Evangelizadores de Tiempo Completo

(ETC – Full-time Catholic Lay Missionaries)

Evangelizadores de Tiempo Completo

(ETC – Full-time Catholic Lay Missionaries)

Evangelizadores de Tiempo Completo (or ETCs) serves to fill in the huge gap of shortage of priests to serve the people particularly in remote villages in South and Latin America. Our ETCs or full-time missionaries have carried the Good News of the Gospel to 4,938 communities in Mexico alone. These foot soldiers for Christ traverse rural areas throughout Latin America, assisting parishes and priests, tending to people who are often lost and forgotten. ETCs are critical support, particularly in Mexico, where there is an average of 6,200 Catholics for each Archdiocesan priest, a 30% ratio increase over the past decade due to a decline in vocations.

The Work Primarily Occurs in Three Areas

Teach the faith to a large population in areas of extreme poverty.

Ensuring basic corporal needs to develop the person as a whole, and encourage self-sufficiency.

Offering the sacraments and life through the divine spirit.

The ETCs also help bring basic necessities to those in need.
Usually in the form of food and medicines. Some of them help in rehabilitation centers giving integral formations for addicted young people and their families. ETCs are usually found serving in areas of extreme poverty.

The Mission

Evangelizadores de Tiempo Completo (or ETCs) is a program designed to assist local priests and bishops in parishes through the selfless and untiring service of lay people serving as full time evangelizers who dedicate themselves to tending to the needs of thousands of Catholics throughout the country. 


For more than 20 years ETCs have worked in all of the Mexican Republic, as well as South and Latin America developing a role at the service of evangelization. We currently have 410 evangelizers working in 27 states and 49 Dioceses. Guided by the Holy Spirit, the evangelizers provide: pastoral support, catechist training, liturgical ceremonies and formative programs, assisting the limited number of priests serving a large population in the area. Many times they traverses to areas in faraway communities, often at great risk to their personal safety, offering a helping hand to people who are not able to get to a church or be visited by a parish priest. 

The Critical Need

Thousands of children are at-risk in the border cities of Mexico, as evangelizers strive to keep the children from running away in search of a better existence.


Catholic World Mission recently provided help to Roman Catholic missionaries in Tuxtla and Ciudad Juárez, where children have gravitated in search of food, clothing and medicine. ETC evangelizers are often the only hope these children have, as they struggle between life as they know it- in crime and drug infested neighborhoods- versus a dangerous existence as refugees.

Traveling literally on foot or moped, our ETC evangelizers call on families in forgotten areas, such as the mountainous areas of Veracruz and remote villages in Quintana Roo. Parish priests, already stretched with so many to serve, could not possibly leave their churches long enough to tend to people in these distant villages.

The First Priority

Evangelizers present the face of Christ through their deeds. Their first priority is to ensure physical needs are met. Families may need a doctor, food, or a social worker to help with a difficult situation.


“We do not leave these families after a day or two as do many other missionaries,” says evangelizer Carlos Davila. “We stay with them and give them hope.”

As these loyal evangelizer will tell you, Christian faith in Mexico and throughout Latin America is undergoing a paradoxical trend. With 3 million people in attendance at World Youth Day in Brazil, and 800,000 papal followers honoring His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI in early 2012, still others are leaving the Catholic Faith in droves.

The Results

Preying on the vulnerable, anti-Catholic sects are leering people here away from their faith. Time is of the essence for our hard-working evangelizers. But they are seeing results. 

  • 508,555 Families were visit last year.
  • 218,938 They taught courses on values, catechesis, and liturgy to parishioners. 
  • 37,381 People were prepar to receive the sacraments.
  • 1,689 Persons returned to the Catholic faith.
  • 161 Vocations were detected.
  • 1,869 Marriages were con validated.

Since its founding in 1992, the ETC program has spread to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Venezuela. The work of these full time evangelizers has spread exponentially.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
Matthew 28: 19-20

Help Bring the Message of Hope

Help Bring the Message of Hope

Carlos Davila C.

