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Prayer Intentions

Week of January 14, 2019

Prayer IntentionsLord, hear our prayer...

For Pope Francis, Holy Souls in Purgatory, my health, job, apartment, and my co-workers; Repose of the souls of my beloved wife, our parents, and other loved ones; For the health and safety of our family, the return of family members to faith, for the Church and religious; For financial help, spiritual growth, success in teaching, a happy marriage, good health, for my elderly mother, for husband’s hoarding illness; For all families; For mental healing; For purity and holiness for our family; Healing for all; For the wedding of a friend, all engaged couples, and all newlywed couples; Holy spouses for our kids; Conversion of all;  For the spiritual, mental & physical health of relatives and friends; Return to the faith of those who have lapsed; For my personal intentions; For the Bishop of Lincoln, NE; For my pastor; For my son and his continued success in his seminary studies, for the spiritual health of my entire family; For the intercession of the Blessed Virgin for me on my family's behalf; God's grace in my family, that each and every member of my family receives that which they seek from God, so that His glory will shine upon His children; For my health and my stomach and anxiety problems; I fall so easily into sin. Please pray that I won’t be slothful, gluttonous and selfish. Please God, may you give me self-control. Help me be a good daughter, sister, friend and student. May I seek God with my whole heart. Pray that I grow in humility. I am also a bit nervous about where I am going to study next academic year. I would love to go to Drama school, like Rada or Oxford or Royal Welsh. Please pray for my mum, dad, and sister that they will become Catholics; For me and my financial problems and please pray for God to give his grace to my family; Please pray for a good completion of business; For my family; For the Church in its difficult time; For all those suffering with drug addiction or addiction of any kind; For all who are sick with cancer; For all my intentions...

Our Holy Father's Intentions for January 2019


That young people, especially in Latin America, follow the example of Mary and respond to the call of the Lord to communicate the joy of the Gospel to the world.

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