Slide Ghana_Egyam Kids Saves Lives Click Here GHANA We can help keep the Egyam’s Children’s Home open and change the lives of many orphaned children Sachet Water India suffers record daily deaths, covid relief help Help India Survive the Second Wave of COVID-19 Read more With Keep Girls in Education project, y can empower these vulnerable girls Keep Girls in Education UGANDA Consider a gift of $108 to provide one teacher for 6 months
and impact 30 girls’ futures.
Children back from river 4km away to get clean water They can’t bathe
Children back from river 4km away to get clean water They can’t wash their clothes They can’t wash their hands
You can provide clean water
BROADCAST THE MASS 95-year-old Mbwali Teopista takes care of her grandkids in Uganda Give Gifts
of Bread
and New Life
Start Giving Uganda
Lights of the World Cecconi Family Meet some of the people who help make our work possible... Click here to read our latest profile: John and Nancy Cecconi! Enchi, Ghana The Catholic World Mission
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In Giving We Receive

Prayers from Bottomley Orphanage. What a beautiful gift! 

Our Mission

Our mission is to alleviate material and spiritual poverty by empowering the poor and sharing the Gospel of Christ, and we can’t do it without you. Giving to Catholic charities for the poor such as Catholic World Mission can help you share your own love of God and ensure your donation makes the most significant impact around the world.


Who Are We?

Catholic World Mission was founded in 1998. We are an independent Catholic charity, working to support the mission of the Catholic Church to empower the poor and spread the Gospel.

Many Catholic organizations help the poor, but we take a long-term view of projects to form relationships with the communities we help. Our goal is to go beyond charity and into justice to give disadvantaged individuals a leg up instead of simply a handout.

Our Current Projects

We are a worldwide Catholic church charity with multiple projects you can choose to support. Help us change the world by supporting our projects. Scroll through some examples below:

Ghana_Egyam Children's home has two water tanks

Sachet Water Saves Lives

The Egyam Children’s Home in Ghana has formed a nurturing family for almost 80 orphaned children. Help this loving home become self-sufficient by purchasing the necessary parts for a KOYO machine that will produce sachet water on a large-scale.

With Keep Girls in Education project, y can empower these vulnerable girls

School closures limit girls' future in Uganda

Without access to electricity or the internet, students here cannot attend remote lessons provided by the government on television. Together we can keep the girls in school and save them from a dangerous future.

Girls back from river 4km away to get clean water

Supply the precious gift of clean water

So many children in Ndekesha community are deprived of even a basic education because they spend so many hours fetching water just  to survive. You can provide safe clean water for life.

Uganda children from Namwendwa are learning about negotiation, team work, and sacrifice

Give gifts of physical and spiritual nourishment

The Broadcast the Mass project will reach over 1.5 million people with the hope of the Gospel, counseling, vital messages of Covid -19 prevention, food, and  supplies distribution for 300 families.

Philippines Divine Word hospital shipments arrived

Be a Lifeline. Help Ship Healing & Hope

The ships are scheduled to dock in Ghana, Gambia and the Philippines and we need everyone all in to cover the cost of shipping.

India Covid relief for second wave

Emergency COVID-19 Relief in India

The second wave of COVID-19 has engulfed India and many are struggling to find the basic necessities to survive.

Change through Action!

Despite the challenges that 2020 posed- the actions of our great CWM supporters helped power more than 52 projects across 38 countries in 2020! Please commit to changing more lives with a gift to our 2021 Annual Fund Drive.

Mexico - Solidarity Supper feeds the hungry in Playa del Carmen neighborhood.

Solidarity Supper Feeds Families in Playa del Carmen Neighborhood

Your help is urgently needed to feed growing numbers every day…

Ugandan seminarian

Sponsor a Seminarian Today

Give our hurting world hope: when ordained, these men will serve as missionary priests all over the world, from Nigeria to Mexico to the United States, and everywhere in between.

Our Four Pillars of Support

Our projects are categorized into four pillars. Click each icon below to learn more:


143K+ given access to clean water, reliable transportation, and nutritious meals…


2MM+ people heard the Gospel and were trained in our Catholic faith…


$500K+ in scholarships provided to students and teachers...


696K+ people received hospital care, clinic visits, and vital medications…


Your generous support will change lives. Help us change the world by supporting our projects today.


Praying for you is part of our mission at Catholic World Mission. We will lift you up in prayer the following Friday afternoon.


Who Are We? How Do We Accomplish our Mission? How Are We Different? How Do Donations Work?

Recent Successes

Updates from around the world, made possible by you!

Medical supplies for Ghana shipments

Shipments - From Shipping Container to Medical Clinic

We have been able to stock 11 health clinics and hospitals in Ghana, Gambia, and the Philippines with medical supplies that has served 5,000 plus people! This includes a creative approach to transforming a shipping container into a clinic.

Legionaries of Christ. Apostles’ House blessing in Poland

Poland - LC New Formation Center

The Legionaries of Christ in Poland have been transforming their Parish and community thanks to donors like you. They have been settling into their new formation center and using their vehicle for community outreach and have many exciting plans for the future.

Jamaica CFSOP community appreciate the donation of two monstrances

Jamaica - Mercy through Monstrances

The Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor community greatly appreciate the help of Catholic World Mission and their benefactors donating 2 Monstrances to their church.

Ecuador-Limones-The community is now beginning to have access to clean drinking water

Ecuador - Clean Water Flows in Limones

Our partner Fr. John Kennedy has completed one third of the water filtration systems at St. Peter and Paul parish in Limones, Ecuador. Your donations are helping an entire community have access to safe drinking water!

Updates in Colegio Vittorino Girardi Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Progress on El Colegio Vittorino Girardi

Phase four has constructed walls, stairs, railings and other structural features. How exciting it will be to get students inside these walls!

MOP brothers receiving provisions for Kenya orphanage

Kenya – Teaming Up to Help the Most Vulnerable

With your help and the MOP brothers’ compassion, CWM was able to provide new furniture for the monastery and food and help with other expenses for the orphanage.

Uganda_St Philomena Dining hall washrooms

Uganda - Brick by brick you are making a difference!

Required restroom facilities were installed to make sure the children have adequate access to bathrooms and hand washing when using the dining hall.

US_Gallup NM_bringing supplies to the navajo Covid relief

Gallup, NM - How You Helped the Hardest-Hit US Community

Your generosity provided hand sanitizing stations for 11 churches and 9 schools, food and other supplies.

Haiti CFSOP Children 2021 Feeding and Nutrition Outreach Program

Haiti - Many children and families have suffered greatly

The sisters of CFSOP and their Children Feeding and Nutrition Outreach Program help those in urgent need of regular meals and vital health care.

Locations Around the World

Travel and explore the many projects we support throughout the following continents:



How Your Donation Works:
Our Trinitarian Approach

We use our Trinitarian approach in every project we support. There are at least three major groups involved: the community in need; a dedicated partner helping oversee the project (which can include priests, religious, bishops, and lay people); and the generous Catholic World Mission family of supporters.

Trinitarian Approach Community in Need


Your money goes to the people in the community. We work with the community to figure out what we can provide that would help them the most instead of simply giving them what we think is best.

Trinitarian Approach Dedicated Partner


Each project is completed with the guidance of a trusted partner such as a priest, bishop, religious community member or lay person.


The generous Catholic World Mission family of supporters funding the project financially, and through their prayers.


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