherhood of Hope – to live a life with God First and God Alone… Currently, I am the director of the Catholic Student Union at Florida State University, and it’s impossible for me to tell you of the countless lives changed by God’s grace here… but it’s happening! College students are entering into a vibrant, life-giving relationship with the Lord and His Church.”
Click here to read Brother Clinton’s journey and the impact CSU is making

“As I entered college, surrounding myself with people of faith wasn’t a priority of mine. I began to develop friendships with some good people, but as with many college students, they were atheists who didn’t have a positive view of religion or the Catholic Church… my parents forced me to go to the Catholic Student Union’s (CSU’s) Spring Retreat… My mentality upon arriving at the retreat was one of survival — making it through the weekend, tell my parents I had a miserable time, and then never have to face another boring, ignorance-filled camping trip… Well, I survived retreat (if that isn’t already obvious). Life continued, and retreat was quickly forgotten… but not for long. The Brother that I had conversed with at the Spring Retreat contacted me some weeks later and invited me to chat again. I could not pass up an opportunity to debate, so I got together with him and had another fantastic conversation… With continued guidance and support from the community, I was able to grow in conviction for my newly acquired faith, and I am proud to say that it has only grown stronger since.”
Click here to read Monique’s full story

Fruits of Labor

By God’s grace, CSU has produced abundant fruit.

There have been hundreds of beautiful marriages and many who have responded to His invitation to the priesthood and to religious life. Specifically, CSU has helped form approximately 30 men who have entered the seminary with nine having already been ordained priests within the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee and with men in seminary formation for another five dioceses; eight women have entered vowed religious life; four women are currently at the novitiate or postulant level; five religious men (two of which are priests as well) have entered religious communities; and one man is a religious novice. These men and women serve all over the world. All of these inspiring vocations to the priesthood, religious life, and marriage have had a major impact in diocesan offices, public and private schools (education), the business and medical fields, parishes, family life, and more. We also have men and women who currently are part of missions to the poor in Haiti, Honduras, Peru, and the United States.

Across the country, we have alumni who are serving their parishes in different capacities, including youth ministries, liturgical ministry, marriage preparation, elderly care, and ongoing men’s and women’s groups to carry on the relational evangelization and discipleship formation that they received here in the CSU outreach.

“I started going to daily Mass while I was in college at Florida State University. No one required this of me, and no one had to. It was attractive because CSU made it easy to recognize the friendship and community that was generated by sharing in the Church’s prayer together each day. To pause and listen together to the Word of God and to be fed by Christ’s Body and Blood: it was the rhythm of this prayer life of the Church that gave a foundation to my closest friendships.” – Reverend James Grebe – Alumnus – Class of 2005

“When I reflect on my experience at CSU, weekly Spirit Nites, retreats, service trips, etc., I am reminded how deeply grateful I am. It has been 1 years since I graduated and there are two main lessons I learned that have helped me immensely in my family and professional life. At CSU I learned how to pray and I learned how to lead. While I continue to learn lessons in both prayer and leadership, I can definitely say they have their origin in my experience at CSU. As a husband, father of five, and business owner, I can tell you that without the foundation I received at CSU, I would not have been nearly as well prepared for the challenging adventure of life.” – Justin Biance – Alumnus – Class of 2001

“I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Bible Study small groups when I was involved in CSU during undergrad. It was in these small groups that we were able to really explore how God was calling us to live out our faith through scripture. We gained insight into the history behind each reading and then discussed how it related to us in our own lives. The Bible study fostered a sense of real community for me; the group both encouraged and challenged me to grow in my faith!” – Claire Butler – Alumna – Class of 2012

My involvement with the Respect Life Committee of the Catholic Student Union laid the foundation necessary for the work God has called me to in the medical profession.  As an Ob/Gyn physician today, my practice motto “Respecting the Dignity of Women and Building a New Culture of Life,” can be traced to my formation and involvement with CSU.” – Damon Cudihy, MD – Class of 1999

Mission Trip

Spring Break Mission to Jamaica


This Spring Break, 16 students from the Florida State University Catholic Student Union spent their time in Jamaica – not relaxing on the beach as one might expect, but giving of themselves wholeheartedly as they worked alongside the Missionaries of the Poor.

