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Orphanage Missions Work in Democratic Republic of Congo

Population: 79,375,136
Percent Below Poverty Line: 63%

Revitalizing an orphanage in the Democratic Republic of Congo may be the last hope for these children. Having been faced with death throughout their young lives, these children need hope, now more than ever. They have been living out of a war-damaged orphanage and they are hungry.

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Water Tower for Ndekesha Missions

Water Tower Project

Children back from river 4km away to get clean water
There are no water sources for the 16,000 that live in the village of Ndekesha. Just dilapidated rain wells at the Missionary Institute Friends of Christ Sisters’ convent that provide rainwater, but only when it rains. Women and children slowly carry water in dirty containers back and forth from an unclean river and walk 3-5 km every day as this is the closest water source.
Fr. Emile Tshisekedi, pastor at Our Lady of Seven Sorrows in Ndekesha, knows how desperate the situation is, “If the need for drinking water is real in all our country (the DRC) in general, it’s worst in Ndekesha.” Children and their families get sick from waterborne illnesses and diseases like diarrhea, malaria, and dracunculiasis.

Can you help the Ndekesha Missions by constructing a water tower and provide safe access to clean drinking water? A water tower will decrease waterborne illnesses, promote health and hygiene, eliminate hours spent locating water, and give women and children the freedom to focus on school and their community.

You can provide clean water that will ripple out into the community. The sisters care for the elderly in hospice, formation of youth in schools, and for the sick in the hospitals. They also serve as an outreach to other women in the village. By sharing the faith, they teach women in the village to be truly Christian. They subscribe Msgr. Martin Bakole’s observation that “to evangelize is to develop.” They care for so many. Can we count on you to show you care by providing clean water?

Women & children walk up to 3 miles to fetch water
Girls back from river 4km away to get clean water
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Painful diseases are all related to drinking polluted waterPainful diseases are all related to drinking polluted water

Ndekesha Orphanage

After 4 Years, the Ndekesha Orphanage is Re-opened!

The orphans in DR Congo need your help
Ndekesha Orphanage was started by the Sisters of Charity in 1952. For 46 years, the Sisters of Charity raised many children and did vital work through their ministry at Ndekesha Orphanage. Due to war and increased fighting, the orphanage was closed in 1998.

In 2002 Archbishop Emery Kabongo reopened the orphanage and staffed it with a new order–the Sisters of the Friends of Christ. The facilities were in terrible condition due to the war. With the continued support of the archbishop, the sisters, led by their superior, Sister Beatrice, have been advocates and mothers to many, many children over the last 15 years. Despite their dedication and perseverance, the Sisters of the Friends of Christ and Archbishop Kabongo were unable to get a proper facility for the children, and were without the resources to feed the children nutritious meals.

In 2015, Archbishop Kabongo met with Deacon Rick Medina of Catholic World Mission and personally requested the assistance of Catholic World Mission to help him realize the dream of proper care and education for these orphaned children. This was a project near and dear to the archbishop’s heart, because he was orphaned as a child himself.

Today, 19 orphans call Ndekesha Orphanage home. With the help of the generosity of Catholic World Mission donors, Ndekesha Orphanage has been rebuilt, given electricity and furnished. The children are thriving, and have gained healthy weight after finally receiving three meals every day.

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