We can be with one another through the power of prayer. You are not alone.

Every week we pray for our donors, partners, and friends by name.

Join the Camino San José
Camino San José México Pilgrimage s4
A Pilgrimage through St. Joseph’s Life 

Embark on a spiritual and transformative pilgrimage through the Coahuila desert in Cuatro Ciénegas, Mexico that is inspired by the faithful example of St. Joseph. Led by our Chairman, Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, you’ll spend 8 days deepening your faith and walking the way of St. Joseph through 14 stations devoted to a specific moment in his journey.

Our new Executive Director
 Introducing our new Executive Director, James Flanagan.
Thank You Notes
Women with glasses holding a baby
family embracing and posing for camera outside
Three Brazilian girls smiling
Colombian boy coloring with colored pencils
DR Congo food and clothing orphan shelter
Haitian child walking down steps peaking around a corner
Family from Mexico in front of their house
Group of Nigerian children outside their school
Women with glasses holding a baby

Our Mission

Catholic World Mission bridges the gap between donors and  parterns to uplift those in spiritual and material poverty, and we can’t do it without you. Giving to Catholic charities for the poor such as Catholic World Mission can help you share your own love of God and ensure your tax deductable donation makes the most significant impact around the world.  You can give online with credit card, donor advised funds, stocks, and more

Our Current Projects

Help Finish Building a School in Cameroon!

We are almost finished with the construction of the new Saint Mary’s Primary School in Nkar, Cameroon. Will you help us complete the school so children in this village and surrounding areas have the opportunity to pave the path out of poverty?

Create a Dignified Environment for Seminarians

Create a Dignified Environment for Seminarians

Help us give nineteen brothers at the Manila Theological House in the Philippines a safe, dignified environment by adding bathrooms to the seminarian’s dormitories.

Annual Fund Drive 2023

Start the New Year in an impactful way as we commit to equipping our General Fund to change endless lives and communities around the world through various and multiple projects.

Send Hope and Joy to Sri Lanka this Christmas!

Send Hope and Joy to Sri Lanka this Christmas!

Send sick children and blind families meals, gifts, and medical equipment as we bring hope and joy to Sri Lanka this Advent season.

Kenya is helping disabled and mentally handicapped children

Help Disabled and Mentally Handicapped Children Become Independent

Empower children with disabilities reach their utmost potential at St. Joseph the Worker Home in Kenya by giving them the essential care and tools they need as they work towards becoming self-reliant.

Support these devoted young men as they serve our Heavenly Father

Support a Seminarian

YOU can help us sponsor 65 Seminarians this year from the Diocese of Wiawso and the Society of African Missions (SMA) Order as they embark on their calling to serve God and change the world.

Create a Self-Sustaining Community by Cocoa Farming

We have the amazing opportunity to help Enchi’s cocoa farm in Ghana produce stable income for families and increase the crops planted. With YOUR help, we can change lives by giving them the tools they need to succeed!

Mexico - Solidarity Supper feeds the hungry in Playa del Carmen neighborhood.

Solidarity Supper Feeds Families in Playa del Carmen Neighborhood

Your help is urgently needed to feed growing numbers every day…

Our Pillars of Support

At Catholic World Mission, our main goal is to alleviate suffering, illuminate the mind, and ignite the Spirit. We categorize our projects into three pillars. Click each icon below to learn more:


143K+ given access to clean water, reliable transportation, and nutritious meals…

Dignified Living

Each day over a million of our siblings in Christ are victims of the negative effects of severe poverty and lack of access to basic resources. For many, their lives are a constant source of worry as they deal with the consequences of food insecurity and desperate need for primary resources many of us take for granted every single day.

Our dignified living services help those in need physically by providing food-based services, building safe structures and offering medical support. With the help of our donors and laypeople, we were able to give over 140,000 of our brothers and sisters in Christ access to clean water, a reliable means of transportation and healthy meals. Some recent resources we were able to provide for those in need include:

  • Sending food supplies to a school in Tanzania.
  • Making roof repairs on a building for abandoned elderly in Haiti.
  • Providing medical supplies to communities in Guatemala.

In addition to our dignified living services, we also spread the word of God to the communities we serve to share the knowledge of God’s love and commitment to those who may be hearing his words for the first time.


2MM+ people heard the Gospel and were trained in our Catholic faith…


At Catholic World Mission, we believe one of the best ways to empower the poor is by sharing the word of Christ. Being spiritually poor can be just as detrimental to your overall well-being as being physically poor. By partnering with communities, we help individuals recognize the love of Christ already present in their lives and help them use this love to reach their full potential.

With our evangelization programs, we help others remove their barriers of spiritual despair to help them grow and understand their God-given purposes. We will always share our faith while aiding areas in need. Donating to our evangelization programs is a great way to honor God while helping others embody the word of Christ. Some recent ways we have helped to share the good news of the Gospel include:

  • Constructing a church for worshipers in Ghana.
  • Creation of community centers for worship in India.
  • Teaching over 2 million people in the Catholic faith.


$500K+ in scholarships provided to students and teachers...


