Mano Amiga Guatemala students
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Mano Amiga Guatemala –
Catholic Education

Population: 15,189,958
Precent Below Poverty Line: 59.3%

Cristo Rey Piedra Parada is an impoverished community, located near Guatemala City. They have a population of 4600 people, half of whom are children. Characteristically, they are all very hard working people, but due to lack of education they earn very little. Mano Amiga Guatemala believes in the dignity of all human beings and provides opportunities for the children in education, their families, and the community to succeed.

Mano Amiga Guatemala

poor Guatemalan students at school

Students: 160
Founded: 2006
Location: Cristo Rey Piedra Parada, Guatemala

Mano Amiga Guatemala is a school with Christian values that works for the integral development of children, ages five to eleven, in the village of Cristo Rey Piedra Parada and villages surrounding. It is an institution for underprivileged children whose core objective is academic training, supplemented by effective programs of family and community development.

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