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Population: 181,562,056
Percent Below Poverty Line: 70%

Nigeria had the largest economy in Africa and has from 6-8% increase per year despite inadequate power supply and lack of infrastructure politically and commercially. Most Nigerians live on less than $1.75 per day, which categorically falls under extreme poverty. This extreme poverty causes families to respond in desperate measures. 29% of the workforce in Nigeria is made up of children ages 5-14. We need to respond to the call in Nigeria to bring spiritual and physical uplift to communities desperate for hope.

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Platforms of Education

Schools Supported
Children sit below a banana tree taking a lesson - Nigeria
Children in Nigera school taking a lesson - Nigeria
Ezza South Primary School - Nigeria
Felicia with schoolchildren

Over the years, you have helped the dreams of some of Nigeria’s youngest students come true!

2019: Our latest opportunity to make change is with Holy Rosary Elementary School in Ukpor, Anambra State. The school badly needs a bathroom. Visit the next tab to learn more!

2017-2018: You helped rebuild a new roof for Broadrick Street Primary School in Enugu.

2015-2016: You made the difference for six schools including Rock Primary Elementary School, Ezza South Community Primary School in Ebony State, Nza Catholic Primary School, and Rock Family School. Click through the photos below to see the impact you made!

Bathrooms for Holy Rosary
Teachers and students at Holy Rosary Primary School in Nigeria
These are the children who are too scared to eat or drink while at school, because they're afraid to go to the bathroom in the bush, where they are likely to be bitten by snakes.
Holy Rosary Primary School is a joyful place. Students here are cared for, loved, and delighted in, as well as given a great Catholic education.

Have you ever struggled to focus at work because you were hungry or had to use the bathroom? Have you ever been afraid to go to the bathroom because it was slightly inconvenient or even dangerous?

This is the daily existence for the children at Holy Rosary Primary School in Ukpor, Anambra State, Nigeria. Their school has no bathroom facilities. When they have to “go,” their only option is a stand of bushes outside. But this is scary and dangerous for them because of one alarming reason: snakes.

These snakes are not afraid to bite the children, and several have had to be taken to the hospital after suffering a snakebite!

As a result, the students at Holy Rosary try their hardest to never have to use the bathroom while at school. They don’t eat before or during school. They don’t drink any water. And if worse comes to worst and they absolutely can’t hold it, they go home to use the bathroom—and often don’t return to school until the next day.

How can children learn if they’re hungry, dehydrated, or not even in school?

You can help today! To give these sweet students a new bathroom, complete with 6 commodes (3 for the boys and 3 for the girls), it will cost just $6,613.

Here are some concrete ways you can help:

  • $278 provides all digging needed to buildGive Now Donation Button
  • $306 provides all cinder blocks needed
  • $111 provides 10 planks needed for construction
  • $83 pays the plumber for his labor
  • $47 pays for one toilet ($279 pays for all six!)

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Completed Projects

New roof for Broadrick Street Primary School – 2018

In 2018, your generosity and fast action made it possible for the students to have a safe, new school roof to learn under. The old roof was rusting and falling away, making every day at school a dangerous risk. Students were either exposed to the elements or in danger of falling debris.

Thank you for making this dream a reality!

WATCH: Broadrick students celebrate the completion of their new roof!

Before and After of Broadrick Street Primary School's roof

Children’s Day 2016

Children's Day 2016 - Nigeria
Children's Day 2016 - Nigeria

Children’s Day is celebrated every year in Nigeria on May 27. Traditionally children are excused from school, and instead shadow leaders in the community. Your generosity allowed us to take part in Children’s Day this year in Nigeria! Our missionaries brought exercise books for 2000 children, along with pencils, chalk, and snacks for the children to enjoy.

Children in six schools benefited from your generosity. With your help we can continue celebrating Children’s Day in Nigeria for years to come!

“We are thankful for Catholic World Mission and pray that God rewards them in Jesus’ almighty name.” – Betty, Nigerian School Teacher

Children's Day 2016 - Nigeria
Children's Day 2016 - Nigeria

Mission Trip – May 2015

In May 2015 missionary Felicia Amanambu visited Nigeria to alleviate the suffering of the poorest of the poor. When she saw the poverty in the villages she asked what their greatest needs were, and how she could fulfill them. School supplies and medical care were among the most urgent needs. We were able to respond immediately thanks to your support!

Felicia shared with us that wherever she goes people shout, “Catholic World Mission is here! Catholic World Mission has come to help us!” Thanks to your support, this joy is contagious.

