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Prayer Intentions

Week of April 23, 2018

Prayer IntentionsLord, hear our prayer...

For family and friends and their intentions; That my daughters turn to Jesus; For a friend who is sick with cancer; For the Church, the poor, sick, those who do not believe, souls, my parish, refugees, peace, my family, a special intention, and my health; Peace on Earth and for my deceased loved ones; for safe travels this Memorial Day weekend; For my wife’s health and issues to improve; For my sister’s children to reconcile with each other; For my grandson making his First Holy Communion; For friends to return to the church and find their vocation; In thanksgiving that my nephew is cancer free; For spiritual and physical well-being; Conversion and healing from cancer for a friend; For the reconciliation of my brother to Church and family; For all our needs, conversion and recovery of my doctor, that I recover the strength of my feet and body; For a new good neighbor; For peace in the world; For Jahir in Bangladesh to be one day a doctor; For all poor souls in purgatory and all my intentions; For my purity, health, personal problems and souls of my parents; Healing of family and friends; Peace for a friend, good finances for another friend; For a friend and his wife, and our world; Family intentions, peace of mind, Wife’s health, deceased family members, intentions of Holy Father, children who are poor, hungry and homeless, peaceful death for wife and myself, end of abortion, thanksgiving for favors received, Consecration of Russia to blessed Virgin Mary, grace for my daughter to go to confession, grace for my son to resolve his marriage (he is divorced and married outside of Church), Thanksgiving for the safe birth of granddaughter, safety, wellbeing and intentions of clergy and religious, increased devotion in prayer life, more trust in the Lord regarding scrupulous conscience; Peace in Bangladesh; That the Church grows; That President Trump does a good job; For all my intentions as God sees them; For patience; To be able to get the team leader position; For my daughter to stay in remission of cancer, for my wife with her many health issues and for myself as their primary caretaker; For complete recovery from all my illnesses; For my financial situation to improve; For continued good health; For the repose of my parents’ souls; For reconciliation between my son and I, and for his conversion; For my daughter who is having a mental health crisis at 19; For all those who suffer from mental illness and eating disorders...

Our Holy Father's Intentions for April 2018

Universal – For those who have Responsibility in Economic Matters:

That economists may have the courage to reject any economy of exclusion and know how to open new paths.

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