Our call to Liberia began when the Ebola Outbreak struck the country. We knew we could not sit still – we were able to fund a shipping container of medical supplies to send to Liberia to replenish the empty shelves of 13 clinics around the country!
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Restoring the Catholic Heritage in Betu and Sasstown

Sasstown and Betu are a part of the Diocese of Cape Palmas in Liberia. It became difficult to share the Gospel in these villages as they were inaccessible until 2013 due to a fourteen-year-long civil war that erupted in Liberia. Presently, three Priests diligently serve these areas as they work on restoring the Catholic faith that became lost during the war.
In Diocese of Cape Palmas, Liberia, became difficult to share the Gospel because the villages are inaccessible
Diocese of Cape Palmas, Liberia, Church restoration

Hospitals struggled to stay open during Ebola outbreak

Hospitals struggled to stay open during Ebola outbreak

Liberia is no stranger to death. In the past twenty years, Liberia has faced two devastating civil wars, ending the lives of 250,000 people. In March of 2014, the Ebola outbreak started in Lofa County in Liberia. Liberia alone has over 7,000 cases and over 4,800 deaths from Ebola. Total, there has been over 28,000 cases, with Liberia having the most.

7,000 people have died from Ebola. With no cure yet, hospitals are in desperate need of preventative medical supplies.

“As the Ebola virus epidemic worsens, I want to express my deep concern for this relentless illness that is spreading particularly on the African continent and especially among populations that are already disadvantaged.”Pope Francis