“Bartender to Evangelist”

Carlos Davila Cardena "Bartender to Evangelist"

A short twelve years ago, Carlos Davila Cardena had no idea he would live an extraordinary life. In fact, Carlos considered himself a typical young adult, spending his nights tending bar in a local dance club. But after a tragic automobile accident nearly took his life, Carlos started his ministry that over a decade later continues to impact the most desperate communities of Mexico and Latin America.

“I made a promise to God that upon my recovery I would serve Him for the rest of my life.”

The missionary has made good on his word. Beginning his day at 6:00 am, Carlos travels by moped or bus to one of 12 communities in a 300 kilometer area.

“My wife and two teenage daughters miss me very much when I travel, but they are proud of me and support my work for the kingdom.”

Carlos’ first priority as a missionary is to ensure physical needs are met.

“Families may need me to find a doctor, bring food, or seek out a social worker to help with a difficult situation. I follow up every day to see that they have what they need. We do not leave these families after a day or two as do many other missionaries. We stay with them and give them hope.”

Carlos recalls his time with a family of five in Cancun with three children (ages 17, 14, and 12), the couple doubted that a missionary could change their existence. But Carlos didn’t give up. He gave them a helpful hand, ensuring the family was fed and had proper shelter.

“This family was spiritually bereft and poverty stricken.”

But it didn’t stop there. Carlos began teaching about the sacraments, praying and ministering to their spiritual needs. Over time he began to see a change in the family.

The transformation culminated with the sacrament of baptism.

“I can see the work of the Holy Spirit in the sacrament of baptism. An eternal change takes place within the human spirit, which is a moving thing to see.”

This spiritual movement led to the family’s participation in the betterment of the community.

“They started working in the town,” Carlos recalls, “helping others and making the community a better place.”

Carlos ends his day at the local parish, helping the priest set up for Mass and training staff on customary procedures. He also trains hundreds of other Evangelizadores de Tiempo Completo, or ETC missionaries. This group of roughly 600 individuals devote their lives –as does Carlos- to God’s work.

“Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did for me.” Matthew 25: 40

We at Catholic World Mission are blessed with the opportunity to know Carlos Davila Cardena and are proud to stand behind this truly inspirational man and his fellow ETC missionaries


“A Selfless Missionary”

Ignacio "A Selfless Missionary"

As an ETC missionary, Ignacio spends hours commuting in order to serve even the least accessible communities of the Archdiocese of Tuxtla

For some of these nine communities, walking to and from town is the only form of communication with the outside world. Ignacio happily makes these journeys, visiting over a thousand homes during his service as a missionary.

Ignacio finds his calling in the preparation of local parish catechists. With over 165 men and women furthering their studies of the Catholic faith, this missionary constantly has more and more exciting work.

Ignacio and his fellow missionaries find great fulfillment in their work: the small towns they service enthusiastically welcome them on each of their visits. The amount of gratitude expressed by these small communities keeps Ignacio motivated as he continues his great work.

Catholic World Mission is proud to stand by amazing men and women like Juan Antonio. Through the support of our donors, we provide ETC missionaries with the means to continue serving communities in need

Gerardo Soria

“It’s Never Too Late:
Jose & Maria”

Gerardo Solis "It's Never Too Late: Jose & Maria"
The story of Don José and  Doña María as told by Gerardo Soria.
In a visit to Nuestra señora del Pilar parish in the District of Bravos in Zaragoza, I encountered two elderly people.
They lived alone, Don José is 89 year old, almost an invalid, and Doña María who is 84 years old, and has been blind for 10 years. (Don and Doña is a term of respect for Elder people) They have taken care of each other for 64 years with much love and respect, which is necessary when you have lived with someone that long.
They had seven children, who are all already married, although none of their children live with them, they have not abandoned their parents.
When I spoke with them I learned they have seen the parish grow since they live so close, but they never paid much attention to religion, and never thought about getting married at the Church. Up until that point they only had a civil union, and they did that after many years of living together.
But for God age does not exist, nor time, nor plans, and God has a surprise planned for them.
I remember they listed intently as I spoke a God’s love, the trust that we are to have in God, and the mission that God calls each of us to.
Under the pretext of bringing for each time I visited them, I also brought brochures about God, I would read aloud as Don José doesn’t know to read and Doña María is blind.
One day close to All Souls Day, I spoke with them about eternal life that awaits us when we die, that God loves us all and want us all be saved, but first we have to accept him as our Savior.
I believe because they felt old, weak and sick, and for many years they had lived without being married, they asked me not only to bring a priest to them to receive the anointing of the sick, but so they could be married. Don José said they wanted to die, “as God intended.”
And God gave them their wish.
The day of their wedding, which was in their house, all of their children and several relatives came, as well as their neighbors who saw all of the cars and priest wearing the vestments.
The neighbors asked, “Who died, Don José or Doña María?”
“No one died! They are going to married in Church!”
Thanks be to God!

