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Changing the Lives of Disadvantaged Communities

When you wake up in the morning, you might throw off the covers of a warm bed, fry up a tasty pan of bacon and eggs, take a hot shower and head out the door to your job. It’s hard to imagine anything less. But the fact is, millions of people around the world are struggling due to a lack of basic resources. Nearly half of the world’s population lives on less than $2.50 per day — not nearly enough to pay for sufficient food, water or health care. Their lives are filled with uncertainty, and many are in desperate need of the basic resources we often take for granted.

That’s why Catholic World Mission exists — to bring a message of hope to those who feel hopeless. Our Dignified Living projects allow us to change the lives of disadvantaged brothers and sisters in Christ around the world by meeting their physical and spiritual needs.

We hope that you’ll join with us in working alongside these communities to meet their needs and share Christ!

Areas of Work

Through our Dignified Living pillar we have responded to the call of the Catholic Church to perform Corporal Works of Mercy for our brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world through: feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, and visiting the sick. Responding to Christ’s call in Matthew 25:34-40.

DR Congo food and clothing orphan shelter
Ghana Children Christmas
Mrs Suja Antony and Family

Projects in Progress

  • Water Tower Project in DR Congo
  • Sachet Water Project in Ghana
  • South Africa Home for Poor and Forgotten
  • Chile Hospital
  • Pro-Life Program in Russia
  • Child Empowerment Project in Ecuador

Projects Completed Thanks to Your Generosity

When you look at the poverty that exists around us, it can be easy to wonder how your gift is being used. But God can use even the smallest acts of kindness and faith in incredible ways. With your donation, you have:

  • Rebuilt a Crumbling DR Congo Orphanage
  • Provide a New Roof for a School in Nigeria
  • Sent Urgently needed Food Supply to a School in Tanzania
  • Repaired Roof in Haiti for Abandoned Elderly
  • Built Multi-Purpose Community Centers for Villagers in India
  • Shipped Needed Medical Supplies to Guatemala
  • Nigeria School Bathrooms

Thank you! We encourage you to continue to donate to Dignified Living in support of Christ-centered organizations meeting basic human needs. And, above all, we hope you’ll support us in prayer as we bring the message of Jesus to a world in need of hope.

Recent Successes in Dignified Living Projects

Updates from around the world, made possible by you!

Food for children and teachers in Holy Rosary school, Nigeria

Nigeria: Feeding the Children at Holy Rosary

Catholic World Mission partnered with Keneolisa Charities to provide food for students at Holy Rosary Elementary School in Nigeria! These children greatly appreciate the food that was given to them during an uncertain time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Essential supplies for families and children in Sri Lanka Christmas 2020

Sri Lanka - Living supplies just in time for Christmas

You were able to brighten the lives of blind families and orphaned children in Sri Lanka this past Christmas by supplying them with essential items and toys for the children! This area has seen your bountiful generosity impact their lives in a blessed way!

Ecuador-Limones-The community is now beginning to have access to clean drinking water

Ecuador - Clean Water Flows in Limones

Our partner Fr. John Kennedy has completed one third of the water filtration systems at St. Peter and Paul parish in Limones, Ecuador. Your donations are helping an entire community have access to safe drinking water!

MOP brothers receiving provisions for Kenya orphanage

Kenya - Teaming Up to Help the Most Vulnerable

With your help and the MOP brothers’ compassion, CWM was able to provide new furniture for the monastery and food and help with other expenses for the orphanage.

girls in Haiti eating a hot meal

Haiti - COVID-19 forces CFSOP to relocate

Sadly, COVID-19’s effects have reached the CFSOP community in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. But thanks to you, their important work continues.

New beds for elderly people in Nazareth House

South Africa – Improvements at Homes for Elderly and Children

Thanks to a very generous supporter, security and renovation improvements have begun at homes for the elderly and abandoned children.

Malawi Career Clinic

Malawi – First Career Clinic = Success

Praise God one training session was held! The fruits of this project are beginning to flourish. Click “Read More” to see pictures of the youth who attended.