These inspirational students devoted themselves to the poorest of the poor, serving in five homes in the community (two for women, two for men, and one for children) for residents with mental and physical disabilities, patients with HIV, and elderly men and women who had been abandoned by their families. In their own words, each day the students, “served at a different center, and the residents of each house welcomed us with enormous hugs, hand-holding, and shouts of joy. Throughout our time of service, we cleaned, prepared meals, helped feed the residents, made up beds, folded laundry, cleaned wounds, and –most of all –spent time with the people we were serving, which was full of prayer, moving conversations, and overflowing love.”

Thanks to your support, these student were able to not only bring the love and light of Christ to those in desperate need, but felt God moving in and around them – filling them with love and enabling them to serve as Christ’s hands and feet. These students have had an encounter with Christ that moved them deeply and will stay with them, deepening their faith, for their whole lives, teaching them to see God in every aspect of life. Through you these Catholic youth feel the call of Christ, not only towards their work in Jamaica but a call they bring home with them to share the Gospel and Christ’s love everywhere!:

“We are called to be missionaries and disciples of Jesus wherever we are. We were exhorted to “be the bridge” when we return home. As we sit in the graces of this trip, we are to take the love of Christ that we encountered through this experience and share it with others who have not encountered that love.”

2016 – Spring Break Mission Trip to Jamaica

16 students from the Florida State University Catholic Student Union headed down to Jamaica to spend their Spring Break on a mission trip serving the people there. The group served at a preschool, as well as communities of elderly, orphans, and children with disabilities.

Student Kevin McNaughton shares his profound experience,

“An experience that significantly impacted me in Jamaica occurred at the final visit we made… One of the elderly residents joined us outside for praise and worship. Although we had brought a guitar to play, the gentleman and his friend picked up the bongo and tambourine and started belting praises to the Lord. [We all] danced with the residents with tears in their eyes. I remember standing behind the man and seeing the strength that he had in the Lord while proclaiming His name. It was at that moment, that I realized the dignity and beauty that every person there possessed. This man wasn’t in full health, nor was he living with his family, yet he still praised God for the life he was given. I realized that in whatever circumstance I find myself, my mouth should always proclaim the graces the Lord has given me and how truly good my heavenly Father is.”

Thanks to your generosity, young people in the United States are experiencing the love of Jesus Christ in new and profound ways. The students from the Catholic Student Union go on mission trips every Spring and Summer break; for many it is where they decide to include Christ in their lives for the rest of their lives. You can continue supporting this mission by visiting our United States donation page.

“The poverty in the West is a different kind of poverty — it is not only a poverty of loneliness but also of spirituality. There’s a hunger for love, as there is a hunger for God.” – Mother Theresa

How You Can Help

Will you help us expand to more college campuses to provide students the opportunity to become immersed in their faith and influence others?

Provide the opportunity for a student to encounter Christ through the ways below:

  • Fall Semester Retreat: $81 per student (200 students attend)
  • Spring Semester Retreat: $81 per student (200 students attend)
  • Men’s Domestic Mission Trip: $305 per student (16 students attend)
  • Women’s Domestic Mission Trip: $336 per student (16 students attend)
  • International Service Trip: $725 per student (12 students attend)
  • School of the New Evangelization Conference: $1,058 per student (20 students attend)

RC Mission Corps


Who They Are

The RC Mission Corps program is an apostolate of the Regnum Christi Movement which seeks to help young people have an authentic experience of Jesus Christ through active Apostleship in communities, schools and parishes throughout the world.

Since Regnum Christi has the unique purpose to be at the service of the Church and mankind, the RC Mission Corps Program seeks to reawaken others to the mystery of Christ’s love for them and to their commitment of living out their An RC Missionary is a committed apostle of Christ and the Church who through the charism and spirituality of Regnum Christi seeks to bring souls to God by giving one or more years of his/her life in service of God’s people.vocation in Christ.

Their Mission

The RC Mission Corps Program seeks to form Missionaries in Spiritual, Social, Intellectual, and Apostolic dimensions so that he/she is educated and formed in the teachings of the Catholic Church so as to empower them to go out and “travel on the path of love” which God has called them on.


Working through parishes, schools and service organizations, young missionaries touch up to 4,000 people in their time of service.