Alfredo Solis

“Aiding Migrants
in Chiapas”

Alfredo Solis "Aiding Migrants in Chiapas"

“I met these three brothers on their journey to the United States in search of work and a better life…

There is another migratory movement that has taken place lately, children and young people leave their homes in search of work, but mainly in search of their families, desiring to meet their mother, father, sisters or brothers since they have been alone in a family member’s home or a friend’s where they sometimes suffer from abuse and neglect. It is like the case of these three children who I met in Tuxtla Chico, working as shoe polishers. Two of them are from Guatemala and the other one is from El Salvador. They met in Guatemala and since then they have joined in their journey to the United States.

They told me that their journey has been hard, in Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá), they can travel without a problem between countries until the gangs, and mafias realize that they are migrants then they require money from them to move from one country to another, taking away the fruit of their labor which they use to buy food and travel. They sleep often in the parks or sometimes there are families who open their homes to them on their journey providing food, shelter, clothing, and sometimes shoes to keep walking.

When I spoke to them I recommended that the more healthy and safe route is staying close to the cities and finding accommodations in churches, where we can gladly give food and a place to sleep. I brought the boys to the house of my relatives in Tuxtla Chico and gave them food and shelter, and I talked to them about the dangers that they will run into if they continue their travel to the USA, urging that the most healthy and safe route is returning to their countries of origin, and searching for their relatives there.

Two of them are Catholic and one Christian, we talked about what God is looking for in each of us and what the mission in our lives is, about the values we must preserve in the current world, and the importance of living close to our families.

It is sad to hear their concerns at their young age, Esteban is 12 years-old, Juventino and Armando are 11 years-old. They told me that their father moved first and then he sent for their mother second. They carry addresses where their families live in California.

They have been in Tuxtla Chico for three weeks, and I have not been able to convince them to return home. Their goal remains: to see their families even though it means there will be many days of sufferings and passing through dangerous cities in Mexico, especially the stretch from Tapachula to Arriaga. Someone told them it would be safest to take a train to Coatzacoalcos and then follow the road because they are children, and to always look for Catholic Churches, because they will be given food, clothing, and shelter there. I cannot convince them otherwise. It is not a safe journey.

To see these children it is to see Christ asking us to help, they need our words, our love, to give them food, clothes, shelter but above all hope.

When they said goodbye we were in disbelief by their departure, even though we offered them a dignified life, to grow up in a family environment, have an education, values, love… yet their desire to see their relatives was stronger. We pray to God for each one of the migrants who pass through our country that they are safe from the evils that lurk in their daily walk, that people with good hearts give them support in their difficult days and that all parishes open their doors to the homeless giving them food, clothing, and a word of hope: that God is with them and He has not forgotten them.”

Sister Marisol

“God Alone Suffices”

Sister Marisol "God Alone Suffices"

With great joy I share with all of you this small but valuable testimony.

