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What Is Our Education Pillar?

Education attacks poverty at the root level, allowing individuals to realize their God-given potential to elevate their lives and communities. An enlightened mind opens the door for people to make generational change. By lifting the impoverished out of educational poverty, we spread seeds of hope and provide avenues away from the negativity of drugs and crime.

Catholic World Mission assists around the world in need of basic assistance such as school desks and chairs, and much-needed repairs to school properties damaged by natural disasters.

Learn more about our education projects below and how you can help us provide the gift of education to children around the world.

Educational Programs

Education attacks poverty at the root level, allowing individuals to realize their God-given potential to elevate their lives and communities. 171 million people could be freed from poverty if all children left school with basic reading skills.
Bangladesh school for kids
Cameroon St Mary School

Projects in Progress

As one of our core pillars, we have education initiatives happening all around the world. When you donate to a Catholic charity education program like ours, you can make a difference in building schools, providing supplies and giving children life-changing education..

  • Mano Amiga Schools Annual Scholarships Drive
  • Bangladesh Tea Farmer Children Education
  • Mano Amiga Mexico School Repairs
  • Uganda Keep the Girls in Education

Projects Completed Thanks to Your Generosity

When you look at the poverty that exists around us, it can be easy to wonder how your gift is being used. But God can use even the smallest acts of kindness and faith in incredible ways. With your donation, you have:

  • Replaced Crumbling School Roof in Nigeria
  • Provided Safe, New Desks and Chairs for Mano Amiga Colombia School
  • Over 23,000 Graduates from Schools We Support Around the World
  • 50+ Schools Repaired, Built, or Supplied with Needed Materials
  • Nigeria School Bathrooms

Thank you! We encourage you to continue to donate to Education in support of Christ-centered organizations lifting children and communities out of educational poverty. And, above all, we hope you’ll support us in prayer as we bring the message of Jesus to a world in need of hope.

Recent Successes in Education Projects

Updates from around the world, made possible by you!

Updates in Colegio Vittorino Girardi Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Progress on El Colegio Vittorino Girardi

Phase four has constructed walls, stairs, railings and other structural features. How exciting it will be to get students inside these walls!

Uganda_St Philomena Dining hall washrooms

Uganda - Brick by brick you are making a difference!

Required restroom facilities were installed to make sure the children have adequate access to bathrooms and hand washing when using the dining hall. Some of the outside walls that will provide a sturdy structure have been finished too.

Malawi Career Clinic

Malawi – First Career Clinic = Success

Praise God one training session was held! The fruits of this project are beginning to flourish. Click “Read More” to see pictures of the youth who attended.

Mano Amiga Colombia Family Photo

Colombia - Mano Amiga Students Continue to Thrive

Thanks to you, many poor children in impoverished areas receive a quality education, a daily nutritious meal, and learn about their Catholic faith. Click “Read More” to meet two of our students in Mano Amiga Colombia.

Mexico - Mano Amiga School receives protection from hot temperatures

Thanks to you, 482 students can now play and learn in cooler temperatures, thereby offering better learning conditions and various outdoor activities.

Ghana Pope Francis Christmas Photos

Ghana - Pope Francis Home and School is under construction

It will be home to over 100 vulnerable children, including HIV patients. Many of these children are orphan as their parents are deceased due to AIDS.

India Trinitarian Fathers Bus

India - school bus purchased for impoverished children

Many of these children have to walk almost 5 miles to school. Thanks to you, a school bus has been purchased to allow these children to arrive at school safely and ready to learn.

Mano Amiga Guadalajara first-ever class of graduating seniors. Felicidades!

Mexico - 3 Mano Amiga campuses celebrate their first-ever high school graduations!

The first students to complete high school at three Mano Amiga campuses–thanks in large part to your generosity–are on to the next step in their bright future. Click below to meet these amazing trailblazers!

Guatemala - 6th graders you support just graduated!

Thanks to your generosity, 19 6th graders just graduated from Mano Amiga Guatemala! Click here to see pictures of their graduation and baccalaureate mass. Pray for these students and their bright future! Join us is wishing them a great big “Felicidades!”

Our Current Education Projects

We are a worldwide Catholic church charity with multiple projects you can choose to support. Help us change the world by supporting our projects. Scroll through some examples below:

Mano Amiga (“Helping Hands”) the gift of education

Give the Gift of a Mano Amiga Scholarship

The Mano Amiga School Program is a beacon of hope for children around the world as they pave a path out of poverty for themselves and their families. Help these students attend a Mano Amiga school to make this path possible for them.

You can help these hard-working parents give their children a successful future in Nigeria

Building a School and Better Opportunities

In Oyede, Nigeria there are over 250 students that are paving the way to a brighter future. You can support these students by renovating the worn-down church they learn at into a fully functional school. Help these children who face harsh realities be able to have the chance to be nurtured and encouraged to follow their dreams.

With Keep Girls in Education project, y can empower these vulnerable girls

School closures limit girls' future in Uganda

Without access to electricity or the internet, students here cannot attend remote lessons provided by the government on television. Together we can keep the girls in school and save them from a dangerous future.

When you give $67 today, you can help a young child go to school for a year.

In Bangladesh, living conditions on tea plantations are extremely difficult. But you can help the children growing up on tea farms get a quality education.

Uganda - Children eat on the ground without a dining hall to protect them from the elements at St. Philomena School

You can make sure 450 children receive safe, healthy meals!

In Uganda, this school has become the cornerstone of an entire community. Today, their most pressing need is a dining hall. You can help.


Give to Catholic Charities that Build Schools Overseas

Whenever you’re looking for a way to give back and honor what God has given you, consider investing in children’s futures all across the globe. It’s with your generous support that we’re able to build schools and provide supplies that help continue a child’s education. From new desks in Mexico to a school roof in Nigeria, your dollar means more when you choose Catholic World Mission.

We start all projects by working with the community. Often, our American perception of needs is different than what these communities truly need to succeed. Therefore, we have community members identify their own needs. This also helps them take ownership of the projects we complete.

When you donate to a Catholic charity’s education program, you’re giving to a long-term vision. We don’t want to give any handouts. Instead, our goal is to empower individuals in impoverished communities through education and spiritual development. As a donor, you’ll get updates about all our progress building a school, and you’ll even get testimonials about what these schools have done for the lives of children and others in the community.

Donate to Catholic Charities Education Programs Today

Education is important in a child’s life. It can make a big difference in empowering entire communities and teaching everyone in the family about the love of Christ. If you feel passionate about education, sponsor a child or donate today to make a difference.

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