The RC Missionaries serve in:
(Click on the locations below to learn more about each locations mission and need)

Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL

Houston, TX
(Coming Soon)

Washinton, DC

Manila, Philippines

RCMC Profiles

“People everywhere need Christ, the world is starving because we have removed God from the center of society so there is nothing sustaining in it. Your donation is not simply a gift of money, it is a gift of Christ.”
– Clare, RCMC Alumni ’14

“This program gives you the opportunity to work with all kind of people: young, old, local, and international. Already being here has amazed me how much my friendship with Christ has grown which has led me to discover myself deeper. We live in a world that is screaming for love and hope, this program gives you the tool to go and spread God’s live. So help us to bring that joy!”
– Josh, RCMC Alumni ’14

“This program gives you the opportunity to work with all kind of people: young, old, local, and international. Already being here has amazed me how much my friendship with Christ has grown which has led me to discover myself deeper. We live in a world that is screaming for love and hope, this program gives you the tool to go and spread God’s live. So help us to bring that joy!”
– Fernanda, RCMC Alumni ’14

“During a retreat we read the passage when Christ gives the keys to the kingdom and the leadership of the Church. This was very powerful to one 8th grader because he realized that Christ did not give the keys to the Kingdom to Peter and then make it impossible to attain heaven. He realized that Christ wants us to join Him in heaven and for the first time he realized he could get to heaven one day if he fought for Christ.”
– John Paul, RCMC Alumni ’14

“People ask me how I can give a whole year of my life but I don’t see it as giving. I feel like I am receiving this year as a gift. I’ve learned to love my faith and share it openly with everyone I encounter. My heart is transformed and I’ve found a joy for serving others. I have two goals: to grow and to give. I hope to grow in my relationship with Christ and to give all I have back to Christ by serving others.”
– Catherine, RCMC Alumni ’14

“I’ve realized that the smallest action can have the greatest impact on somebody. After serving the poor I got the privilege of helping an elderly man get his food to his apartment. It made me want to serve more and have an impact on the community no matter how small.”
– James, RCMC Alumni ’14

Fall 2016

In the Fall of 2016, 23 young people dedicated themselves to give a year of their life to the Lord through Regnum Christi Mission Corps. This program allows young people to experience Christ by serving others. Before the missionaries enter into the program they spend six weeks in training, learning Catholic Skills and ECYD methodology. ECYD methodology is  forming conscious decisions, experiences, and convictions with Christ at the center. Prayer is at the center of their mission, ensuring that they remain close to Christ to live the missionary life fully. Regnum Christi Missionaries have the unique opportunity to go deeper spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally through leadership development, vocational discernment, prayer life, and Catholic formation. This year the missionaries are spreading the Gospel in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and The Philippines.

The team in Houston recently completed their first retreat; Ana Paula Sanchez, an RC Missionary, shared, “We just had our first retreat for 6th & 8th grade, and the theme was “He Looked at Me and He Loved Me”. In the retreat, the girls were able to see how Jesus saw them and how much He loves them. One of the moms told me that her daughter’s favorite part was being able to go to a chapel to pray her morning and night prayers, and she hopes to have a chapel in her house when she grows up so she can pray.”

The missionaries in Philadelphia go door to door in their community to promote the Healing/Adoration Service the team will organize. One of the goals is to revitalize the struggling local Parish. The Regnum Christi Mission Corps program provides young people with the opportunity to be witnesses of Christ to others.

How You Can Help

Will you help us build future leaders in our faith today?

Sponsorship Opportunities

Help a Missionary reach their monthly goal – $25 per month
Assist a Missionary: $50 per month  This amount contributes to formation and travel expenses
Support a Missionary – $100 per month – Support  Spiritual and Intellectual Formation Classes
Adopt a Missionary – $200 per month – Cover a Missionary’s entire cost of living

Parish Evangelization

Faith Formation

St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Yonkers, NY

Fr. José Félix, LC runs St. Peter’s Catholic Parish, located in a very low-income area bordering the Bronx in Yonkers, NY, is a vibrant community with average weekend Mass attendance of almost exactly 2,000 people, a religious education program of over 450 students and about 300 kids active in youth groups. Hispanic immigrants make up over 80% of our community.

Last year, in order to empower the faith formation of the community, they created for the first time small groups that meet weekly in houses to pray and receive formation. In October 2013, about 90 small groups were created with about 900 participants in total. Though many of the groups persevered for a couple months, by the end of the year only about 20 groups were still active. The spiritual fruits seen in those groups, however, were astounding.

This drop-off can be attributed to many factors: they’ve learned a lot about the infrastructure necessary for the leadership of the initiative, how to get all parish groups on board, and what forms of follow-up are effective, but most of all what hurt them was the almost complete lack of good Catholic material for small group formation.

