Prayer Intentions

Send us your prayer intentions!

Are you or a loved one in need of prayers? Praying for you is part of our mission at Catholic World Mission. We firmly believe that prayer is a powerful means of connecting with God. When we pray, we are not just talking to the air. We are looking toward heaven and acknowledging our dependence on God. As we appeal to Him, we recognize God’s goodness with deep reverence and thankfulness.

For me, prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy. – St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Whether you send in your prayer intention by mail, online, over the phone or by e-mail, we will lift you up in prayer the following Friday afternoon. We reserve a special time for you to beg God to bless you abundantly.

Our Holy Father’s Intentions for July 2020

The Maritime World

We pray for all those who work and live from the sea, among them sailors, fishermen and their families.

Week of August 3, 2020

Lord, hear our prayer…

For my eyes, financial help, my son and my daughter, my insurance and food stamps, the forgotten souls, for the souls of loved ones; For good health; For grace of a happy, holy and peaceful death, World peace, all missionaries and religious, safety for our military, end to all abortions & terrorism, peace of mind, for all refugees, persecuted Christians, MIA’s & POW’s, for the souls in Purgatory, conversion of sinners & Russia, for the branches of the government to work together for the common good of the Nation, for the Pope to consecrate Russia by name to Mary’s Immaculate Heart; For health and safety and healing of pains, for an end to terrorism; For World peace; For good health for my loved ones; For peace, love and forgiveness within my family members, blessings for what I received; For the Pope, World peace, to lose weight, to get full time employment with benefits, end to COVID-19, health and my intentions, for some loved ones to have a baby, for the deceased, to keep all family, extended family, relatives and friends in good health and out of harm’s way, other intentions as deemed important; For my husband to walk again; For deliverance from unclean spirits afflicting me, for healing for those afflicted and an end to COVID-19,  for reconciliation of sinners and for all those who have left the faith; For the hierarchy of the Church to make their future decisions in light of Divine Revelation, Holy Scripture and the teaching of the Apostles and Saints and not according to their own whims and desires; For all souls to be saved, for healing of a skin disorder affecting me, prayers for all, Amen.; For all my intentions as I am 89 years old; For my daughter to find a new job; For my son who was in a car accident; For my upcoming skin surgery and my second hernia repair surgery in August; For vocations to Carmelite Monastery; For a successful neck surgery for my husband; Lord rescue me from the troubles I am in and save me from people who have plotted against me. Remove them from my path and from my office asap and give me the peace of mind I need. Restore me with things that were taken away from me if it is your will. What was given to me by you should not be taken away by others. Lord give me the wisdom to understand your words when you speak with me and to grow in trust and love for you. Thank you Lord for everything. Thank you so much. Heal my pain in my heart and give me peace. Help my husband to get a job as soon as possible. Help me not to be anxious, but be calm and trust in you even more.  Please give me the victory in everything I do both in home and office. Lord please guide the minds of office people that they will leave, but help them to find a job that you would want them to do. Heal a loved one of diabetes and high blood pressure and restore her health back. Help me to give up work completely and whole heartily; Grant me the grace to set aside self-satisfaction and be humble. Please pray for me as I look for my first job- I left Grad school and wish to follow the path God has for me; For patience as I wait for my spouse and that I wait joyfully! I also ask for healing from past addictions and strength to fight temptation. Lastly, for my relationship with my family to be at peace. Thank you so much; For all of those who have never heard the Word, for all of those who have drifted from the Faith, for all of those who have been unknowingly lulled away by the dominant culture of our times and our cities, for the sick, for the poor, for the lonely, for the despairing — May they all know God’s Mercy and Grace; For an end to socialism and communism and anything remotely like it, for a conversion for all who believe it is a good thing when it is not. Amen; For my sister-in-law who is suffering from terminal brain cancer and for her husband and daughters that they may find peace and strength to endure these times; For spiritual and physical wellbeing…

What Kind of Prayer Intention Can I Submit?

Prayer changes everything. Prayer, at its heart, is an act of faith, asking God to step in and believing that He is both willing and able to listen to us. There is no prayer intention too large or too small — you can ask for God’s help with every need.

Jesus said to bring our every need before God, and He assured us that “whatever you ask the Father in my name he will give you.” (John 16:23)

Whatever your needs may be, prayer provides strong relief to a variety of situations you may face. Some people find that prayers help them in everyday life or with difficulties placed before them. Please share your prayer intentions with us. Whether they’re for you or someone you know, we will join you in your prayers regarding:

  • Finances or financial security
  • Health concerns
  • Marriages
  • Children
  • Happiness
  • Peace and unity
  • Addiction
  • Strength and guidance
  • Deceased family members
  • The suffering faithful around the world
  • And more

Nothing is off limits. When we lift up your prayer intention, we add our prayers to what you are praying for. We will ask special favor from God for any circumstances you, your family or someone you know may be going through. Your prayer intentions are sacred, and you can rest assured that we honor them.

Can I Submit a Prayer Intention If I Am Not Catholic?

At Catholic World Mission, we are committed to teaching the beliefs of the Catholic Church, bringing Christ everywhere we go and providing support by helping the poor and spreading the Gospel. However, we are here for all individuals regardless of their faith. Wherever there is a need, we serve. When you submit a prayer intention, you or your loved one does not need to be Catholic or even believe in God for us to pray.

By lifting up your prayer intention on your behalf, we believe it benefits the world and reflects the love God has for His people.

Submit Your Prayer Intention Online

You’re not alone. Everyone needs prayer. We would love to pray for you or someone you care for. We invite you to fill out the Prayer Intention form on this page. Once you submit your prayer intention, our team commits to praying with you the following Friday afternoon.

Sending your prayer intention is completely free. You do not need to make a commitment to Catholic World Mission in order for us to pray for you. However, if you would like, we invite you to learn more about our Mission to serve as the hands, feet and eyes of Christ to children and families in communities throughout the world.

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