For me is an honor and pride talking about a man that I am immensely grateful for  what I am, that great man that I want to talk about is Gerardo Soria, my father.
Gerardo is the father of five children, of whom O am the smaller, he has been exemplary in his life, he is a father in every sense of the word.
Each of their children have learned to love God, the Blessed Virgin María, the Church and the Pope.
Always he has participated in various catholic groups and he has given the best of itself, always beside his wife, my mom.
Gerardo has given his life to God and to the serve of others, he is responsable, honest, intelligent, human, spiritual, a man of God.
Since I can remember, I always saw him praying the Rosary with my mom, they always pray together and these teaching helped us that every time we had a problem we should pray in the Tabernacle.
By grace of God my father has obtained one more gift on his life, which has welcome with happiness in to my family, be one of the full time Evangelizers of the Diocese of Cuidad Juárez.
Thanks God, he has been 11 years as evangelizer in the parish of Nuestra Señora del Pilar, his work makes him a happily and helpful man, God knows who choose, a man like my father it has been a treasure in my life.
With love, respect and admiration for the man who has given to my existing faith and love to God, Gerardo Soria.
In the peace of Christ and María Inmaculada
Sister Marisol Soria Aveces
Clarisa Capuchina (OSC)

Juan Antonio

“A Very Charismatic Missionary”

Juan Antonio "A Very Charismatic Missionary"

The citizens of Merida and the surrounding towns unanimously agree Juan Antonio is an individual who lifts the spirits of all those around him: since the beginning of his ministry, there has been a drastic increase in joyous marriages and participation in the sacraments.

Juan Antonio’s greatest passion, however, lies in prison ministry. He greatly enjoys teaching the message of the gospel to prisoners seeking spiritual direction. These men and women have come to look at Juan Antonio as more than a teacher: many say he has become their closest friend.

Juan Antonio says the greatest satisfaction of his work is its continuity. Some of those he’s reached out to in the prisons have become extraordinary ministers of communion within the prison. This ETC missionary works each day to carry out this type of lasting change in his community.

Catholic World Mission is proud to stand by amazing men and women like Juan Antonio. Through the support of our donors, we provide ETC missionaries with the means to continue serving communities in need.

Esaúl Ortega

“17 Years a Missionary”

Esaúl Ortrega "17 Years a Missionary"

“In September of 2013 after some evangelization missions I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the doctors gave me three months to live.

I believe that cancer doesn’t kill, what kills is fear and when you are full of God, fear is fleeting, I ask God if it is his will, I have my bags ready and am available to him. Meanwhile, I continue doing my job: evangelizing and giving encouragement to people that need it.

I have worked with the Full Time Evangelizers program for 17 years. At the beginning few people knew about us. In the past 17 years I have helped many people return to the Catholic faith. I have visited thousands of homes to help the sick and elderly. I along with many people prayed for the salvation of souls. As missionaries we have so many activities: prayers, taking classes, giving talks, visiting homes, and we have so many experiences that to describe them it would take me hundreds of years.

The merits of my work are, firstly, of Jesus our Lord who called me 17 years ago; Secondly, of my benefactors contributions who do not expect any reward for evangelization; and finally, of all the people who make the evangelizer: my trainers and directors, in this program who have urged me to do my job and who work alongside us for the glory of the Lord.

Thank you and God bless you!”

Esaúl Ortega

Juan Hernandez

“Prison Ministry Leads Man to Know Christ”

Juan Hernandez "Prison Ministry Leads Man to Know Christ"

Juan Antonio Hernández Cruz is an evangelizer with the ETC program. He helps to spread the Gospel in prisons, and ministers to the prisoners. The prisoners are people who need the mercy and the message from the word of God. Juan had the blessing of seeing prisoners who converted and also some prisoners who had the image of death in their cells, change their image to Jesus Christ our Lord.

One prisoner wrote to Juan thanking him for his ministry:

“May 13th, 2014

My name is Juan, I was imprisoned for murder.

In 1986, I received a sentence of 30 years in prison, and I felt that my hopes of leaving one day out of jail were gone. I was sad and I thought that the solution was to indulge in my addictions until the day I die. I was addicted to a lot of things, and they almost ended my life. I had been in a lot of prisons and living a life of sin until I met God eight years ago.

Thanks to Juan Antonio Hernández I met God, and God gave me a reason to live, he gave meaning to my life. Today, I understand how God works. I received a human and spiritual formation which I am very grateful. I received preparation for the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and communion. On January 8th, 2014 I, thanks to God, received all the sacraments .

I am thankful to God for giving me life during my 28 years of prison.

