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  Prayer Intentions for the Week of December 5, 2016: For peace of mind. For grace to exam one’s conscience and repent. For those struggling with addictions, especially alcohol or drugs. For those in need of good, supportive companions. For all to experience the peace and love of God in their heart and mind. For reconciliation between family members. For all to be guided by the Holy Spirit and their guardian angels. For the grace to make good decisions in life to glorify God...  Read More


United States
Young people are getting the chance to ignite Spirits through the Regnum Christi Mission Corps program thanks to the generous support of the Catholic World Mission family. See how they have kicked off their year of giving back here.
With over 6 million surplus and unused medicines and equipment in the United States, we at Catholic World Mission take great care in alleviating suffering by putting surplus medical supplies to good use. Check out the photos of those benefiting here!
Mano Amiga Guatemala
Juan José attends Mano Amiga Guatemala where he receives holistic training to illuminate his mind and help his family break the cycle of poverty. Although he is just five years old, his family has already benefited from his education. Read more.
Thanks to your generosity Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Nkar, Cameroon delivered its first baby in October 2016! This is alleviating suffering in the community as they previously walked 10 miles away over rough terrain to deliver their babies.
You have ignited the Spirits of the Missionaries of the Poor and their community in Haiti by giving the gift of a Eucharistic Monstrance to adore the Blessed Sacrament! They are so grateful for your generosity. Read about their new monstrance here!
Thambipuram is igniting the Spirit in their community! Through their hard work & dedication they have raised the roof of their new chapel! They can’t wait until they can have an altar & other furnishings to give Jesus his home in their village.
Mano Amiga El Salvador
A newly initiated nutrition program is helping alleviate the suffering of malnourished students in Mano Amiga El Salvador! They are learning how eating a well-rounded meal helps them grow, and remain healthy. Learn more about the program here.
Your generosity brought 10,000 people in Nkar, Cameroon clean water! Clean water prevents diseases, allows the minds of children to be illuminated in school, and families can spend more time making a living instead of searching for safe water. Thank you!
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