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Costa Rica

Population: 4,814,144
Percent Below Poverty Line: 24.8%

With a shortage of priests there is a shortage of celebrated sacraments. In 2011, the sacrament of Holy Matrinomy was celebrated only once. With your help we can bring the sacraments and encourage vocations in the unreached areas of the country. The laity are being trained to evangelize and communities are being built to share the faith.

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Constructing Missionary Centers

Reachable Regions

Reachable Regions: How a Missionary Center Spread the Sacraments to Unreachable Regions in Costa Rica and Celebrated Fifteen Weddings in One Year!

In Costa Rica not everyone has access to the sacraments. In 2011 the sacrament of Holy Matrimony was celebrated only once.

One church in the diocese, Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles, serves 17 communities in catechesis. The diocese took action and is bringing the sacraments closer to the people through Missionary Centers. These Missionary Centers were built inland in Temples, Cartagena, and Portegolpe. It was hard for families that live in these areas to get to catechesis for sacrament preparation because they often do not own cars and the roads are unpaved.

The Missionary Centers bring pastoral services to these outlying communities. The people are able to receive Anointing of the Sick again, along with the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, and Holy Matrimony. Catechesis has increased in these areas and pastoral agents are being trained to continue evangelization to their communities.

The people are so thankful for the Missionary Centers because they provide a lifeline in their spiritual lives.

Nuestra Señora de los Angeles Parish in Huascas

Missionary Centers

Missionary Centers

Since the Missionary Center’s implementation the sacrament of Holy Matrimony has been celebrated 15 times this year so far!

At the main church in Huascas a school was constructed last year. It is the first Catholic High School in its area, and it brings quality and affordable Catholic education to this poor area. This year they are finishing the construction of a gym, which will also function as a missionary center, donated by a very generous Catholic World Mission donor. The high school will be using the gym to host retreats, spiritual meetings, and celebrate the sacraments.

The Catholic school hosts grades 8 through 12. To date the school has 65 children in attendance and has room for 85 more. We look forward to the gym’s completion and seeing more smiling children in the school.