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  Prayer Intentions for the week of February 8, 2016: For all poor, hungry, and homeless. For an end to abortion and terrorism. For all fallen away Catholics to return to the Church, and that all Catholics will share their faith. For the salvation of all souls. For all souls in purgatory. For gratitude and a joyful heart. For blessings on friends and family, living and deceased. For peace and protection from harm. For the intentions of family and friends.   Read More


Regnum Christi missionaries are bringing Theology of the Body to a remote part of the world, Fiji. There they are teaching young people and families the importance of the dignity of life, and the respect of all human persons.
On behalf of all the people you’ve helped alleviate suffering and have provided hope – a giant THANK YOU! Learn more about the projects you have supported around the world in our newsletter here.
Thanks to your generosity the Christmas Miracle filled the hearts and stomachs of children in India with joy this Christmas! See photos of the children’s celebration here.
United States
We are excited to announce our projects in the United States! In response to the many brothers and sisters in Christ living in not only physical, but also spiritual poverty every day. Read about our efforts here in the US and how you can help today.
Christmas Story
Prepare for Christ's coming. Read the Christmas Story. "Jesus, the Son of God, the Savior of the world, is born for us, born in Bethlehem of a Virgin, fulfilling the ancient prophesies. " - Pope Francis
Eucharistic Adoration allows us to praise God in his presence. Monsignor Simon is on a mission to bring Eucharistic Adoration throughout Ghana. What a wonderful gift! Thanks to CWM donors 10 monstrances have been distributed thus far.
A gift from heaven enabled William and his siblings to attend Mão Amiga! Learn how his scholarship to Mão Amiga Brazil changed his life.
With great pleasure we can announce the completion of the cafeteria for children in Enchi, Ghana! The canteen is a relief to keep the children in a safe environment while they eat. See photos of the celebration.
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