The kids of Holy Rosary School in Nigeria now have new bathrooms

New bathrooms for students in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Holy Rosary Elementary School can have a more pleasant schooling experience thanks to your help on giving them essential school building necessities!

Georgia COVID-19 food to homeless

United States – COVID-19 Response in Georgia

Thanks to the generosity and quick response of three local sisters and their family in Atlanta, GA, the local homeless are being given basic necessities weekly during these trying times.

Ghana Pope Francis Christmas Photos

Ghana - Pope Francis Home and School is under construction

It will be home to over 100 vulnerable children, including HIV patients. Many of these children are orphan as their parents are deceased due to AIDS.

Our Current Dignified Living Projects

We are a worldwide Catholic church charity with multiple projects you can choose to support. Help us change the world by supporting our projects. Scroll through some examples below:

Ghana_Egyam Children's home has two water tanks

Sachet Water Saves Lives

The Egyam Children’s Home in Ghana has formed a nurturing family for almost 80 orphaned children. Help this loving home become self-sufficient by purchasing the necessary parts for a KOYO machine that will produce sachet water on a large-scale.

Girls back from river 4km away to get clean water

Supply the precious gift of clean water

So many children in Ndekesha community are deprived of even a basic education because they spend so many hours fetching water just  to survive. You can provide safe clean water for life.

Save a child from hunger today

Our monthly aid to children in the developing world is in danger of…

Orphans living on the street need your help today

Orphans living on the street need your help today

Valdez Limones Islands are home to some of the poorest villages in Ecuador. In these extreme conditions, it’s the children who suffer the most. Your help today will make all the difference….

The children at Holy Rosary Primary School in Nigeria need one surprising thing. You can give it to them today.

The One Surprising Thing You Can Give a Poor Child

Have you ever avoided food or water because you were afraid to use the bathroom? This may sound like your last road trip, but for these kids, it’s their every day. It may surprise you…

Sisters of Nazareth performing outreach to the poor of Johannesburg, South Africa

How to Immediately Help African Orphans Battling HIV/Aids

Their lives began in tragedy but you can help them progress in hope by…


Why Donate to a Catholic Poverty Organization Like Catholic World Mission?

When you donate to Dignified Living, your money is used to support priests, missionaries and laypeople who work with their communities worldwide to provide food assistance services for adults and children, construction of safe structures and Catholic medical missions and support to those who live in poverty. As we address their physical needs, we’re better able to share the Gospel and invest in their spiritual futures.

When you look at the poverty that exists around us, it can be easy to wonder how your gift is being used. But God can use even the smallest acts of kindness and faith in incredible ways. With your donation, you can:

  • Fight physical poverty: Each gift is stretched to its maximum value to have the highest impact. We do this by connecting with the community in need, as well as other people or organizations invested in the area. Every dollar you give goes directly toward the goal of ongoing self-sufficiency by providing education and addressing physical and spiritual needs that reduce local poverty.
  • Reach the world for Christ: By giving to a Catholic poverty charity, you provide more than physical provisions. You ensure the Gospel is spread to “every nation, tribe, people and language” as God has called us. While we’ll never discriminate based on a person’s religion, we’ll also never distribute aid without also sharing our faith. Our money and physical support are used as an investment in the spiritual lives of those we help.
  • Honor God’s call to give: God has blessed us with gifts beyond our imagination. Many people find the best way to express their gratitude and their love of God is to give to the poor — especially through an organization that addresses both physical and spiritual needs.

Change the Lives of Those in Poverty by Giving

When you donate to a Catholic poverty organization like Catholic World Mission, the dollars you give go directly to the communities we help and will make a physical and spiritual difference in the lives of those in need. We’ll even connect you to the people your money was used to serve through regular project updates, pictures and videos, so you can see how your donation is really making a difference.

We encourage you to donate to Dignified Living in support of Christ-centered organizations meeting basic human needs. And, above all, we hope you’ll support us in prayer as we bring the message of Jesus to a world in need of hope.

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