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As missionaries for Christ, we serve the poor in ways that transcend material needs. We are called to seek out and touch, to open doors for the sacramental presence of God and to present the face of Christ. Catholic World Mission has a unique opportunity to help carve pathways to Christ in communities throughout the world. People in remote villages are hungry for community and thirsty for Christ. We can remove obstacles to discovering Christ- opening the door to love of self and others. The first beatitude tells us, “blessed are the poor in spirit, for their’s is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Our poor deserve to be revered, as our Lord taught us when he sent His son, choosing a path of poverty and selflessness.

Evangelization in the Catholic Church

Catholic World Mission believes in empowering the poor and sharing the Gospel of Christ. While you can be physically poor, we also think you can be spiritually poor. Without recognizing the love of Christ in your life, it’s difficult to understand your purpose and God-given potential. We partner with communities in need and remove the obstruction of spiritual despair so people can experience spiritual and emotional growth.

We never distribute aid to an area that also doesn’t allow us to share our faith. That means when you donate to our projects around the world, you can help people live out their faith and serve. It’s a great way to honor God and give back to celebrate what He’s done in your life. We give you the opportunity to see exactly what we’re doing throughout our projects as we send you photos and videos. We also send you testimonials from community members who feel a direct impact from this work.

Your money also makes a difference in the lives of our community partners. Local priests, bishops or lay people back every project we embark on and to help see that our strict principles are met. These people are also doing God’s work with Catholic World Mission, and your money goes to their goal of helping us transform lives.


Our Catholic evangelization programs are part of our core values of revival and spiritual development. We want you to find the resources you need to figure out how to help Catholic evangelism, which is why we have information about our evangelism efforts all over the world.

We invest in growing faith worldwide, so we can raise up future leaders in the Catholic faith. From Mexico to Ghana, you can view our efforts in action when it comes to building churches, investing in the next generation and helping communities receive spiritual guidance.

Programs in Evangelization

If you’re wondering how to help Catholic evangelism, we have three different programs you can support:

Evangelizadores de Tiempo Completo (ETCs): This program helps fill the shortage of priests in remote villages in South and Latin America. These lay evangelizers can provide critical support in these countries, especially in Mexico where parishes have too many members and not enough priests.

Monstrances around the world: We are trying to spread the gift of Eucharistic Adoration around the world with programs in Africa, the Americas and Asia. Anyone from children to entire parishes in these locations is welcome to visit and pray with the Blessed Sacrament.

Seminarian support: Since 2014, we have supported men discerning the priesthood in India. Whenever these men have a need they can’t meet on their own, Catholic World Mission and our donors step in to help foster vocations. Most recently, we started providing scholarships to seminarians studying for the priesthood in Africa, South Asia, and beyond. We carefully select dioceses and religious orders with seminarians who will someday become missionary priests who serve the poor and spread the Gospel.

Evangelization Projects Around the World

Our Catholic evangelization programs occur at home in the U.S. and abroad. You can check out our list of different countries below to see where we’re building disciples following Christ and the Catholic church.












Sri Lanka


United States

How to Help Catholic Evangelism

If you’re looking for a way to help others have the life-changing experience of having a relationship with Jesus Christ, donate to Catholic World Mission. We maximize your donation to make the biggest impact in the community you’ve chosen. We work with community members to figure out what their needs are and how we can serve them best. Instead of simply giving your money away, we use it to empower people to help themselves by building their own projects or getting the education they need to succeed.

This is all in addition to evangelizing these communities who need it most. You can choose the project that speaks to you and donate to the particular cause that tugs at your heartstrings. We always appreciate the support of so many people around the world who want to give to our Catholic evangelization mission.

Donate Today

If you’ve been looking to give to Catholic evangelism, choose Catholic World Mission. Our Trinitarian approach is unique, and we focus on creating lasting change in communities around the world as opposed to giving handouts. Plus, we keep our donors in the loop throughout the entire process to ensure you know where your money is going.

Donate today to support evangelization projects throughout the world, or contact us to learn more.