The Farm of the Child in Honduras

Helping Orphans in Honduras

For years, Honduran cities have ranked in the top five Most Dangerous Cities in the world with one of the highest rates of murders. This should come as no surprise as also one of the top transit nations for drug trafficking in the region. Pope Francis said in Laudato Si’, “For poor countries, the priorities must be to eliminate extreme poverty and to promote the social development of their people.” Your generosity to our mission in Honduras is a step towards eliminating extreme poverty amidst turmoil and crime in the nation.

Farm of the Child

The Farm of the Child Story

150 children are being blessed in Honduras, Central America thanks to the generosity of two missionaries with an incredible zeal for souls. Vincent and Zulena Pescatore met in Guatemala after he left his job as a highly paid corporate auditor to build homes for the poor. Little did he know that this one change in his life would set off a chain of events leading to a precedence for orphan care in Honduras. After successfully founding a family-style community for orphans in Guatemala, Vincent and his wife felt the call to found a second in the foothills of the jungle covered mountains on the coast of Honduras. They named it, “Farm of the Child.”

La Fince del Nino - Honduras
“Whoever welcomes a child such as this for my sake welcomes me. And whoever welcomes me, welcomes not me, but Him who sent me.” – Mark 9:37

Vincent Pescatore’s (pictured to the right with his family and Zulena) mission to serve the poor ended tragically; he died in a plane crash while delivering medicine and supplies to the nearest hospital, which was an eight-hour car ride away.  Vincent was not only survived by his wife and five small children (ages seven months to seven years), he also left behind a legacy of unmatched orphan care in Honduras that still operates to this day – thanks to Zulena’s sacrifice during the hardest time in her life, the help of the community, and three religious sisters from the Franciscan order.

Zulena and Vincent Pescatore - Honduras
“God is great and loves each one of His children intimately. And that is especially evident here at the Farm of the Child.” – Francesca Pennino

Today Farm of the Child is home to more than 50 orphan children ranging from three to 18 years. Not only that but they also educate more than 100 children from both the Farm and local villages. Some children walk for miles up and down steep mountains, coming from the jungles and surrounding villages just to attend school. Even the medical clinic at Farm of the Child serves over 200 people from the local village!

Their needs are plenty. Your generosity to Farm of the Child today will provide continued support for these children.

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