I am still giving thanks to God that I don’t take any more drugs, alcohol or any toxic material. I ask you, that I will be in your prayers, pray to God for me, thanks to God today I am a 68 year old man, prisoner physically but spiritually free thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ for everything he does.”


“800 Home Visits”

Juan Hernandez "Prison Ministry Leads Man to Know Christ"

Juan Antonio Hernández Cruz is an evangelizer with the ETC program. He helps to spread the Gospel in prisons, and ministers to the prisoners. The prisoners are people who need the mercy and the message from the word of God. Juan had the blessing of seeing prisoners who converted and also some prisoners who had the image of death in their cells, change their image to Jesus Christ our Lord.

One prisoner wrote to Juan thanking him for his ministry:

“May 13th, 2014

My name is Juan, I was imprisoned for murder.

In 1986, I received a sentence of 30 years in prison, and I felt that my hopes of leaving one day out of jail were gone. I was sad and I thought that the solution was to indulge in my addictions until the day I die. I was addicted to a lot of things, and they almost ended my life. I had been in a lot of prisons and living a life of sin until I met God eight years ago.

Thanks to Juan Antonio Hernández I met God, and God gave me a reason to live, he gave meaning to my life. Today, I understand how God works. I received a human and spiritual formation which I am very grateful. I received preparation for the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and communion. On January 8th, 2014 I, thanks to God, received all the sacraments .

I am thankful to God for giving me life during my 28 years of prison.

I am still giving thanks to God that I don’t take any more drugs, alcohol or any toxic material. I ask you, that I will be in your prayers, pray to God for me, thanks to God today I am a 68 year old man, prisoner physically but spiritually free thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ for everything he does.”

Gerardo Soria

“Our Lady of the Pillar: Victor & Maria”

Gerardo Soria "Our Lady of the Pillar: Victor & Maria"
The story of Victor and María Elena as told by Gerardo Soria.
Victor and María Elena, they met on the bus that takes them from their house to the “maquila” factories where they work.
Victor, from Durango, and María Elena, from Oaxaca, were married under civil law 14 years ago, and have four children.
At the request of María Elena, they came to the parish to enroll two of their children in the local parish school pf religion program to make first communion. The coordinator of the program is Victor’s coworker.
When they began the program, Victor sometimes went with his children when María Elena worked. Through his children’s study Victor began to learn more about the truths of his Catholic faith, giving him the desire to learn more.
Through the program Victor learned that the parish has a full time evangelizer who can help him learn more about the Catholic faith.
Victor comes to me and we start talking. He tells me he is ashamed his parents never taught him about God. He never was baptized and they never took him to Saturday school.
This experience was Victor’s first calling to God; we see God moving in Victors!
One a week Victor has one-on-one catechesis, starting with the Gospel’s and the catechism for adults. Victors, has been so exited and wanted to learn everything very quickly, but I tell him that it’s much better go slow and to put into practice what he has learned. My motto is “don’t eat too quickly, or you won’t be able to digest,”
Victor doesn’t miss any of his catechesis class or Mass with his family, because he wants to be a good example for his children.
Approaching his son’s first communion, Victor felt a great desire to also receive the Eucharist. We talk with María Elena, who is waiting for Victor’s decision to marry her in the Church, who was full of joy. They want to be married the same day their children receive first communion but I tell them it’s not possible they mus be Pre-Can. The first chance they got María Elena and Victor planned to enroll in the marriage course.
Before they could begin marriage praparation they had to be baptized and receive the sacrament of initiation. They happily finished their preparation and began to go to the marriage classes.
There we were one Saturday at noon celebrating their wedding at Our Lady of the Pillar. Now the whole family has receive the sacraments and never miss Mass, thanks be to God.
Also, Victor has bought more people to the ETCs to join the Church.

Medical Mission

Medical Mission Chiapas

In Chiapas, Mexico there is a diverse population of people in need of medical care. Every year Catholic World Mission and Helping Hands Medical Mission work to help those people living in the most remote areas of Chiapas who do not otherwise have access to see general practitioners and specialists.

