Group picture of Poland children and the youth leaders

Catholic Evangelization in Poland

Thanks to the generosity of Catholic World Mission donors, the Legionaries of Christ fearlessly lead the way for evangelization efforts in Krakow, Poland. There they work with the poor and disadvantaged to stir the hearts of Catholics who have left the Catholic Church and inspire a new generation of young people to take charge. In Poland, 87% of the population is Catholic, but only 54% of that take any liberty in participating in their Catholic faith. The Legionaries of Christ priests are bringing about a change in society. They are actively participating in bringing food to the homeless.
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Ukraine Emergency Support

Provide Comfort for the Weary and Brokenhearted

The people of Ukraine are pouring into Poland, in a troubling search for safety, and desperately need food, shelter, and other humanitarian support in the coming days, weeks, months, and beyond. We need YOUR help in supporting our brothers and sisters that are seeking refuge, along with those who are voluntarily providing care.

We are coordinating efforts and logistics with Caritas Archdiocese of Krakow, local partners, and members of the Regnum Christi Family in Poland to receive, feed, and shelter our weary broken-hearted Ukrainian brothers and sisters. Provide them with comfort and hope through your prayers and support.

 “… for I was hungry you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me.” – Matthew 25:35
The people of Ukraine are pouring into Poland and will be in need of help

Evangelizing Families

Finding God at Summer Camp

Summer 2022

The Legionaries of Christ in Poland have been giving the youth remarkable spiritual experiences that display God’s selfless love to them and the world thanks to YOU!

The Regnum Christi youth group ventured to Albania and volunteered at two summer camps to serve 100 handicapped individuals. The youth also participated in summer camps for their spiritual enrichment. The camp’s itinerary included Holy Mass, the rosary, Gospel reflection, and morning and evening prayers. Along with these moments, the teenagers experienced fellowship and became closer with one another through various fun activities. The focus of the camps is to help the young people grow in personal relationships with Christ that will last a lifetime. Your generosity has helped them be able to serve and be served this past summer and they are grateful for your bountiful giving!

Mission Retreat to Invest in the Future of the Church

May 2022

Thank you for supporting the young people in Poland on their journey of formation, education, spiritual growth, and leadership in the Church. Because of your generosity, groups of teenagers and young adults were able to gather for a mission retreat led by the faithful Legionaries of Christ. The retreat was filled with fellowship, prayer, music and worship, educational presentations, and the celebration of Mass.

Thank you for investing in the future of the Church and the world. We are amazed to see the young people explore the beautiful faith and journey deeper in their relationships with Christ. We are excited and hopeful for future generations of believers!

May 2021

Thanks to a generous contribution the Legionaries of Christ in Malopolska, Poland have been able to cultivate their formation center and help the lives of parishioners within the community! They have bought and renovated their Apostles’ House, gotten a Volkswagen 9-seat vehicle, been able to have a Holy Week retreat, and have paid the living costs for members of the community. Fr. Mariusz Kielbasa tells us that they plan to use the remaining funds for a youth missions trip to Albania, a co-worker fund, and continuing relief for their community.

Legionaries of Christ. Apostles’ House in Poland
Legionaries of Christ. Apostles’ House blessing in Poland
Legionaries of Christ in Poland thanks to your generosity, were able to buy a VW vehicle
Legionaries of Christ. Apostles’ House renovation in Poland
Legionaries of Christ. Apostles’ House renovation in Poland
Legionaries of Christ in Poland thanks to your generosity, were able to buy a VW vehicle

December 2017

In 2017, Legion Priests and Regnum Christi missionaries took 50 Polish teens on mission trips throughout Poland. The teen missionaries worked to evangelize and meet the material needs of the poor in their local region. Trips included one for boys and one for girls. These trips bear a lot of fruit, not only in the lives of the communities the missionaries serve in, but also in the hearts and lives of the missionaries themselves. Many of them share an increase in their own faith, and in the belief of God’s love for them as individuals. We owe a great debt of gratitude to you, our donors, for making it possible for young people around the world to know Jesus better!

Feeding the Hungry

John 21:17

Feeding the hungry answers the call of John 21:17:

“He said to him the third time, ‘Simon, son of John, do you love me?’ Peter was distressed that he had said to him a third time, ‘Do you love me?’ and he said to him, ‘Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.’ [Jesus] said to him, ‘Feed my sheep.’ 

The Legionaries are inspiring young people through a program called “Spotkanie Chrystusa w Ubogim” which means “the Encounter of Christ in the Poor.” Many people in Krakow are homeless and live without food on a daily basis. The young people who participate in Spotkanie Chrystusa w Ubogim personally responded to the needs of hundreds of people on the streets of Krakow.

“It [Spotkanie Chrystusa] is an activity that empowers a young person to see that he or she is capable of making a difference in the lives of their brothers and sisters who have simply been less fortunate. At the end of each of these encounters the young stay with the desire to do more in the future for these people of the street – these Poor Christs.” – Father Matthew Devereux, LC
Young people passing out food for the homeless - Poland
Young people stop to snap a photo while passing out food to the homeless - Poland

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