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Catholic Evangelization in Ghana

Population: 25,904,598
Percent Below Poverty Line: 24%

In 2009, the doors were opened to begin a wonderful partnership lifting some of our brothers and sisters in Christ in Ghana out of physical and spiritual suffering. We began with shipping medical beds to hospitals that did not have enough. When they ran out of beds, nurses would put two people on one and then a third underneath when every bed had two people. Our mission did not stop there, thanks to our generous donors we have helped fund water wells, the construction of medical clinics, evangelization across the country, distribution of Eucharistic monstrances and many other projects.

Explore the tabs below to learn more about the missions and donate to Catholic charity work in Ghana.

Water for Egyam Children’s Home in Ghana

The gift of “sachet” water

At the Egyam Children’s Home, 78 orphaned children get to earn an education, learn about the Gospel, and form a family with each other. Thanks to the Sisters who run the home these precious children have a place to call home.

During a trip to Ghana, Deacon Rick met with the Sisters who were very eager to discuss the possibility of becoming self-sufficient through a unique and effective income-generating way…

Drinking water sold in plastic bags, also known as sachet water, is growing rapidly in West Africa. The Sisters saw this opportunity and ran with it. Currently, the Egyam Home has two water wells on its property. One of these can be converted and used commercially to produce sachet water on a large scale.

With your ongoing help, we can help the Egyam Children’s Home produce sachet water on a large scale for their surrounding community! Can we count on you to help provide for this special family?

Ghana_Egyam Children's home has two water tanks

The Home has two water wells on its property. One of these can be converted and used commercially to produce sachet water on a large scale.

Ghana Responds to COVID-19

Battling a Pandemic in the Developing World

When the COVID-19 global pandemic struck unexpectedly, the world was left overwhelmed, worried, and ill-prepared. The lack of knowledge and lack of control compelled Christ’s faithful to fall on their knees and ask for direction, protection, and healing. At Catholic World Mission, we are fervently praying for you and your loved ones’ lasting health and well-being.

Unfortunately, a pandemic health-crisis affects us all, especially those who were already battling poverty. In the developing world, the needs of our brothers and sisters have exponentially surged, lessening their hope for healing. Prior to COVID-19, Ghana communities lacked proper infrastructure and access to essential resources. This deficient and unreliable foundation has led to even greater shortages during the most critical time. For example, many major hospitals lacked the basic medical needs to even wash their hands, leaving patients, medical staff, and all individuals who come into contact with the virus vulnerable.

Ghana - St. John at Sefwi Asafo - hospital supply given
Ghana - St. John at Sefwi Asafo - hospital supply given - COVID response - May 2020 (29)

There are two major dioceses in the Western region of Ghana: The Wiawso Diocese and The Sekondi-Takoradi Diocese. In these communities, people are clinging on to their faith and are desperately in need of mercy and generous hearts to face the pandemic.

Ghana - Bibiani Gov. Hospital supplies given - COVID response -

In the Gospel, the love, concern, and compassion that Jesus had for the sick is undeniable. Fortunately, our partner Msgr. Simon Assamoah and the Ghana Friendship Project are humbly tending to the sick by providing poorly-equipped hospitals with face masks, thermometers, liquid soaps, hand sanitizers, gloves, food, mattresses, and other essential supplies! Assisting the sick has been a community effort. Along with providing hospitals with N95 masks, two groups of nuns generously created 1000 hand-made masks.

Ghana - St. John at Sefwi Asafo - hospital supply given - COVID response - May 2020 (2)

In this unprecedented time, the selfless desire to protect the vulnerable is a visible expression of faith. Mgsr. Simon and the Ghana Friendship Project hope to protect medical workers, improve the chance of survival for those battling COVID-19, and restore dignity to the poor. We graciously ask for your support in protecting our most vulnerable brothers and sisters and prevent the continuous spread of the virus.

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See More Pictures of the Supply Deliveries Below:

Diocese of Sekondi-Takoradi – Place of Worship

Pilgrimage to Stations of the Cross - Marian Shrine - Takoradi Ghana

The Marian Shrine at Egyam

Having a central and reliable place of worship allows all brothers and sisters in Christ to gather for healing, community, faithful development, and praise. The Marian Shrine in the diocese of Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana has served as this central place of worship for nearly 75 years.

The Sekondi-Takoradi diocese is home to 67 parishes and around 270,000 Catholics. Besides serving the immediate community, The Marian Shrine also welcomes numerous visitors, both Catholic and non-Catholic, since it is a highly revered and sought-after landmark for various pilgrimages. Within the shrine are two projects including the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto and the Stations of the Cross.

For the past few years, the Marian Shrine has undergone much needed reconstruction towards its overall infrastructure. With the generous support of local businesses, the Knights of Columbus of All Saints Catholic Church in Georgia, and the Ghana Friendship Project, the community was able to build a new, beautifully-crafted Stations of the Cross within the Shrine.

Moving forward, the community intends on finalizing reconstruction and building a hostel for pilgrims to safely spend their days and nights at the shrine. We humbly ask for your support to help provide a reliable place of community, hopeful healing, and joyous worship.

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See photos below

Building with Hope – a Church for Enchi

Children helping build - Enchi, Ghana

Enchi Needs Your Support!

4,000 Christian families and their children in Enchi, Ghana do not currently have a church. This is because their beloved church was demolished earlier this year due to cracks compromising the structural integrity of the building. The villagers are working tirelessly to rebuild a church home, but they will be stopped in their tracks if they run out of funds.

