Alleviate suffering. Illuminate the mind. Ignite the Spirit.

About Us

About Us Graphics​Our Mission:

Building the Kingdom of God by alleviating material and spiritual poverty through Christ.

Who Are We?

We are the hands, feet, and eyes of Christ to impoverished children and families. We are passionate about our work for the physically, spiritually, and intellectually poor. We support the work of priests, religious, missionaries, and lay people of good will around the world trying to make a difference in the lives of others, materially and spiritually. Catholic World Mission knocks as beggars for Christ to spread the message of the Church and rebuild communities around the world.

What Do We Do?

At Catholic World Mission we believe in alleviating suffering, illuminating the mind, and igniting the Spirit. We accomplish our goal through four pillars of work:

  • Dignified Living
  • Education
  • Evangelization
  • Disaster Relief

We alleviate suffering by providing material support through our Dignified Living and Disaster Relief pillars, illuminate the mind to offer hope for a better life through our Education pillar, and ignite the Spirit to new heights by providing the sacramental, healing, and life-giving power of Jesus Christ and His Church accomplished through our Evangelization pillar.

How Do We Accomplish our Mission?

We use what we call the Trinitarian approach which means there are at least three major groups involved in a project. The community in need; a dedicated partner helping oversee the project (which can include priests, religious, bishops, and lay people), and the generous Catholic World Mission family of supporters.

We do not, and cannot do our work alone. We get to know the people in the communities we serve and ensure they are actively involved in finding a solution to their needs. We partner with other entities who are willing to devote sufficient amount of time and resources to the community. We seek the assistance of priests and religious locally to provide spiritual support to the community. We bridge Catholic World Mission supporters to these projects by engaging them in opportunities to become part of the solution. We hold the community, our partners, and ourselves accountable to our supporters with a strict policy of full documentation of ‘use-of-funds’ and proof of accomplishment within agreed upon deadlines for completion. Catholic World Mission scrutinizes the operational aspects of every project we undertake to ensure that our benefactors’ hard-earned donations are put to best use, and spent as they were intended.

We also take a long-term view of projects  by forming relationships with all the people we work with. We aim to go beyond charity and into justice.

Scripture & Inspiring Quote Which Drives Our Work

Matthew 5:16, “Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.”

In Pope Francis’s words, “It is not enough to offer someone a sandwich unless it is accompanied by the possibility of learning how to stand on one’s own two feet. Charity that leaves the poor person as he is, is not sufficient. True mercy, the mercy God gives to us and teaches us, demands justice, it demands that the poor find the way to be poor no longer.”

Catholic World Mission Inc. (“CWM”) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation which is exempt from federal income tax by virtue of being listed in the Official Catholic Directory (OCD). Annexed please find documentation establishing the OCD listing and the exemption. CWM does not provide legal or accounting advice.  Catholic World Mission Employer Identification Number (EIN):13-4010454.


What is Catholic World Mission

Catholic World Mission strives to be the hands, feet and eyes of Christ to the world through our four pillar work in Education, Evangelization, Dignified Living and Disaster Relief. In partnership with charitable organizations worldwide, we scrupulously target places and projects to provide tools for the needy to use their God-given skills to become the self-sufficient, dignified children of God they were created to be. We ensure that every donation, large or small, works to alleviate physical and spiritual suffering, while bearing fruit for generations to come.

Is Catholic World Mission an evangelistic organization?

Evangelization is the process of dignifying the human being by providing the means for individuals to see the light of Christ in themselves and others. We believe it is our duty to help remove obstacles that may impede on the human ability to live their lives in the way God intended, thereby spreading the word of God and building His kingdom.

What is Catholic World Mission’s role in the call to social justice?

Catholic World Mission is a fund-raising organization, supporting projects which serve to level the playing field for all God’s people worldwide. We support systems that are currently in place to help remove the obstructions of poverty, illness, lack of education and spiritual despair, so people can realize their God-given potential.

What is the percentage of donor contributions distributed to charity?

Catholic World Mission is blessed to be able to distribute at least 92% of donations every year.

I am able to make only modest donations. How can I assure my contribution will make a difference?

Every donation, large or small, is put to the best use possible, incorporating practical applications for lifting the poor from despair. Through our partnership with charitable organizations worldwide, and the very people we help, we scrupulously target places and projects to provide highly effective tools to lift the needy out of poverty.  A $10 donation can provide enough medicine to save a child’s life in Ghana. A $50,000 donation could complete construction of a permanent clinic to provide wellness to the whole village for years to come. We welcome donations of any amount, and treat every dollar as though it were our own.

I would like to include Catholic World Mission in my final plans. How do I do that?

There are a number of ways in which you can include Catholic World Mission in your final plans, by assigning us as a beneficiary in an investment. An endowment can provide a scholarship to a child for several years- until that child graduates from high school. Learn more about endowment and planned giving by giving us a call at 770-828-4966.

On what basis do you choose the programs you support?

We choose areas to work in which we can make the biggest impact for the funds we have to distribute. Receptive governments and people, appropriate infrastructure and a charitable partner to coordinate efforts are keys to maximizing efficiencies. We require our charitable partners to provide detailed reports and photographs of the projects we fund, and periodically travel to see our apostolic works in progress.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

They are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. You will receive a letter verifying your donation amount for tax purposes. Catholic World Mission Inc. (“CWM”) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation which is exempt from federal income tax by virtue of being listed in the Official Catholic Directory (OCD). Annexed please find documentation establishing the OCD listing and the exemption. CWM does not provide legal or accounting advice. Catholic World Mission Employer Identification Number (EIN):13-4010454. Donations/gifts to Catholic World Mission Inc. are tax deductible up to limits established by law. Please consult your accountant or tax advisor for information about how to most effectively donate to CWM.