Formation Program

Launching the Initiative

In October 2014, St. Peter’s Catholic Parish relaunched the initiative. Once again they had 90 groups meeting and the first campaign began which was FOCUS founder Curtis Martin’s “Made for More” with videos of St. Peter’s priests and discussion questions that they developed themselves. This year’s plan was developed in coordination with all the priests on staff and the entire parish council. They have also added more “coaches” to help the leaders of each group and pledged to the people that we will use only Catholic materials, but for any given campaign of 4-6 weeks, they need materials both in English and Spanish. The campaigns are planned to fit the Catholic liturgy and their homily themes as closely as possible.

The topics for last years campaigns were the following:

  • Advent: Reasons for Hope (4 weeks)
  • Christmas Season: The Family God Planned (5 weeks)
  • Ordinary Time before Lent: God is My Doctor (healing) (3 weeks)
  • Lent: God is Faithful, though I am a sinner (5 weeks)
  • Easter: Basic Apologetics (5 weeks)
  • Summer/OT 1st campaign: Praying with the Psalms (5 weeks)
  • Summer/OT 2nd campaign: The Eucharist, leading up to the “Siege of Jericho” parish adoration event (5 weeks)
  • Summer/OT 3rd campaign:  My Relationship with My Brothers and Sisters (Letter of St. James) (5 weeks)
  • Fall relaunch campaign: We are Lost and We Need Help (5 weeks)

Participants attending weekly Masses, requests for Sacraments, and children enrolled in Religious Education classes have increased. Father Ortega is convinced these increases are the fruit of the small group/faith-formation programs.

Faith Formation Videos

Click here to watch the videos in English & para español

Dignified Living

NY Food Pantry

50.1 million Americans struggle to put food on the table. In the US, hunger isn’t caused by a lack of food, but rather the continued prevalence of poverty.

In the United States, we struggle to realize the amount of hunger that is all around us. In every twenty people, there is a family of three that cannot put food on the table and goes hungry every day. We know proper nutrition is vital to a child’s growth. That is why Catholic World Mission has partnered with St. Peters Food Pantry in Yonkers, New York. Together with our donors, we have reconstructed the pantry to keep out the cold and provide food throughout the year.

Fr. José Félix, LC runs St. Peter’s Catholic Parish located in a very low income area bordering the Bronx in Yonkers, NY. As part of their way to help the community they operate a food pantry which distributes bags of food to 300 needy families every week.

The Food pantry serves over 300 families regularly and over 1000 families over the holidays when children are home and not getting their meals at school. Ending food poverty in the United States is critical for the future of our children.

NY Food Pantry - Update

Building A Better Pantry

St. Peter’s food pantry has operated the last few years out of an old garage. The roof was caving in, and holes in the siding let in more than the weather. St. Peter’s came to us to ask for help rebuilding their food pantry to serve the immediate needs of their community. We were able to help transform St. Peter’s food pantry from a dilapidated garage, to an insulated and safe structure to work and store food in.



South Carolina Food Pantry

Thanks to a very generous supporter, this past Christmas – 2019 – we partnered with St. Anthony Mission in South Carolina with the feeding of over 100 people at their Christmas Eve Dinner Event.

St. Anthony Mission in Hardeeville, SC, is a mission parish of St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church in Bluffton, SC. St. Anthony Mission is a small diversified parish supporting a food pantry, The Mercy Mission.

The local parish and school, John Paul II Catholic School, hosted a Christmas Eve dinner event for local homeless in their area. The parish provided a hot meal for over 100 people along with gift bags stuffed by the local students from John Paul II Catholic School with personal hygiene items and a gift card to Wendy’s for another hot meal over the holidays.

The entire city of Hardeeville benefit from this local food pantry, which through its services create community and assist those in dire need of help.

See pictures from the event below:

Disaster Relief

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina

Since 2005 we have been responding to the call in the United States. Hurricane Katrina devastated the southern US that year and left many families homeless, hungry, and thirsty for clean water. Many people only had the clothes on their backs when they evacuated. Many of those most affected by Katrina were already among the poorest in our country. We responded to help families rebuild their lives spiritually and physically clearing away debris, sending priests to offer Mass and reconciliation, and building communities. Many children were not immediately able to attend school because they could not afford it after losing everything and their parents were out of work, we responded to their need by providing sponsorships to school.