The Church is under attack in Pakistan!

The Church is under attack in Pakistan!

Help Catholic parishes and families rebuild!

Catholics from the Diocese of Faisalabad, Pakistan, stood among the ashes of their desecrated church as they gathered to celebrate.

On August 16, a violent mob attacked 26 Christian churches, three of them Catholic. The churches were burned to the ground. The statuettes, Holy Bibles, and other sacred objects were torn of broken into pieces. An altar was destroyed with toxic chemicals. One parish house was demolished with a crane.

Still, the faith of the Catholic community throughout the Diocese was unshakable. That first Mass in front of the rubble that has been a church sent a powerful message of hope and courage.

Stand in solidarity with your brothers and sisters in Christ in Pakistan

More than 1,600 of our Christian siblings were affected by this cruel assault on human rights and dignity. But as we prepare for Lent, let us remember the words of a favorite seasonal hymn “Ashes”: We rise again to create ourselves anew.”

Together we can help the Diocese of Faisalabad rise from the ashes into a new creation.

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