In 2015, 31 missionaries, doctors, nurses, volunteers and translators traveled to Chiapas to set up a triage and medical clinic to serve the people. The people are given free medical care and medicine. They come very early in the morning to get in line. Some have waited for over a year to be seen by a doctor and they come with hope that the doctors will heal their diseases, give them medication and dress their wounds for speedy recoveries.

After being seen the patients leave in gratitude even when diagnosed with degenerative diseases or there is no cure for their condition. Their needs are still met spiritually by volunteers who are there to evangelize. Even having someone to talk to about their problems lightens their load for the journey ahead.

Some of the people that are seen are infants, while many others are elderly. Mothers come with their children, no money, and no support, just to ask for food. The doctors always ask to see them to find out if the families are malnourished and need vitamins. In one family in particular, a mother with three children all presented malnourishment. The oldest child was given a hygiene kit with tooth paste and a tooth brush, and a small toy car. His joy was eminent and they could see he had never received a better gift.

Another child one and a half years old was unable to walk. It was clear to the doctors he had autism, and a motor deficiency. Unfortunately, his family has no resources to take him to a hospital for therapies that would improve his condition. The child is still joyful though and has a smile on his lips despite his physical limitations. Families came together to bring their sick, to not abandon their hope. An elderly man with a facial tumor was brought in by his son in law. He wanted anything that would ease his father in law’s suffering.

Countless families came to the missionaries. They are in great need of assistance and support. It is easy to forget that there are remote communities in desperate need of medical assistance. Catholic World Mission and Helping Hands Medical Mission make it a point to serve the poor here and make medical care accessible.

The Missionaries have Expressed their Sincerest Gratitude!

The wonderful ETCs have expressed their sincerest gratitude for your support and are personally praying for you. Read their letters of thanks below!

The Evandelizadores de Tiempo Completo (or ETC) program is made up of some of the most selfless, courageous, and faithful lay missionaries who dedicate themselves completely to serving Catholics in remote areas of extreme poverty. Guided by the Holy Spirit, our ETCs have been hard at work, providing pastoral support, Catechesis, and liturgical ceremonies to those who otherwise would not be educated in the faith and ensuring that basic corporal needs are met. Although their work often comes with risks to personal safety, they passionately choose to follow Christ’s footsteps, practicing selfless servitude.

The ETCs embody our mission of “empowering the poor and sharing the Gospel of Christ.”

This past winter, we were able to provide our courageous ETC missionaries with a deserving “Christmas Bonus” to help fill their cup, so they can continue to wholeheartedly pour into their surrounding communities!

ETC Testimonies 2021

Thank You From:

José Ricardo Pérez López

Hidalgo, Michoacán


I am grateful to God and to CWM benefactors for the Christmas bonus support received in December 2021. At the same time, I pray for you and your families so that God continues to bless you. Thanks to this support, my family was benefited and we could support more people in their needs. Thank you to CWM and its benefactors on behalf of: Jose Ricardo Pérez López

Alejandro Macedonio L



We thank you for the support of the Christmas Bonus that we received in December 2021. The truth is there are no words to express enough thanks. Thank you to CWM and its benefactors in these times of pandemic. Thank you. One thing I promise you, my prayers and works of mercy are offered for you. God multiply you and keep you all in health. Alejandro Macedonio L.

Andrés Hernández G



I hereby address you with a cordial greeting, hoping that the peace of our Father God be with you. Likewise, I take the opportunity to thank you for supporting me with the Christmas bonus for me and my family and helping me with this to be able to share a healthy joy with my family and at the same time continue doing my work of evangelization. I also take the opportunity to wish you with all my heart a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022. Uniting through prayer for this evangelization project. I reiterate my sincere thanks.

Fraternally, Andrés Hernández González Full-time lay missionary – Municipality of Tapilula, Chiapas

Cirilo Monte Loranca



I thank our benefactors for the Christmas bonus I received as support this December 2021 from CWM in this time of pandemic.

Count on my prayers wholeheartedly. May God multiply everything you do for us.

Sincerely, Cirilo Mote Loranca, Full Time Evangelizer.

