Mano Amiga was founded in 1963 in Mexico to bring high quality Catholic education to children from low-income families. Mano Amiga schooling is much more than education, it is a system for radically transforming the life of a child in poverty.
Mano Amiga education is also comparable to high quality private school education. It not only prepares its students academically, but also offers accessory programs to help the family, such as  basic health services, and job placement. A very important mission of the school is the spiritual accompaniment of the students and their families. Students receive a Catholic to the core formation. The school prepares students to receive their first communion, to bring baptism to Catholic students who are not baptized, and organizes penitential days for the entire community.

Helping the Next Generation of Children

Join us as we continue our support in helping the next generation of children recognize their God-given potential and give them the chance to transform their lives. A scholarship to a Mano Amiga school will also bring their families hope and help their communities succeed. Together, we can continue to give these exceptional students the opportunity to pave the path out of poverty!


Education: Offers academic excellence and personalized education. Education in self-esteem and self-confidence. Higher learning in the areas of English Language and Computation.

Family: School for parents. Family counseling. Job opportunities for parents.

Community: Distribution of food, clothing, shoes and other donations in kind. Immediate assistance in emergencies and accidents. Support for community projects.


Skill they need to succeed: Gain mastery of subjects and develop the communication, leadership and critical thinking.

Passionate and well-trained teachers: Deliver lessons using innovative techniques and engaging activities.

Catholic values: Are integrated in every lesson & activity.

Students have access to after-school support: Mentoring, remediation, and counseling.

Health and nutrition programs: help ensure each child’s optimum performance in school.

Extra activities: Field trips, sports activities, leadership programs, clubs and student enrichment activities are run by local volunteers.


Educational Programs: Provide comprehensive education for children and young people in human, spiritual and social fields.

Health Program: Includes first level health care for students and teaching staff. There students and teachers can get basic clinical examinations, eye care, hearing and oral health diagnostics.

Economic Program: Individual communication and guidance to parents to help them with family economic sustainability, and student permanence approach with the school as a development center.

Nutrition Program: A nutrition program was necessary for the students because they were undernourished and eating meals without vegetables or meat.

The program not only serves their parents as well. It is teaching them that adequate nutrition is important for the growth of their children.


Healthy environment for students.

Combat the phenomena of social decay: Comprehensive training, based on values and morals; emotional intelligence; development of will; respect for others; the practice of justice and tolerance; the exercise of freedom, peace and respect for nature.

Combat school dropout through a long-term project that monitors students to keep them in the institution.

Prepare students to enter the labor market.

Provide access to health and medicine to very needy families of the students.

Support parents in search of work.

Complement the educational hub with family support programs and community development.

Spread the Catholic Faith Across the World