Population: 4,294,077
Percentage Below Poverty Line: 63.8%

Our call to Liberia began when the Ebola Outbreak struck the country. We knew we could not sit still – we were able to fund a shipping container of medical supplies to send to Liberia to replenish the empty shelves of 13 clinics around the country!

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Hospitals struggled to stay open during Ebola outbreak.

The Epidemic

Hospitals struggled to stay open during Ebola outbreak.

Liberia is no stranger to death. In the past twenty years, Liberia has faced two devastating civil wars, ending the lives of 250,000 people. In March of 2014, the Ebola outbreak started in Lofa County in Liberia. Liberia alone has over 7,000 cases and over 4,800 deaths from Ebola. Total, there has been over 28,000 cases, with Liberia having the most.

7,000 people have died from Ebola. With no cure yet, hospitals are in desperate need of preventative medical supplies.

“As the Ebola virus epidemic worsens, I want to express my deep concern for this relentless illness that is spreading particularly on the African continent and especially among populations that are already disadvantaged.” – Pope Francis

Shipping to Liberia

With the help of our donors and partners, we were able to send a shipping container of medical supplies to the Liberian Fellowship of Christian Nurses in October 2014. The Fellowship of Christian Nurses in Liberia is a strong group of Christian women, most of whom are midwives. The shipping container they requested included: gloves, plastic aprons, disposable gowns, disposable aprons, caps and shoes, buckets with forceps to help with washing of hands, chloride, hand sanitizer, soap, syringes, boots, face masks, goggles, t-shirts, books, seeds,  intravenous cannula and fluids, antidiarrhea, antiemetic, antipyretics as well as other vital medical supplies.

Hospitals Struggling

Hospitals in eight different countries have benefited from the medical supplies including the largest treatment center for Ebola, Eternal Love Winning Africa Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia. There the Serving in Mission missionaries are treating Ebola cases. Many other hospitals in Liberia have had to shut their doors because they are not equipped to prevent the spread of Ebola, and many health workers have contracted the disease. Ebola is not the only health condition that needs to be addressed though. The James N. David Jr. Memorial Hospital delivers 12-20 babies daily but struggles to stay open. All resources in the country are currently going to Ebola causing a desperate situation where people have no access to care and are dying of regionally common health problems such as malaria, typhoid, or complications from labor and delivery.

Liberia is in a state of unrest. The unstable government and lack of trust of higher power (due to two civil wars in the last twenty years) leaves the people of Liberia feeling unsafe and vulnerable. The government lacks resources to help its own country. The people of Liberia beg for the help of the international community to find a solution before something worse happens.


January 2015:

Everyone is thankful for the timely arrival of the medical supplies. Hospitals and clinics sat with empty shelves waiting the medicine. When the container arrived, 13 hospitals sent representatives to pick up the medicine. Everyone is full of joy because the medicine brings hope to the country.

The Liberian people will forever remain grateful for your generosity.
We hope and pray that God will bless you as you will also be a blessing to the people of Liberia.
The following hospitals have benefited from your donations.

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