Leticia Laguna Orta

San Luis Potosi


My name is Leticia Laguna Orta. I am from San Luis Potosí, a full-time evangelizer for 8 years. I currently collaborate in the coordination of Parish Schools of the Diocese. I want to personally express thanks for the bonus I received from CWM. In this time when health is in danger, it is much more difficult for the Diocese to have resources to support the commissions and dimensions. That is why I thank God for having the support of the Evangelizers Program and in December 2021, the support of the Christmas Bonus, which is very helpful for me.

I always ask for all the people who make it possible for me to have a Christmas bonus because it proves to me that there are still people who give and not because they have too much but because they have a simple heart, who, having the Holy Spirit, give of their money with a lot of work they get because they want to share with others what they receive from God. I want you to know that I never forget you in my prayers because I am aware that you will face many challenges to help others.

Ernesto Zapata Alamilla



The Zapata Camacho family is grateful to CWM for having donated the Christmas bonus, whose gesture made us see the greatness of God, who through His instruments that He has chosen approaches the families bringing peace and joy.

May the joy of those foods that we have shared at the table as a family, return to you in great blessings for your personal and family holiness. You are in my prayers, thank you with all my heart.

Sincerely, ETC Ernesto Zapata Alamilla – Villahermosa, Tabasco.

Martin Gonzalez Ortiz

San Luis Potosi


God manifests Himself always every moment in our lives and in a more palpable way in moments of adversity. He makes Himself present through events, but above all, through people like you. God acts through His heart that is always open to share. Thank you to CWM and its benefactors. Because of your generosity this December, we were able to joyfully share with our family and community, the joy of life and fraternity.

Our prayers and our gratitude for each of you and your families. God bless you today and always. Martin Gonzalez Ortiz ETC

Chicks for Christ

February 2023

Thanks to your continued selfless giving, Evangelizadores de Tiempo Completo (ETC) distributed chicks to families in Chiapas and Tabasco! As a part of their outreach program, the ETC lay missionaries will uplift multiple families as they teach them how to tend to these chickens. The chicks are a future source of food and income for these families, which will give them stability and a better quality of life. Along with teaching them how to raise chickens, this gives the missionaries a unique chance to foster relationships with people in these communities and ultimately evangelize to them about the glory of God. ETC is abundantly thankful for your contributions as it is changing the lives of many in Chiapas and Tabasco!

Supporting Lay Missionaries!


Your generosity has supported more than 150 full-time lay missionaries in Mexico and Guatemala! The Evangelizadores de Tiempo Completo (or ETCs) are made up of faithful lay servants who dedicate themselves completely to tending to the physical and spiritual needs of thousands of Catholics. They often travel to remote communities where priests are lacking, sometimes risking their safety, to provide pastoral support, catechist training, liturgical ceremonies, and formative programs to those in spiritual and material poverty. The ETCs are extremely grateful for your generosity and are praying that you are abundantly blessed for your support!

Hens have Arrived!

October 2022

Hens have arrived! Thanks to your faithful generosity, the families of Chiapas and Tabasco, Mexico have new livestock and care supplies to jumpstart their journey of self-sustainability.  

Following unexpected flooding and loss, the gift of livestock arrived when these communities needed it most. Now, each family has found hope in a new beginning and brighter future that is brought by a reliable source of food and income. 

“Dear brothers, today I am very happy because I received good news. I thank CWM and their benefactors because you sent me 10 hens, a package of food, and vitamins for the hens. This help came to give us hope. Friends of CWM, thank you so much.”– Maria del Rosario Díaz de Dios

Also, thanks to you, our dedicated lay missionaries (ETCs), Andrés and Leonel, are taken care of so they can continue to train families in husbandry and share Gospel of Christ.   

Because of your support, we are hopeful that Chiapas and Tabasco will be able to lift themselves out of physical and spiritually poverty and start a new path towards self-sustainability.

Relief from Rising Rivers

November 2020

In November of 2020, Storm Eta swelled rivers causing landslides and floods in the states of Chiapas and Tabasco in southern Mexico. On November 5th, Andres Hernandez, a local evangelizer, welcomed 30 displaced people into his home and sheltered them from further harm. 37 people under one small roof! What a beautiful testament to love thy neighbor. CWM partnered with Arch Bishop Fabio Martinez Castillo to send food relief to help feed these 30 refuges and others throughout the seven affected municipalities of Chiapas.

