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Prayer Intentions

Week of August 20, 2018

Prayer IntentionsLord, hear our prayer...

For our children and all Catholics to come back to Church; Healing; For an end to abortion; For all my intentions and those of the Holy Father; Pro life, Missions all over the world and the Holy Family; For the souls of all who have died; Consolation; For the happy marriage of all married couples; For my health; For us, for all the intentions of my son and daughter; For our wellness and safety; Thanksgiving for all favors granted; For me that I pass my physical exam and get my license; For my nephews and niece who have left the church; For the lost souls, the souls in Purgatory, For Christians in Middle East, for more vocations, for all priests, deacons and seminarians; For the poor, hungry, sick, hopeless, helpless and lonely, especially the children and elderly; World peace; In thanksgiving for all God’s benefits; For my loved ones, the physical healing of our illnesses, our peace of mind and heart; Conversion of souls; For improved health, peace of mind, Spiritual growth, happy home life, safe auto travel, respect for life; For peace, the USA, the unborn, the president and his family; For my grandchildren; For the health and wellbeing of my parents, family and friends, and spiritual guidance; Relief from mental illness, peace of mind, Spiritual welfare; For my son, his wife, his father and our grandchildren to return to the faith; For Christians in Indonesia; For our son and daughter-in-law; Healing of breast cancer for sister-in-law; For RC team of Cotton Wood; Increasing faith of our family; For myself and my family and the Church throughout the world; For God’s Will; For financial health, spiritual growth, success teaching, good health, bipolar daughter, happy marriage, husband's hoarding illness; For my sons; That God Almighty  help us by giving us the strength to give whole hearted free services to the poorest of the poor and that God will support us financially so that we will do our work well; For my skin conditions to be cured; For a good job; For my children to grow in faith; In thanksgiving for all the Blessings God has given us; For the grace to forgive all who have injured me; For a special intention; For my brother who is dying; For me and my fiancee...


Our Holy Father's Intentions for August 2018

Universal - The Treasure of Families

That any far-reaching decisions of economists and politicians may protect the family as one of the treasures of humanity.

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