Celebrating the Good Works
& Dedication of Faithful People Everywhere

Celebrating the Good Works
& Dedication of Faithful People Everywhere

Knights of Columbus

Assembly #3392 of Waterford, Michigan gives chalices in memory of Brother Knights who have passed away.

When a Knight of Columbus becomes a fourth degree Sir Knight, he and his fellow Knights make an oath of brotherhood that, upon their death, a chalice and paten with his name and life dates will be given to a parish or priest in need, so that the Knight may be remembered in perpetuity.

The deceased Knight is then remembered at every Mass celebrated using the chalice dedicated in his memory.

Assembly #3392 of Waterford, Michigan recently donated eight (8) chalices in memory of the following Sir Knights:

  • SK Raymond Biziorek
  • SK Alex Letterson
  • SK William Long
  • SK Jack Meinhart
  • SK Jack Papazian
  • SK Robert Sanchez
  • SK James Seeterlin
  • SK James Seratti
“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.” – Matthew 5:16
These chalices will be used in locations all over the world! The first, dedicated to SK Jack Papazian, was given to Fr. Seby Mascarenas, MSFS, of India. Upon his return to India, Fr. Seby presented the chalice to Fr. Tony Fernandes, rector of the Pilar Monastery in Goa, India. The monastery is the mother house of the Society of Pilar, a religious order in India. Hundreds of pilgrims come to the monastery every week to pray at the feet of Venerable Agnelo de Souza.
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