Tabasco, Mexico.

Andres Hernandez, local evangelizer, delivering help.

Chiapas, Mexico.

We, the Santa Cruz Community families, thank Catholic World Mission for the support received in this community. God bless your efforts to be in solidarity with us. Thank you so much.

Communities Received Needed Food!

Winter 2018-2019

400 families in 5 communities received needed food thanks to you!

Last winter, the ETCs worked with a local university to give college students the chance to serve the poor. They distributed basic foodstuffs to 400 families/individuals in five (5) communities.

Because you give to Catholic missionary groups like this program through Catholic World Mission, you are making a real and lasting impact for the poorest in the world! 

Care, and Medical Support in Rural Areas

Fall 2018

Medical Mission for small towns surrounding the city of San Cristóbal de las Casas sees 4,000 patients.

According to CONEVAL, the indigenous people living in the towns of the state of Chiapas face the worst socio-economic conditions of all Mexicans. Their communities have the greatest shortages in all aspects: the poverty and educational lag experienced by these people is far more severe than in any other segment of the population of this country. Many of them do not speak anything other than their native Mayan dialects.

The state of Chiapas is made up of a great diversity of indigenous peoples, most of whom are living in unsanitary conditions, without the resources to get to medical care of any sort. Since 2012, the ETCs have partnered with Educadores Integrales and nurses, doctors, and specialists, as well as Spanish-English and Spanish-Mayan translators, to bring knowledge, care, and medical support to the people living in rural areas of the state of Chiapas. Everyone who comes is treated, regardless of social condition or religious creed.

Your Generosity Helps Rebuild After Earthquake


After an earthquake devastated Chiapas, Mexico, last fall, the ETC missionaries whom you support rushed into action. Two poor widows, Angela and Rosa, each live alone. Both of their homes were destroyed in the earthquake, and both of them were unable to receive aid through other channels. ETC missionary Juan Antonio learned of their stories and jumped to action right away.


Rosa lived in a 2 meter by 2 meter one-room house with corrugated metal roofing. During the hot days, the room was stifling, and was really only inhabitable at night. When her home was destroyed by the earthquake, Rosa had nowhere to go and no hope, until the ETCs told her they would help her rebuild her house.





Angela, another poor widow in Chiapas, also lost her home in the 2017 earthquake. Before her home was rebuilt by the ETC missionaries, she says she used to cry in anguish, not knowing what to do or where help would come from. Since the rebuilding of her house, she says she cries happy tears now.




Other Aid

Juan Antonio and the ETCs were able to support the wider community as well. Many people were afraid to go to work in the days immediately following the earthquake. They were afraid the aftershocks would destroy what was left of their homes, or that desperate bandits would steal their food. Of course, without work, the residents would have no money for food, so it was a vicious cycle for them. Thanks to your generous donations to these Roman Catholic missionaries, Juan Antonio was able to provide food to the poorest residents while they waited for the aftershocks to end.

Thank you for your generous support. You provided food and shelter for many!

Answer the Call to Evangelize in the Community

April 2016

Do the Corporal Works of Mercy and Evangelization go hand in hand?

These Lay Missionaries prove it to be so!

“Funerals give us the opportunity to grieve, and show others support during difficult times.  Through our prayers and actions during these times we show our respect for life, which is always a gift from God, and comfort to those who mourn.” – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Evangelizadores de Tiempo Completos (ETCs) answer the call to evangelize in the community, bringing Christ’s Gospel of peace throughout many violent areas in Latin and South America. Jalisco, one of the ETC missionaries, identified grave digging as one of the community’s more essential needs. Burying the dead is a Corporal Work of Mercy asked of us Christians by Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Matthew. Miguel López Fletes, another ETC missionary, together with a group of men from the community, prepares graves for families in need since the community cemetery does not have service personnel. The lay missionaries generously lend their services in an effort to spread the Gospel to grieving families.

Spread the Catholic Faith Across the World