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Prayer Intentions for the Week of February 20, 2016: For those struggling with emotional and spiritual difficulties; that they receive healing. For those working to overcome addiction. For the return to the faith and sacraments for all, especially family and loved ones. For all to respect authority and morality. For peace of mind and heart. For those converting to Catholicism. To receive the Lord’s guidance and peace, especially in difficult times... Read More


Mano Amiga Morelia
Mano Amiga Morelia is giving hope to over 620 students in Michoacán, Mexico. Your generosity illuminates the minds of these students. They are able to thrive in school, and receive an education that will help them rise out of poverty. Read more here.
Your generosity enabled the roof to be raised at the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales Seminary in Goa! You are igniting the Spirit in these young holy men and making a safe place for them to study to become priests. Check out recent photos here.
Mano Amiga Philippines
Mano Amiga Philippines is expanding onward and upward! Twice the number of students have been enrolled in the new building this school year, and even more minds are being illuminated thanks to the generosity of the Catholic World Mission family.
A Clergy Home for the retiring and ailing is alleviating the suffering of priests whom have served the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman for years! It will accommodate over 20 senior citizen priests once completed. Check out photos of the progress!
DR Congo
Ide's trip to DR Congo led her on an adventure; one where she was able to alleviate suffering! Her missionary spirit blessed the Ndekesha orphans and brought them so much joy! None of this would be possible without the generosity of our CWM family.
Your generosity in India has paved the way for Christianity to expand in the most remote of villages. Tribal people are igniting the Spirit in their communities! Click here to watch a video about our mission and the rich history of Christianity here.
7 Ways to Make this a Christmas with a Difference. Join us in preparing for Christmas this season by praying and reflecting on the words of Fr. Joseph Rowland-Salema, an India priest from the Mission of Daman. Read his Christ filled message here.
Everyone in the Archdiocese of Blantyre, Malawi is excited that catechesis and leadership training for young people is now available! They feel equipped to ignite the Holy Spirit throughout Malawi. Read testimonies from the training here.
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