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Mano Amiga Colombia

Population: 46,736,728
Percent Below Poverty Line: 27.8%

Colombia has population of 46 million people. 27.8% of those people live under the poverty line in dire situations. Although the country has roots in Catholicism it is not the prevailing ideology of the country. The government is doing everything in its power to increase security and stop drug trafficking and gang violence. Poor cities still suffer under this oppression though. Providing an education to a poor child in an impovished area like the two Mano Amiga schools in Colombia helps change the ideology of the communities and helps children choose career paths other than corruption and violence.

To celebrate his upcoming ordination to the priesthood, Deacon Eric Gilhooly, LC, is raising the funds needed to build a new classroom for Mano Amiga Zipaquirá!

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Mano Amiga Colombia


Mano Amiga Bello

Students: 667
Founded: 1995
Location: Medellín, Colombia

Medellín, Colombia has a dark history of gang violence. The repercussions of this violence are still felt today, but Mano Amiga Bello is a beacon of hope in the midst of great difficulty.

Mano Amiga Bello opened in 1995, during the height of gang violence. In the beginning, there were just 30 students who attended class in a small home. Soon, teachers, students, parents, and neighbors started to help. They began building “their school” to counteract the indifference and destruction that was created by the violence in Bello.

Today, Mano Amiga Bello is a major educational institution in the area. It serves 600 low-income students, giving hope to impoverished families who can’t afford school otherwise.

Mano Amiga Zipaquirá

Students: 120
Founded: 2011
Location: Zipaquirá, Colombia

Mano Amiga Zipaquirá is located in a rural area in the outskirts of Bogota. Their first classroom had only 20 students but they hope to one day to have 900 students attend the school.

Today, Mano Amiga Zipaquirá is growing at a rapid rate. Out of nearly 11,000 residents, only 3,000 or so have some level of education. Visit the Updates tab to learn more about new efforts to support Mano Amiga Zipaquirá’s growth.

Mano Amiga Difference

The Mano Amiga Difference

  • To provide underprivileged children with a quality education and values
  • Generate in the population in need for improvement, based on a solid and comprehensive formation, guided by Catholic values​​
  • Reaching out to the families involved
  • Provide educational support from preschool through technical education
  • Participation of companies in the process, promoting solidarity and sense of social responsibility

Spring 2019 – Mano Amiga Zipaquirá

Deacon Eric Gilhooly, LC, will soon be ordained to the priesthood! To celebrate this occasion, instead of gifts, Deacon Eric is raising funds to help Mano Amiga Zipaquirá build an additional classroom.

Click here to give now. Celebrate Deacon Eric’s vocation and make a long-term impact for the children of Colombia!

November 2017

Back to School Campaign provides new desks for students!

A big thank you to all of you who gave to our Back to School campaign this year. You provided new desks for the little ones at Mano Amiga Bello! Check out the cute pictures in the image carousel below.

Help a Child Today

Help a Child Today!

You can help the students of Mano Amiga Colombia reach their full potential when you give now. From structural repairs like broken AC units, to classroom basics like desks and school supplies, and even scholarships to help families cover tuition, you can make a huge difference!

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