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Population: 38.53 million
Percent Below Poverty Line: 17.1%

Thanks to the generosity of Catholic World Mission donors, the Legionaries of Christ fearlessly lead the way for evangelization efforts in Krakow, Poland. There they work with the poor and disadvantaged to stir the hearts of Catholics who have left the Catholic Church and inspire a new generation of young people to take charge. In Poland, 87% of the population is Catholic, but only 54% of that take any liberty in participating in their Catholic faith. The Legionaries of Christ priests are bringing about a change in society. They are actively participating in bringing food to the homeless.

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Evangelizing Families

The Mission

The Mission in Poland

This mission in Poland is focused on bringing people back to the Church. The Legionaries of Christ know that no one is too young to embrace Jesus, and it is never too late. That is why they evangelize from the very youngest to the oldest. Through their evangelization programs, they help people meet the Living Jesus right where they are while slowly guiding them to step out of their comfort zone and follow the Lord more closely. They strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus and makes sure the community knows they are welcome in the Church.

Your support in Poland will revitalize the Church today.

Young People

Evangelizing young people is the most important work being done in Poland.

Young people are the future of the world, and if we take the time to invest in them now and help them grow in knowledge and love for their faith it will count for a lifetime of change in this world. The Legionaries create experiences for young people to encounter the Living Jesus, so that he truly becomes the principle guide of their lives, the only person who is able to truly transform their lives definitively. The young people are taught to take responsibility for the local Church. They are helped to understand that if they do not become salt of the earth the Church will lose its spirit of mission in the world. Formation, education, spiritual growth and leadership are all essential elements of this work of preparing the Church’s next generation of committed apostles. In a nutshell, the Legionaries look to show these young people the beauty of their faith and lead them into a personal, ongoing, and transformative relationship with their Savior, Our Lord Jesus Christ.


“We believe that, because of the society that we live in, to wait till the stage of adolescence to begin working with youth is simply too late. Our work with children starts at the age of 3. These children meet once a month for a catechism program full of real life experiences and tangible, hands on activities that help them understand that our faith is real, beautiful, and to be lived personally and shared universally.” – Father Matthew Devereux, LC

Evangelization starts young because it is so important for children to feel loved no matter what. Evangelizing “the least of these”—the youngest children—is a big part of the mission in Poland because what we learn as children sets the foundation for the rest of our lives. Children who feel loved by our Heavenly Father will know this love throughout life and seek it in times of trouble. The children are catechised in Vacation Bible School, where they learn teamwork, how to pray together, and are taught the importance of the Mass.

Angel for a Day

“Young men and women, mainly high school and university students, organize  a day full of fun, friendship and faith for orphans and poor children. The volunteers organize everything themselves for sponsors, venues, attractions, activities and logistics. It is for them a true schooling experience of how to put their talents at the service of the Church, in particular for these children whose lives are often scarred from traumatic experiences. The young people each have children to look after during the day, so that each child feels very well-cared-for and so they can have time to form a friendship which they try to develop during the year at each new activity.” – Fr. Matthew Devereux, LC


Family is the foundation of the mission for the Legionaries. Everything builds off the idea that the Christian values being taught will be practiced and supported at home. In this way, the whole family keeps one another accountable to live in the truth.

“It is very apparent that if we limit our work only to children or youth, then we can quickly see all our effort lost, when there is little or no support in their homes from their parents. As a response to this important need, we also offer moments where the whole family can come together for a spiritual activity combined with the presence of other families. This way they can also breathe in the air of the presence of others who are striving to raise their families in a spirit of true faith and love.” – Father Matthew Devereux, LC


Evangelization cannot stop once someone is confirmed. It must continue throughout the life to be able to respond to the call of Christ.

“I sense that the moment has come to commit all of the Church’s energies to a new evangelization and to the mission ad gentes. No believer in Christ, no institution of the Church can avoid this supreme duty: to proclaim Christ to all peoples.” – Saint John Paul II


