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Catholic World Mission strongly emphasizes evangelistic revival and spiritual development in its core values. Our latest endeavor involves providing underprivileged parishes and communities with monstrances to foster increased devotion to the life-giving power of the Eucharist.

“The love of God and neighbor, the greatest commandment, is expressed in, and the fruit of Eucharistic worship.”
– St. John Paul II

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Ghana was the first country to be sent a CWM monstrance in 2010. The Church there is organized so that a parish priest oversees his own parish and any number of outstations. These outstations can sometimes be many miles apart.

Our hope is to send a monstrance to each diocese to aid the priests not only in their personal prayer lives but also as they work to evangelize their flocks. We want as many people as possible to be able to encounter Jesus in a transformative way through Eucharistic Adoration!


We are overjoyed to announce that another parish has received a monstrance! Thanks to your generosity, the parishioners of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in South Suntreso Kumasi, Ghana have the opportunity to experience the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. 

A decade ago, we worked alongside our partners to launch the monstrance distribution program and hoped to spread Eucharistic Adoration to every diocese in Ghana. We are excited to see that, through God’s grace and with the support of benefactors like you, more dioceses and communities are being uplifted by the power of the Eucharist!  


During the Feast of Christ the King, Msgr. Simon leads the faithful in Eucharistic adoration. The distribution of Monstrances made possible by generous donors like you brings many to experience the peace of Christ through Eucharistic adoration.


Two more Monstrances have been distributed to Ghana which marks 14 Monstrances that currently reside all over the country. Bishop Essien and the Sisters of the Oblates are elated with joy to have gotten two of these precious Monstrances that will encourage adoration within their parish communities and beyond.

Delivering Monstrances in Ghana, Sister of the Oblate and Msgr. Simon
Msgr. Essien received a Monstrance in Ghana
Delivering Monstrances to Sisters of the Oblates in Ghana


Two More Monstrances Given to Ghana!

2018 saw two more monstrances given to Ghana. We are so exited to be able to continue spreading Eucharistic Adoration throughout Ghana.

In June, Deacon Rick Medina traveled to Ghana for the dedication of the newly build Immaculate Conception Parish in Enchi, Ghana. While he was there, he presented a monstrance to Msgr. Simon Assamoah and Fr. Anthony Eshun, two of our partner priests in Ghana.

Bishop John Kwofie, Diocese of Sekondi-Takoradi, visited Atlanta in October 2018. Bishop Kwofie was in town to raise awareness and founds for his diocese in Ghana. It was happy surprise for him to be able to receive a new monstrance as well!

It is our sincere hope that many, many souls come to know the ever-present, never-failing love of Jesus through spending time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Thank you for all you do to make it possible for people to encounter Jesus Christ this way.

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Fr. Anthony, now in Ghana receives his monstrance while on assignment in Atlanta.


December 2021
Monstrance for MSFS

Your selfless giving has blessed the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales with a monstrance! This symbol of mercy will be going to the new MSFS mission in Peru so they too can experience Eucharistic Adoration and encounter Christ through the Holy Eucharist. Father Jayaseelan Selvaraj, Superior of the Pune Province, MSFS, India will bring the monstrance to Peru.
monstrance going to the new MSFS mission in Peru


June 2022
Merciful Monstrance for the Diocese of Sylhet

Thanks to your continued support, we have been able to ship a Monstrance to the Diocese of Sylhet in Bangladesh! Archbishop Bejoy D’Cruze joyously accepted the Monstrance on behalf of the Diocese in a special ceremony that took place on June 19th in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He assures that the Monstrance will be given to Bishop Shorot Francis Gomes, the Bishop of the Diocese of Sylhet, once he returns from an overseas trip. The Archbishop personally called Catholic World Mission to send a message of thanks to our supporters for their abundant generosity.

Merciful Monstrance for the Diocese of Sylhet

December 2021

A Monstrance is on its way to Bangladesh! Norbert Mendes, a Knight of Columbus, has assisted in the traveling process of this symbol of mercy. Once the Monstrance has arrived in the Diocese of Dinajpur it will be presented to Bishop Sebastian Tudu. The journey each Monstrance takes to its new home parish is sacred and could not be done without your selfless giving!
Diocese of Dinajpur has been blessed by bountiful generosity of a Monstrance.

Deacon Rick met with the Knights of Columbus members at St. Patrick’s Church in Norcross, GA to deliver the Monstrance. (From left) Danny Sequeira, Father Joe Mendes, Deacon Rick Medina, Norbert Mendes, Harry Schnirring.


A monstrance was presented to Fr. David Gomes of Dhaka, Bangladesh in September 2018. This monstrance will be used in St. Mary’s Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Dhaka.
Knights of Columbus are on hand for the presentation of a new monstrance to Fr. David Gomes of Bangladesh
Fr. David Gomes, in blue, receives a new monstrance for Dhaka, Bangladesh

Coming Up…

We’re getting ready to find homes for 12 new monstrances in 2021! Stay tuned for the latest!
Check back often to see the fruits of Adoration around the world, and to see when new communities receive their monstrances!
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