Mustard Seed & Catholic World Mission

We are proud to collaborate with Mustard Seed Communities as we uplift children and adults with disabilities in Jamaica. Your support will provide a peaceful and dignified space by giving them access to hot water in their residential homes.

In Jamaica, there are no facilities available for disabled individuals after the age of eighteen. Jacob’s Ladder fulfills this need by providing permanent, safe, and loving homes for these children and adults. Their living spaces are currently lacking hot water and this increases the spread of illness among the community. YOU can help install three solar water heaters for these residential homes and ensure dignified sanitation for the children and adults who live at Jacob’s Ladder.

Having hot water uplifts these precious residents by making them less susceptible to illness brought on by bathing, washing hands, and doing laundry with cold water as it prevents the spread of disease.

 Each solar water heater will provide hot water in an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way, and positively impacts the health and comfort of the residents at Jacob’s Ladder.

Join us as we come together to lift our brothers and sisters in Christ and give them a home that displays the same love displayed by Jesus every day.

Spread the Catholic Faith Across the World