Helping Victims of Disasters

COVID-19 - Homeless Meal The homeless are being hit in a drastic way. You can provide them with lunch, hygiene products, and an encouraging message. Donate now COVID-19 hits home for all of us. Thanks to your quick response, immediately food was provided and homes were rebuilt Read their stories here Earthquake devastated
Chiapas, Mexico
Ecuador Ecuador earthquake ruins Ecuador Earthquake Relief Thanks to your immediate response 45 families – 212 people – were given mattresses, food, water, mosquito spray, medicine, and psychological relief
Watch their thank you video

Explore Our Disaster Relief Pillar:

What Is Our Disaster Relief Pillar?

When a natural disaster occurs in a third world country, no one is ready for it.

The human impact from natural disaster is often not realized until years after the event. Disasters hinder societies from moving forward, forcing a focus on immediate needs rather than long-term solutions to societal growth. Food, water, housing and infrastructure become the priority for many societies in the wake of disaster. Particularly in third world areas, natural catastrophes strip communities from whatever momentum they may have had in moving toward self-sufficiency.  People fall deeper into poverty and dependence. The ramifications may span generations.

At Catholic World Mission we aim to restore and to provide aid to these stricken communities after devastation.  Read their stories below and learn more about how you can help provide aid to those most in need.

Areas of Work

We have relief efforts around the world. Missionaries are dedicated to providing physical and psychological care to the people after devastation strikes.





Ecuador earthquake ruins
Flood damage in India

Projects in Progress

Donate Now so together we are ready to respond quickly to natural disasters that plague our brothers and sisters in Christ. When disaster strikes, every dollar makes a difference.

  • Sri Lanka – Easter Bombing Recovery
  • India – Flood recovery in Kerala
  • Tanzania – Drought relief

Projects Completed Thanks to Your Generosity

When you look at the poverty that exists around us, it can be easy to wonder how your gift is being used. But God can use even the smallest acts of kindness and faith in incredible ways. With your donation, you have:

  • Mexico – Earthquake Relief (ETCs)
  • Bosnia – Flooding Relief
  • Ecuador – Earthquake Relief
  • Philippines – Typhoon Relief
  • Japan – Earthquake & Tsunami Relief

Thank you! We encourage you to continue to donate to Disaster Relief in support of Christ-centered organizations responding to the immediate and long-term assistance of those affected by natural disasters. And, above all, we hope you’ll support us in prayer as we bring the message of Jesus to a world in need of hope.

Recent Successes in Disaster Relief Projects

Updates from around the world, made possible by you!

ETC Tapilula Chiapas, Mexico flooding help

Mexico - Relief from Rising Rivers

CWM partnered with Arch Bishop Fabio Martinez Castillo to send food relief to help feed 30 refuges and others throughout the seven affected municipalities of Chiapas and Tabasco.

Mexico - Fr. Patrick - COVID response - food (7)

Mexico - Solidarity Supper assisting with COVID-19

A health-crisis such as a pandemic affects us all, especially those who were already battling poverty. San Patricio Parish responds to COVID-19 with Solidarity Supper.

Georgia COVID-19 food to homeless

United States – COVID-19 Response in Georgia

Thanks to the generosity and quick response of two local sisters and their family in Atlanta, GA, the local homeless are being given basic necessities weekly during these trying times.

India - Give comfort to flood victims today!

Click “Read More” below to help our brothers and sisters who are suffering after catastrophic flooding in Kerala displaced 1 million people and killed 500 in August. Our partners there have an ambitious plan to help rebuild the region. Help now!

Mexico - Your dollars built 2 homes after devastating earthquake hit Chiapas

Your dollars helped ETC missionaries respond heroically when an 8.2 earthquake hit Chiapas. Click the “Read More” button below to learn how you supported the relief efforts, and meet the women whose homes you rebuilt!


With over 6 million surplus and unused medicines and equipment in the United States, we at Catholic World Mission take great care in alleviating suffering by putting surplus medical supplies to good use. Check out the photos of those benefiting here!


In a single minute over 650 people lost their lives, and tens of thousands of families lost everything. With your support today we can immediately respond to their urgent needs for survival. Donations provide medicine, clean water, mosquito spray, & food.


In Kenya the Missionaries of the Poor work hard to feed the community. One of the ways they have started to become self-sustainable is by planting a large garden! See the photos here.

Help Us with the Disaster Relief Fund

When disaster strikes in the developing world, a fast response is critical. Help us respond quickly to the needs of children and families in crisis by contributing to the Disaster Relief Fund before the poor face an emergency. Scroll through projects below to see ways you've helped in times of disaster:

The world's poor are hardest hit by COVID-19. You can help today.

Will you help the poor weather the COVID-19 storm?

In times of crisis, the poor often suffer the most. But you can help today with a gift of $25 (or more!). Your gift will be rushed into action…

Students in Tanzania on the Brink of Disaster

We need to send food in the next 30 days. Here’s how..

Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka Kill at Least 300

Our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka are reeling from a coordinated terror attack that took place on Easter Sunday. You can send comfort and aid now.

Countries With Disaster Relief Projects


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