One of the best ways to combat poverty and protect human dignity is by providing educational resources to help individuals elevate their minds and communities to reach their God-given potentials. An educated mind helps open the door for individuals to empower themselves and the generations that follow. At Catholic World Mission, we help communities escape education poverty and plants seeds of hope for lasting positive change.

Our Catholic World Mission family gives the gift of education to communities around the world. In addition to helping individuals of all ages learn basic reading skills, we also provide schools with desks and chairs and repair educational buildings that experience damage from natural disasters. Our recent projects include:

  • Replacing a school roof in Nigeria.
  • Donating safe and comfortable desks and chairs for students at the Mano Amiga Colombia School.
  • Providing over $500,000 in scholarships to students and teachers in need.

Recent Successes

Updates from around the world, made possible by you!

Nigeria - Changed Lives through School Supplies!

Thanks to your faithful generosity, four primary schools throughout Nigeria are equipped with the resources and supplies to succeed!

Ghana - Will soon have a fully-renovated Clergy House!

Thanks to your generosity, the retired priests of the diocese of Wiawso can have a place to live after decades of faithfully serving the community and beyond.

Bangladesh - Bountiful Blessings in Bangladesh

We were able to collaborate with the Diocese of Sylhet and provide food, clothes, education, and a medical camp to 1900 families under four civil districts in Sylhet Division and 6 parishes in the Diocese.

Poland - Invest in the Future of the Church

Thank you for supporting the young people in Poland on their journey of formation, education, spiritual growth, and leadership in the Church.

Bangladesh - Nursing Patients & Dreams

Your selfless giving has supported ten nursing students enrolled at St. Mary’s Catholic Nursing Institute in Bangladesh to be able to continue their studies!

Ghana - The Pope Francis School and Health Center

We are thrilled to announce that the Pope Francis School and Health Center (the PFSHC) is complete and serving families in need!

The volunteers delivered these meals and packages to 200 homeless in the area

United States - Blessings from South Carolina!

We thank YOU and your generosity in feeding and providing for Hardeeville, South Carolina this past Christmas!

Monstrance Program - Deliveries around the world

Read the recent news of Monstrances deliveries in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Mexico, Ghana.

Uganda - St. Mary’s Primary School is now properly furnished!

The newly renovated classrooms are stocked with individual chairs and desks so these dedicated children can learn in a safe, comfortable, and dignified environment.

Gambia - Medical supplies save lives

Thanks to YOU, the Jarra Soma District Hospital now has much-needed medical items! This generous donation will ensure their facility is running efficiently and that patients are getting proper care and treatment.

Mexico - Hens have arrived!

Thanks to your faithful generosity, the families of Chiapas and Tabasco, Mexico have new livestock and care supplies to jumpstart their journey of self-sustainability

The Cocoa Farm project has planted its seeds and is starting to reap success

Ghana - Cocoa Farm Renovations are Underway

The Cocoa Farm project has planted its seeds and is starting to reap success – thanks to your abundant generosity!

Poland - Providing Care and Refuge for Ukrainians

Thanks to your support, hundreds of displaced families from Ukraine are being welcomed into Poland with warm meals, first-aid care, and shelter!

Your support has also helped them open the Mercy Child Care Center

Kenya - The CFSOP Order has been established!

Thanks to your abundant generosity, the Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor have been able to establish their Order in Nairobi, Kenya!

Ecuador - Clean Water Flows in Limones

Thanks to your generosity, we collaborated with MSFS to begin the building of the second water treatment unit at St.Peter and Paul Parish!

Mexico - Celebrating two years of Solidarity Suppers

Families joyfully gathered in the newly-constructed San Francisco Chapel to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the community kitchen called Solidarity Supper.

as progress continues on St. Mary’s school in Nkar

Cameroon - Construction on the new building is underway

Many hands make light work and there is much work to be done as progress continues on St. Mary’s school in Nkar. The children are so excited to see the progress.

The Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor thank YOU for showing mercy to God’s poor in Haiti.

Haiti - CFSOP a safe haven for the poorest

The Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor have continued their Children Feeding and Nutrition Outreach Program, a Mobile Clinic Service, and an Emergency Outreach Program to care for the most devastated families.

New Saxophone for Vittorino Girardi School

Costa Rica - Transforming Vittorino Girardi and its Community

Many initiatives have been taking place at Vittorino Girardi and the surrounding community thanks to your loyal support!

Locations Around the World



How Your Donation Works:
Our Trinitarian Approach

We use our Trinitarian approach in every project we support. There are at least three major groups involved: the community in need; a dedicated partner helping oversee the project (which can include priests, religious, bishops, and lay people); and the generous Catholic World Mission family of supporters.

Trinitarian Approach Community in Need


Your money goes to the people in the community. We work with the community to figure out what we can provide that would help them the most instead of simply giving them what we think is best.

Trinitarian Approach Dedicated Partner


Each project is completed with the guidance of a trusted partner such as a priest, bishop, religious community member or lay person.

Blue circle with the word "YOU" inside


The generous Catholic World Mission family of supporters funds projects financially and through their prayers.

Trinitarian Approach involving community, supporters and partners
Catholic World Mission and the EucharistRead more!