The blessing of a church, of a spiritual home, is one that many throughout the world do not have. This is true especially for the many children and families in Enchi, Ghana, who have recently had to give up their spiritual home because it was crumbling around them. Now, they are adrift and the growing Catholic community of Enchi has nowhere else to turn but to us, their brothers and sisters in Christ, for assistance.

Now is the time to support the Enchi community.

Children Wake Up at Dawn to Walk Miles and Collect Disease-Riddled Water

3 children with water buckets with the caption: "miracle of water"

More than 840,000 People Die Each Year from a Water-Related Disease

Children are diagnosed with malaria, river blindness, bilharzia, and more from drinking unsafe water. Each one painful and dangerous to their bodies. Not only that, 750 million people currently do not have access to clean water.

Catholic World Mission is partnering with four villages in Ghana to bring more than 8,000 children and their families’ clean water. There is an opportunity for you today to help their plight.

Spreading the Gift of Eucharistic Adoration

See How the Donation of Monstrances Spreads the Gospel

Monsignor Simon displaying monstrances

Catholic World Mission strongly emphasizes evangelistic revival and spiritual development in its core values. Thanks to generous CWM donors Eucharistic Adoration monstrances have been provided to underprivileged parishes in Ghana to foster increased devotion to the life-giving power of the Eucharist. Through the donation of a monstrance, we hope to increase opportunity for individuals to strengthen their relationship with God and for community devotion. The key mission is to let the power of the Eucharist change the world.

The first areas of emphasis are 20 dioceses in Ghana, Africa. Through the humble assistance of Msgr. Simon (pictured above) one monstrance, pictured here, will be delivered to each diocese to greater encourage community gatherings for Eucharistic Adoration from the many parishes and even greater number of outstations in Ghana. With God’s grace, communities around the world will be lifted up through the power of the Eucharist one monstrance at a time.

St. Joseph School, Enchi

Students in new uniforms - Ghana
Children in new covered dining hall - Ghana

Children are our future no matter where they live. It is our duty and our privledge to help children around the world who are trapped in the cycle of poverty. 80,000 children die each year in Ghana due to treatable and preventable diseases. We are blessed by your support to help the children in Ghana by putting a roof over their heads so they aren’t eating on dirt floors, and clothes in their back to protect their skin against the sun.

You can continue supporting the Children in Ghana today.

Children Support in West Ghana

Giving the Children of West Ghana Hope

Mike Barry seen center giving school supplies to GIS - Ghana

Our dedicated partner and missionary, Michael Barry has visited Ghana numerous times, and seen the pressing needs of the people. He has made it his life purpose to help those in need and contribute to bettering the society, especially in Ghana, having seen their struggle first-hand.

We have joined Michael in 2015 to provide school supplies and desks to poor children at the Gabikpo Island School. Click here to see pictures and read their story.

50% complete we are partnering with Michael once again to build the Pope Francis Home & School in Ghana. It will serve not only the abandoned orphans in the village of Awudome-Avenui, but also the children on the Gabikpo Island, and bring in jobs for the village.

Click “updates” to see progress pictures and read about the progress.

Parish Outreach Ghana

Only 2 priests serving 26 outstations

Parishioners Receiving Catechists Training
Parishioners Receiving Catechists Training
Parishioners Receiving Catechists Training
Catechists training Ghana

Catholic World Mission donors have provided training and transportation to facilitate the needs of a parish which covers a vast area in the Archdiocese of Waiwso.

The Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Enchi has only two priests who serve not only the needs of the parish, but also the needs of people in 26 outstations which feed into the parish.

The Associate Pastor visits these outstations in rotation. The catechists play a critical role in filling the gap: preparing parishioners for sacraments, teaching Church doctrine, and caring for the concerns of the villagers.

Medical Shipments

Dr. Frank Agbemordzi, Medical Director of the Enchi hospital in Ghana

Catholic World Mission donors have made it possible for us to ship millions of dollars in medical gift-in-kind to Ghana- just this past year. Supplying short-term clinics and stocking hospitals with essentials such as ECG machines, patient beds, incubators, respirators, anesthesia machines, exam tables, antibiotics and lab supplies, we feel certain that this program has saved lives.

We want to do more! Treatable and preventable diseases kill over 80,000 people – mostly children – each year in Ghana. A simple infection can lead to a deadly disease without proper antibiotics and care. About 25% of the population in rural villages test positive for malaria. Hepatitis b is prevalent and proven deadly, although very treatable, given the availability of medicines.

Our Hope for Ghana: With your continued support we can fund various missions to fulfill the beatitudes they most need in the most remote parts of Ghana. Click the other tabs to explore our projects.

Yiwabra Medical Clinic

Every year in Ghana 80,000 children die from treatable and preventable diseases.

Walls of the Yiawbra Medical Clinic
Doctors, Nurses and Techs of Medical Clinic

Yiwabra is a tiny village a couple of hours from Enchi, (but people from Yiwabra do not have access to transportation to get to the bigger villages). The village has little infrastructure and no hospital. Our mission for Yiwabra is to build a permanant medical clinic. So far they have a well, septic tank, and roofing materials, but there is more to do! A medical clinic in such a remote area is life saving for a village like Yiwabra.

We partnered with the Diocese of Wiawso to build a Medical Clinic for Yiawbra, Ghana with the anticipation to finish in 2015. We have come a long way from building the foundation to raising the roof. Explore the tabs to learn more about this Medical Clinic in Ghana.

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