Education are Essential to End the Cycle of Poverty

Education are Essential to End the Cycle of Poverty

Argentina has a population of 43 million people – 92% of whom are Catholic! Unfortunately, approximately 12 million of Argentinians – 30% – live below the poverty line. The labor force in Argentina is made up of nearly 18 million people working in agriculture, industry, or services. Phenomenally, on average, Argentina has 98% literacy for men and women! This can only be compared with the average number of years an Argentinian spends in school: 17 years. For so many students, it is truly a blessing to grow up in Argentina, however in rural areas it is much harder to keep the focus on school. Even though education is essential to end the cycle of poverty and help people rise above and beyond the poverty line.

Provide Educational Programs

Provide Educational Programs

Mano Amiga Santa María, Argentina

Mano Amiga Santa María opened in 2003 and offers educational programs ranging from elementary to high school; continuing education workshops and training for teachers, students, and parents; and a wide array of extra-curricular activities.

Its educational and pedagogical program focuses on developing 4 important aspects of each person: spiritual, scientific, human, and social. Mano Amiga Santa María also offers training programs for teachers, as well as important spiritual formation courses for parents.

With the help of CWM, Mano Amiga Santa María provides excellent education to poor children and adolescents.


To Teach: Our curriculum focuses on: English, computer courses and lab training, Chemistry and Physics labs, Library, and Sports.

To Educate: Integral education takes into account the most important aspects of each child (intellectual, social and spiritual.)

To Form: We harmoniously integrate each child’s faculties to achieve a mature personality, expressed in loyalty and responsibility toward commitment.

Through: We achieve this through Educational psychologists and social workers, teacher’s continuing education courses, and Spiritual formation available to all.


To students in impoverished areas attending school is a luxury their families may not be able to afford. Thousands of students rely on the donations of generous donors like you to go to school. 30 children in Mano Amiga Argentina from Kindergarten to fourth grade need assistance in attending school. A scholarship is a lifeline for these children

Mano Amiga Argentina is also requesting assistance in building an enclosed play area for the students. The harsh winter season prevents the students from releasing energy during the day! Little children need this outlet so they are able to concentrate during the long school day. An enclosed play area will allow the children to play, and have PE classes on rainy, and cold days. Your generosity here blesses the children at Mano Amiga Argentina abundantly.

Tito Lescano


Tito Lescano

Mr. Tito Lescano who has two children in school. They have been with Colegio Santa Maria Mano since kindergarten and now they are attending high school. Tito first with much embarrassment, then with pride asked us to prepare him to receive first communion when his daughter was about to take her first communion. This year, he is going to be confirmed together with his daughter, a group of students in 3rd year of high school, and a group of parents who want to reaffirm their faith.This is another service that the school offers families, from the life of their children they are transforming their lives both personally and spiritually

Jonathan Martinez


Tito Lescano

Jonathan Martinez was five years old when he started kindergarten at the Mano Amiga School in Santa María, Argentina. He has been an excellent student since the very beginning and is one of the top three students for the entire school.

Jonathan works every Saturday at a sports club as a ball boy. What he earns there helps him to buy his school books and to pay the bus fair to go to school every day.

His goal is to attend college and one day to graduate with a computer engineering degree. Jonathan is very grateful to Mano Amiga School and plans to give back what he has received, so that many other children can have the same opportunities he has had.

Rising Engineers

April 2015

The upper school students take a Hardware Workshop in which they learn different technical skills. Companies have donated their old computers to their school for the students to take apart and repair back together. They then give the working computers to families in the community to use. Many families can not afford computers so to receive one that their student has helped repair is quite the blessing and honor.

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