Delivering Monstrances Around the World

Catholic World Mission strongly emphasizes evangelistic revival and spiritual development in its core values. Our latest endeavor involves providing underprivileged parishes and communities with monstrances to foster increased devotion to the life-giving power of the Eucharist.

“The love of God and neighbor, the greatest commandment, is expressed in, and the fruit of Eucharistic worship.”
– St. John Paul II

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Donated monstrances on display


September 2022

Claretian Curia House in Nkolbisson Yaoundé


Our longtime partner, Fr. Eugen, was able to visit Atlanta in May 2018. We gave him a monstrance, which he received on behalf of Bishop George Nkuo, Diocese of Kumbo.
Catholic World Mission staff with Fr. Eugen; L-R: Carrie Miller, Stephanie Lange, Fr. Eugen, Dcn. Rick, Andrea Larker, and Beth Keller
Deacon Rick, R, presents Fr. Eugen with a new monstrance for the Diocese of Kumbo, Cameroon


November 2022

Veracruz, Mexico


November 2022

Diocese of Sylhet

September 2022

Diocese of Dinajpur

July 2022

Bishop Shorot Francis Gomes

June 2022

Merciful Monstrance for the Diocese of Sylhet

Thanks to your continued support, we have been able to ship a Monstrance to the Diocese of Sylhet in Bangladesh! Archbishop Bejoy D’Cruze joyously accepted the Monstrance on behalf of the Diocese in a special ceremony that took place on June 19th in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He assures that the Monstrance will be given to Bishop Shorot Francis Gomes, the Bishop of the Diocese of Sylhet, once he returns from an overseas trip. The Archbishop personally called Catholic World Mission to send a message of thanks to our supporters for their abundant generosity.

Merciful Monstrance for the Diocese of Sylhet

December 2021

A Monstrance is on its way to Bangladesh! Norbert Mendes, a Knight of Columbus, has assisted in the traveling process of this symbol of mercy. Once the Monstrance has arrived in the Diocese of Dinajpur it will be presented to Bishop Sebastian Tudu. The journey each Monstrance takes to its new home parish is sacred and could not be done without your selfless giving!
Diocese of Dinajpur has been blessed by bountiful generosity of a Monstrance.

Deacon Rick met with the Knights of Columbus members at St. Patrick’s Church in Norcross, GA to deliver the Monstrance. (From left) Danny Sequeira, Father Joe Mendes, Deacon Rick Medina, Norbert Mendes, Harry Schnirring.


A monstrance was presented to Fr. David Gomes of Dhaka, Bangladesh in September 2018. This monstrance will be used in St. Mary’s Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Dhaka.
Knights of Columbus are on hand for the presentation of a new monstrance to Fr. David Gomes of Bangladesh
Fr. David Gomes, in blue, receives a new monstrance for Dhaka, Bangladesh
We’re getting ready to find homes for 12 new monstrances in 2021! Stay tuned for the latest!
Check back often to see the fruits of Adoration around the world, and to see when new communities receive their monstrances!
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