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Catholic Evangelization in Nigeria

Population: 181,562,056
Percent Below Poverty Line: 70%

Nigeria had the largest economy in Africa and has from 6-8% increase per year despite inadequate power supply and lack of infrastructure politically and commercially. Most Nigerians live on less than $1.75 per day, which categorically falls under extreme poverty. This extreme poverty causes families to respond in desperate measures. 29% of the workforce in Nigeria is made up of children ages 5-14. We need to respond to the call in Nigeria to bring spiritual and physical uplift to communities desperate for hope.

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Motorcycles for Spreading the Word of God

In Kogi Nigeria, the road conditions are so deplorable that many parishes are only accessible via motorcycles
In Kogi Nigeria, the road conditions are so deplorable that many parishes are only accessible via motorcycles
In the Diocese of Lokoja, the Priests find it difficult to visit the Parishes as vehicles can only access these deplorable roads only on an occasional basis.

In the Diocese of Lokoja in the Kogi State of Nigeria, the road conditions are so deplorable that many parishes are only accessible via motorcycles. Other vehicles are only able to enter these villages at most once a week.  The Priests in the Diocese find it challenging to visit their parishes every day. Many times the Priests are unable to fulfill their obligations because they lack adequate means of transportation.

The Diocese has three deaneries; Kabba, Lokoja, and Okene. Apart from the main Church, they have several towns and villages under them. In the deanery of Kabba alone, more than 35 villages are nearly impossible to reach without motorcycles. These are distant places that are roughly 15 to 25 miles from each other. Most people living in these areas must walk 10 to 15 miles each day just to obtain basic life necessities.

Due to the inaccessible roads, the best way to transport through these villages is by motorcycle. Unfortunately, the parishes in this Diocese cannot afford to sponsor motorcycles for the Priests. Motorcycles are also in limited supply in the Kogi State, making it hard to purchase them in the first place.

When the Priests need transportation to perform essential duties they often rely on the goodwill of parishioners who, when they can, lend them their worn-down motorcycles.

Jesus’ love stretches to areas that need it the most – including these remote, inaccessible areas in the Diocese of Lokoja.  There is a desperate need here for reliable transportation that will enable the Priests to carry out His mission.
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Platforms of Education

Children getting an education in Nigeria
Children in Nigera school taking a lesson - Nigeria
Ezza South Primary School - Nigeria
Felicia with schoolchildren

Over the years, you have helped the dreams of some of Nigeria’s youngest students come true!

2019: Our latest opportunity to make change is with Holy Rosary Elementary School in Ukpor, Anambra State. The school badly needs a bathroom. Visit the next tab to learn more!

2017-2018: You helped rebuild a new roof for Broadrick Street Primary School in Enugu.

2015-2016: You made the difference for six schools including Rock Primary Elementary School, Ezza South Community Primary School in Ebony State, Nza Catholic Primary School, and Rock Family School. Click through the photos below to see the impact you made!

Medical Missions

Medical clinic in Nigeria

Medical Shipments

The need for medical care is imperative in Nigeria. Catholic World Mission has secured and shipped gift-in-kind to stock hospitals and clinics in the city of Nnewi and surrounding villages. Following our formula of engaging in coordinated efforts with charitable partners and a local “beachhead,” we have been able to garner the medicines and supplies that are in particular need here.

Medical Clinic Mission in Nigeria
Patients receiving care at Medical Mission in Nigeria
Patience getting into the Medical Mission in Nigeria
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