Nancy & John Cecconi

Empowering the Poor and Sharing the Gospel of Christ – Together

Jesus sent out his disciples in twos to spread the good news and grow the Kingdom of God.  His instruction teaches us that the power of two people is trustworthy and provides a valid witness to our faith.  This image describes Nancy and John Cecconi, long time Catholic World Mission Benefactors.  Through their marriage and dedication to serve as Catholics, these modern day disciples emulate the CWM mission and are an inspiration to others to help those most in need.

John is a California native, from Alameda. Nancy was born in Detroit but moved to southern California soon thereafter and claims California as her home. Their heritage too hails from opposite ends of Italy, both north and south. Despite their geographical differences, college brought them together and they married. After 42 years of marriage, 3 children and 3 grandchildren, this couple finds time to serve and support those in need around the world.  They are two forces, united in their devotion to their faith, family and friendships.

John’s career has been as a commercial real estate broker, primarily in San Francisco, once having his own company and now a part of CBRE commercial real estate. Nancy has recently retired from nursing.  This couple has found the grace and time to serve others throughout their marriage despite having two special needs adult children to provide for of their own. They are a true example of partnership, selfless love and giving.

Caring for their own children has often provided daily reminders that God is calling them to do something more or even challenging.  Nancy recalls the sometimes “uncomfortable reminder of responsibility that comes with our faith,” by a priest during her own children’s Confirmation preparation. “Sometimes the Lord will ask you to do something really really hard”.  Sometimes the response is “Sure, what next Lord?”  At other times it can be, “Really!” Or “Are you sure?” The Cecconi’s steadfast commitment to each other and family has multiplied and grown to include caring for others in their own time of need. This couple is a beautiful example of ardent love of neighbor and working together to multiply their strength to support others.

When asked what compels them to donate to Catholic World Mission, Nancy responded, Catholic World Mission is our main international support ministry. We highly value the relationship we have with the staff and how we are updated on all the projects we support.”

MA Mexico_ Sponsor a child with quality Catholic education

Supporting Catholic education at Mano Amiga Schools.

India mission of Daman Community centers

Providing a spiritual home for the faithful in poor communities in India.

Back in 2002, the Cecconi’s made their first gift to Catholic World Mission.  That humble first gift sparked the beginning of a lifetime of generosity from them. Their phenomenal giving and trust to Catholic World Mission has truly touched each of the four pillars of work.  From continued student sponsorship to ensure underprivileged children receive a quality Catholic education, to bringing social and spiritual uplift to tribal villages in Goa and Daman, to helping orphanages with basic needs in the Congo and other places, to building wells in Ecuador, funding shipping costs of emergency medicines and supplies, and sustaining monthly donations, this twosome’s charity has transformed lives.  CWM is truly grateful for their amazing empathetic kindness and support to many of our projects.  Their giving is sincerely altruistic, concerned with the well-being of those being helped.

In addition to empowering the poor around the globe, Nancy and John are also devoted to a variety of Catholic causes and organizations that serve the needy in their own community. As members of these groups and boards they continue to help others through their discipleship and demonstrate their selfless love and dedication to their marriage and faith.

All of us at Catholic World Mission are especially honored that we are part of Nancy and John’s generosity. Through their charity, CWM is able to empower the poor and share the gospel of Christ with so many of our deserving partners throughout the world. We pray for Nancy and John as they continue, two by two, paying it forward to build up the Kingdom of Christ here on earth.  We give thanks that the Cecconi’s are CWM Lights of the World; and that the fruits of their generosity will leave a lasting impression not only on the many lives they have touched but also on our CWM team.

Their generosity have made many projects in the developing world possible:

Sending vital medical supplies and medicines to heal others in Ghana, Gambia and the Philippines.

Ecuador drinking water project

Ensuring clean drinking water in Ecuador.

“And whoever gives only a cup of cold water to one of these little ones to drink because he is a disciple -amen I say to you, he will surely not lose his reward.” Matthew 10:42

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