See photos from the schools below:

Felicia Amanambu with School children - Nigeria

Desks for Students – 2015

In a country full of corruption, giving hope is not easy. When you strive to do the work of the Lord, the Holy Spirit often intervenes. We were so blessed this year to receive donations from all over, making it possible to give desks to students in Nigeria. Providing desks where there were once none is just one of the ways we are building platforms for education and aiming to help the whole world.

Thank You!


April 2018

Before and After of Broadrick Street Primary School's roof

We called on you in March with an emergency request to help Broadrick Street Primary School finish its roof. With just two days to go before our partner, Felicia, had to return to the States, this was an urgent need. But you rallied and gave generously! We were able to send the needed funds in time, and the roof was finished in April!

Here is what Felicia had to say in an email she sent to us from Nigeria:

“Happy Easter. This is the best Easter ever. I don’t know what else to say. God Almighty will never forget you all. The Children were too happy, all their prayers were for Catholic World Mission. God bless you all. Everybody in the city and community came to see the new changes at Broadrick School in Enugu. Thank you all. I am so proud of Catholic World Mission.”

More pictures are on their way, but for now, here’s a video of the students celebrating their new roof. Thank you for all you’ve done for these little ones!

See photos from throughout the construction process below:

How You Can Help
Give Now Donation Button

Access to education is one of the key stepping stones for a person to escape poverty. Poverty in Nigeria is extreme, with many families living on less than $2 per day. Your gift today will give a child in Nigeria the quality education he or she needs to build a hopeful future.

Your dollars go far in Nigeria:

  • $25 provides simple workbooks for 160 students
  • $50 provides workbooks for an entire school (about 300 students, ages 4-16)
  • $100 gives rice—a staple of the Nigerian diet—to feed one child for 50 days
  • $250 feeds 125 children for one day

Please keep these schools, their students, and all teachers and staff members in your prayers.

Give today so a child in Nigeria has the tools she needs to escape poverty.

Medical Missions


Medical Shipments

The need for medical care is imperative in Nigeria. Catholic World Mission has secured and shipped gift-in-kind to stock hospitals and clinics in the city of Nnewi and surrounding villages. Following our formula of engaging in coordinated efforts with charitable partners and a local “beachhead,” we have been able to garner the medicines and supplies that are in particular need here.

Shipping Hope

Shipping Hope

Unlike Ghana, Nigerians fall prey to illness more familiar to us, such as diabetes and heart disease. Medicines are selected carefully to ensure the areas are receiving what is most needed. Additionally, we were able to stock the local hospital in Nnewi with pediatric and regular-sized hospital beds–a valuable commodity. Too often, patients here are turned away from the hospital due to lack of beds and medicines to treat them.

Mission 2015

This past May 2015, Felicia Amanambu brought medical supplies to poor people in Nigeria. Medical professionals also worked with Felicia to serve the poor. These physicians followed her into remote areas that have not seen a doctor in years to distribute vitamins, diabetic medicine, and to perform physicals and wellness exams. At these clinics they are able to diagnose illnesses and diseases, and provide proper referrals for patients to be seen in government hospitals.

Felicia told us, “I serve the underprivileged in the eastern, western and southern states in Nigeria, traveling to almost twelve states where I supply the clinics with things like beds, wheelchairs and high blood pressure medications just to name a few. I also assist in educational furnishings, building seats and donating meals for children who come from homes where they have nothing to eat when coming to school.”

Explore the photos below to see more of the mission:

How Can You Help

In Nigeria, many deadly diseases are preventable and treatable. Simple medications, like antibiotics or blood pressure regulators, are impossible for the poorest in Nigeria to afford. Without the medicines we take for granted, thousands of Nigerians die needlessly every year.

Felicia Amanambu, Catholic World Mission partner to Nigeria, tells the heartbreaking story of two sick orphans who needed antibiotics. The drugs only cost $50 but there was no one who could pay for the medicine, and no hospital to care for the children. Felicia promised to return to their village with the medicine the children needed, but by the time she returned, the children had already died.

You can give today to make sure no one in Nigeria dies from a preventable disease ever again:

  • $30 pays a nurse for two days at a clinic in Nigeria
  • $50 provides lifesaving antibiotics to sick children
  • $75 helps transport medications and equipment to local clinics
  • $120 pays two doctors for one day at a clinic visit in rural Nigeria

Please pray for the success of medical missions in Nigeria, and click the green button below to make a lifesaving donation today.

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