Hungary is a land-locked country in Eastern Europe. It became a Christian country in AD 1000 and for many centuries stood as bulward between the Ottoman Turkish empire and the rest of Christian Europe. It eventually became part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, which fell during WWI. After WWII, Hungary fell under communist rule. While it was never part of the USSR, it was under Soviet domination for decades. In 1990, Hungary held its first free elections and has since joined NATO and the EU. Its economy primarily consists of the industry and services sectors. The largest religion in Hungary is Roman Catholicism (37.2%), followed by “unspecified” (27.2%), and “none” (18.2%).

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Evangelizing Hungary

Regnum Christi and the Legion of Christ work in Hungary to spread the Gospel and encourage Hungarian faithful in their walk with Christ. After decades of Communist rule, during which time the practice of all religion was banned, Christianity is making a comeback in what was historically a deeply Christian nation.

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Small group on mission trip in Hungary sitting in grass

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