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  Prayer Intentions for the Week of June 27, 2016: For peace of mind. For good health. For safe travels. For those seeking employment or better employment. For grace to receive God’s favors. For business to go well. For healing of physical ailments, especially cystic fibrosis, gall bladder surgery, illness, stroke, cancer, and heart failure. For deceased family members and friends. For the return to the faith of all relatives that are away from the Church...  Read More


Children’s Day in Nigeria is celebrated May 27 every year! We are so thankful we got to be a part of the celebrations and give exercise books to the students. Learn about our mission to alleviate suffering in Nigeria here.
Agnieszka's mission with the Legionaries of Christ in Poland led her to be filled with the love of God. This joyful occasion has changed her life, and she hopes others can experience the joy of serving. Help illuminate minds like Agnie's in Poland here!
The catechism training sessions in Malawi are illuminating minds! Overall everyone can agree, "This training is very beneficial to me as it has empowered me (and the community) to evangelize." See all the photos from training sessions on our Malawi page.
Students from Nana Brentu High School give thanks for the water well! They were walking over 10 miles a day for water! The students are excited to cut this walk out of their day, & thankful they can now get to school on time to receive a full education!
Mano Amiga Philippines
The new Mano Amiga Philippines Academy is almost complete! The 95 student school is moving to a new building and location where they will be able to welcome 800-1200 more students! See the blessing this school is to the community.
Missionary Felicia Amanambu visited Nigeria and was led by the Holy Spirit to repair schools, give desks and scholarships to students, and bring medical care to remote villages. Your generosity made this possible. See the photos of her mission trip here.
Your generosity has helped secure a van for the Queen of Peace Orphanage! The Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor can now take the children to the doctors without worry! And the sisters can buy groceries regularly! See the photos here.
In a single minute over 650 people lost their lives, and tens of thousands of families lost everything. With your support today we can immediately respond to their urgent needs for survival. Donations provide medicine, clean water, mosquito spray, & food.
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