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Prayer Intentions

Week of February 19, 2018

Prayer IntentionsLord, hear our prayer...

Pray for me, and for all the deceased in my family; For my eye sight, granddaughters, wisdom and guidance, those who are sick and the church; General prayers for spiritual and physical well-being; For my children and grandchildren; For better financial times; That I can continue to send my 5 children to Catholic school; Healing for my friends’ medical issues: throat bleeding, throat pain, eye floaters, and autoimmune disease; Pray for blessings over work and finances;  For blessings, protection, wisdom, favor, grace, mercy, success, and abundant good health; For my sister with many health problems to find comfort, and prayers for me as her caretaker; Healing for my heart, back, neck; Return to the church of my grandchildren, and that they would love for each other; For my son, for my daughter who is getting better of bi-polar disorder; For good spiritual, mental and physical health for my step children and for all people; For peace in the world; For my wife’s health and the healing of her legs and shoulder; For remission of my cancer; Respect for all human life, born and unborn, and all souls in purgatory, good holy priests, the pope and all religious, end of trafficking of human beings;  Healing of my appendix; For justice, peace, joy, wisdom and truth in our families; Mental, spiritual, and physical healing, final perseverance, happy deaths and eternal salvation; For the end of violence, abortion, and the culture of death; For an increase in vocations especially in Amarillo, Texas; That the Extraordinary form of the Mass in Latin Rite will be offered in the Diocese of Amarillo, daily and soon, and that the liturgical abuses will cease in the Novus Order or Ordinary Form of the Mass; For my leg, the Catholic Church, my sister, and for America—that parties will get together and do some good; For all my intentions; For the rain and snow we need; For poor people; For our son so he will not lose his faith, that all our children will always be faithful Catholics, for our son to find a good Catholic wife, and prayers in thanksgiving; For the soul of my wife, and our five sons and their families...

Our Holy Father's Intentions for February 2018

Say "No" to Corruption:

That those who have material, political or spiritual power may resist any lure of corruption.

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