Our mission is to alleviate material and spiritual poverty by empowering the poor and sharing the Gospel of Christ, and we can’t do it without you. Giving to Catholic charities for the poor such as Catholic World Mission can help you share your own love of God and ensure your donation makes the most significant impact around the world.

Who Are We?

Catholic World Mission was founded in 1998. We are an independent Catholic charity, working to support the mission of the Catholic Church to empower the poor and spread the Gospel.

Many Catholic organizations help the poor, but we take a long-term view of projects to form relationships with the communities we help. Our goal is to go beyond charity and into justice to give disadvantaged individuals a leg up instead of simply a handout.

Our Four Pillars of Support

Our projects are categorized into four pillars. Click each icon below to learn more:


143K+ given access to clean water, reliable transportation, and nutritious meals…


2MM+ people heard the Gospel and were trained in our Catholic faith…


$500K+ in scholarships provided to students and teachers


696K+ people received hospital care, clinic visits, and vital medications…

Our Current Projects

We are a worldwide Catholic church charity with multiple projects you can choose to support. Help us change the world by supporting our projects. Scroll through some examples below:

Uganda - Children eat on the ground without a dining hall to protect them from the elements at St. Philomena School

You can make sure 450 children receive safe, healthy meals!

In Uganda, this school has become the cornerstone of an entire community. Today, their most pressing need is a dining hall. You can help.

$50 is All it Takes to Change a Life

God answers prayers through the generosity of people like you. Learn more about the difference you can make today.

Sudarshani, 6, Battles an Incurable Blood Disease Called Thalassemia

Give Now to give her a reason to smile on Christmas morning.

Strengthen the Church by Strengthening Families

Under attack from all angles, families in India are fighting back…

Charlene's future is in jeopardy unless you help today!

$800 is all it takes to send a child to school

Every dollar helps in the fight to end poverty…

Students in Tanzania on the Brink of Disaster

We need to send food in the next 30 days. Here’s how..


Your generous support will change lives. Help us change the world by supporting our projects today.


Praying for you is part of our mission at Catholic World Mission. We will lift you up in prayer the following Friday afternoon.


Who Are We? How Do We Accomplish our Mission? How Are We Different? How Do Donations Work?

Recent Successes

Updates from around the world, made possible by you!

Uganda – Church Construction Progress Update

Great progress is being made on St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Church in Kyamwinula. See the latest progress.

Newly ordained deacons from the Society of African Missions

Vocations are Growing Thanks to Your Generosity

Thanks to you, we recently gave out full-year support to 50 seminarians studying all over Africa and India. Check out the Seminarian Formation page to learn more.

1,200 Sri Lankans Received Christmas Joy by Your Kindness

Thanks to you, sick children, families with blind adults, and cancer patients received an extra Christmas miracle for the second year in a row. Click the “READ MORE” button below to see the people’s smiling faces of great gratitude!

Bishop Celestin, CWM partner Ide Maka, and Fr. Donatien give Fr. Vincent a new monstrance for his parish, Our Lady of Seven Sorrows in Ndekesha Kazumba, DR Congo

DR Congo – Monstrance arrives in Ndekesha!

Last fall, our partner Ide Maka helped ensure the monstrance presented to Bishop Pierre Celestin in 2017 safely arrived in DR Congo. Bishop Celestin presented the monstrance to Fr. Vincent Tshindayi, Pastor of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows in Ndekesha.

CWM expands to South Africa

In South Africa, the Sisters of Nazareth care for the poor through four unique outreach projects. We’re so excited to share our newest country page! Click the “Learn more” button below to learn about the Sisters of Nazareth, their ministry, see photos, & more!

Asia – Check out photos of new monstrances arriving in Pakistan and Sri Lanka!

Over the last year, we’ve worked to spread the gift of Eucharistic Adoration across the globe by giving monstrances to poor dioceses and parishes around the world. Check out these photos of communities in Asia adoring the Lord in the Eucharist!

Mexico – Construction update for Corpus Christi parish in Playa del Carmen

We’ve received new photos from Fr. James Hogan in Mexico. His parish is building a church structure, and we have some wonderful images to share with you! Click the “Learn more” button below to see photos

Children wait together for the beginning of the dedication ceremony for their new home.

DR Congo - Ndekesha Orphanage construction complete!

Thanks to your dedicated support our beloved orphans were able to come home to Ndekesha and have moved into their newly re-constructed home! Click the “Learn more” button below to see photos from the celebration.

Haiti – CWM board members lead mission trip to MOP community. They helped repair…

CWM board members Nick Donnelly and Oscar Tanaka led a men’s mission trip to Haiti in Fall 2018 for a week of service and prayer. Their main focus was repairing the roof of one of the buildings, but they also got to spend lots of quality time with the residents.

Mano Amiga Guadalajara first-ever class of graduating seniors. Felicidades!

Mexico – 3 Mano Amiga campuses celebrate their first-ever high school graduations!

The first students to complete high school at three Mano Amiga campuses–thanks in large part to your generosity–are on to the next step in their bright future. Click below to meet these amazing trailblazers!

Locations Around the World

Travel and explore the many projects we support throughout the following continents:



How Your Donation Works:
Our Trinitarian Approach

We use our Trinitarian approach in every project we support. There are at least three major groups involved: the community in need; a dedicated partner helping oversee the project (which can include priests, religious, bishops, and lay people); and the generous Catholic World Mission family of supporters.


Your money goes to the people in the community. We work with the community to figure out what we can provide that would help them the most instead of simply giving them what we think is best.


Each project is completed with the guidance of a trusted partner such as a priest, bishop, religious community member or lay person.


The generous Catholic World Mission family of supporters funding the project financially, and through their prayers.