Letter from Agnieszka

Hello! My name is Agnieszka. I’m 25 years old. In 2015 I went on missions to Lithuania. I was on my way but I was still thinking whether it was a good or bad decision. I was still considering myself not good enough to go. Not praying enough, a bit too disappointed with life circumstances. All the other girls in the group were much younger, eager to act and creating the joyful atmosphere. Each of us was asked to do some duty in service for all – I was made responsible for the prayers (didn’t really know why). When I was already on the spot, especially while walking from one house to another, visiting families I noticed, that people there really trusted us. Trusting God. Usually quite poor, but calm and modest, happy with what they’ve got. So looking at them and at the girls from my group I drew the conclusion that we really did some good. Lots of work and prayer created some specific emotions. At first it all seemed a great burden, then there was a breaking point and we started to notice a real joy and realize how small were our own troubles. But this journey will be unforgettable because of something else. Coming there I felt really lonely. And though I was praying a lot I still felt the darkening loneliness even more. One day I was at adoration in the parish at Ejszyszki and was praying hard and asking God to let me see that I was loved. I knew He loved me but still couldn’t see it. Nothing changed. We went back to our rooms and went to sleep. But in the middle of the night I felt a strong light. I thought someone lit the lights. But I was really surprised to see with my own eyes when I opened them, that the room was still completely dark. A bit overwhelmed I sat on my bed with closed eyes and started to feel a great warmth filling my chest and felt this special light inside my heart. It wasn’t just a normal touch. It was as if all the real joy, intensive happiness that I have felt through all my life was changed into pure energy and a river of love. The strongest love ever. I have heard “I love you”. I just couldn’t believe it happened so I begged that feeling didn’t disappear. It lasted a long time, until my soul was full to the brim. Since then all my life has changed. I am now full of peace in my life. I can recommend to everyone these missions with the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi.


December 2017

In 2017, Legion Priests and Regnum Christi missionaries took 50 Polish teens on mission trips throughout Poland. The teen missionaries worked to evangelize and meet the material needs of the poor in their local region. Trips included one for boys and one for girls. These trips bear a lot of fruit, not only in the lives of the communities the missionaries serve in, but also in the hearts and lives of the missionaries themselves. Many of them share an increase in their own faith, and in the belief of God’s love for them as individuals. We owe a great debt of gratitude to you, our donors, for making it possible for young people around the world to know Jesus better!

How You Can Help

The Catholic faith in Poland is so common that people often take it for granted. Of the 87% claimed Catholics only 54% are active participants. The Legionaries of Christ need our assistance for re-evangelization in Poland. The Legionaries are raising up a generation of young men and women who care for one another–and even celebrate the life of strangers because they are taught we all have intrinsic value. The Legionaries can continue their mission only with your help. They can train more young adults to teach the faith and spread the love and Word of God.

You can make a difference in Poland. Help change the hearts of the lost, today.

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Feeding the Hungry

The Homeless

John 21:17

Feeding the hungry answers the call of John 21:17:

“He said to him the third time, ‘Simon, son of John, do you love me?’ Peter was distressed that he had said to him a third time, ‘Do you love me?’ and he said to him, ‘Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.’ [Jesus] said to him, ‘Feed my sheep.’ 

The Legionaries are inspiring young people through a program called “Spotkanie Chrystusa w Ubogim” which means “the Encounter of Christ in the Poor.” Many people in Krakow are homeless and live without food on a daily basis. The young people who participate in Spotkanie Chrystusa w Ubogim personally responded to the needs of hundreds of people on the streets of Krakow.

“It [Spotkanie Chrystusa] is an activity that empowers a young person to see that he or she is capable of making a difference in the lives of their brothers and sisters who have simply been less fortunate. At the end of each of these encounters the young stay with the desire to do more in the future for these people of the street – these Poor Christs.” – Father Matthew Devereux, LC

Food Collections

Operation Kilo

The Legionaries also have a mission called “Operation Kilo.” With permission from local supermarkets, they spend the entire day in these stores inviting customers to buy an extra kilo of sugar, rice, flour, etc., for families in need within Poland and abroad. At times, they have had over 100 volunteers on a single day who have collected over 5 tons of food.

“Yet another example of teaching the youth to see what they are capable of when they work together, give their time up for others and are united together in Christ.” – Father Matthew Devereux, LC


Young People are Changing the World!

This past March, 25 young people ages 8 to 25 came together to be beggars for Christ. They stood outside grocery stores and begged for donations to feed the hungry and homeless people of Poland. All together with Caritas International they collected 880 pounds of food!

How You Can Help
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The homeless population in Poland is exploding. The typical homeless person there has been homeless for seven years! The Legionaries of Christ reach out to the homeless by providing them with meals. This helps the homeless have the energy to go about their day and find jobs that will help alleviate their homelessness. The Legionaries need our help raising funds for food when they do not receive enough donations. We can help alleviate the suffering of those in Europe today by supporting the Legionaries and their vital work.

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