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Deacon Rick Medina (left) and Bishop Harold Perera (right), together in August 2017This summer, Catholic World Mission is proud to partner with Bishop Harold Perera and the Diocese of Kurunegala, in support of Providence Children's Home, an orphanage in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.

Founded in 1986, Providence Home is now home to 60 children between the ages of 8-18, both boys and girls. The orphanage provides for the physical and psychological well-being of these children, as well as primary and secondary school for each child.

The Sisters of Mary Immaculate operate the orphanage. They provide a safe, happy, and loving environment for the children.

Many of the orphanage’s residents lost their parents through death or family disputes resulting in broken homes, leaving them with nowhere else to go.


Tehara, 8 Sr. Emi Philomena Sherin, 10


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Thanks to donations from caring friends like you, the Diocese of Kurunegala is able to provide adequate facilities for these children, complete with indoor and outdoor play areas, craft and hobby areas, and of course beds, meals, and lots of love and encouragement.Providence Children's Home Key Facts

Providence Home gives orphans the chance to just be kids and grow up in a supportive, loving environmentHowever, the diocese needs YOUR help to continue to provide for the children’s ongoing needs. Annually the Diocese of Kurunegala spends $30,000 for all 60 children.

That’s just $500 to cover a child’s expenses for a whole year (and less than $42 per month)!

The Diocese of Kurunegala is true mission territory. Located in Sri Lanka’s northwestern province, with a population of 1.6 million people, just 3% of the population is Catholic. Thankfully, despite being the minority (88% of the population is Buddhist and 8% is Muslim), there is no disharmony between the religions.


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Hiruni, 11Hiruni, 11, has lived at Providence Home for several years. Her father left the family when she was very young. Eventually, her mother married another man, but unfortunately, he struggles greatly with alcohol and quickly became abusive. During one particularly violent incident, Hiruni was able to escape him. She told her mother about it, who in turn reported her husband to the police. Hiruni was sent to Providence Home by court order and has lived there ever since.

Today, she is thriving. She is extremely happy with the Sisters of Mary Immaculate and the other children. She feels safe and knows she's loved there. She's in 6th Grade, where she excels in her studies. She wants to study hard so that one day she can help her family overcome their struggles.

Srimon, 16Srimon, 16, and his brother Justin have lived at Providence Home for four years. Their mother died of cancer when they were very young. Until Srimon was 12, he and his brother were raised by their father. He was a good, hardworking man who made his living working on a local rubber farm. Despite the father's job, the family had very little money. Their house, for instance, was a simple, very small one-room building.

When Srimon was 12, his father unexpectedly died of a stroke. Suddenly, he and Justin had nowhere to go. A local contact brought them to Providence Home, where they have flourished ever since. Srimon passed his ordinary level exams and is working on his advanced level studies. Justin will sit for his ordinary level exams this year. 

You can help other children like Hiruni, Srimon, and Justin today!

Diocese of Kurunegala is True Mission Territory

The diocese is stretched thin when it comes to finances. 35 parishes exist, but only 10 of them are self-sustaining. The remaining 25 rely totally or partially on the diocese for support.

Sri Lanka Orphanage CostsSr. Emi Philomena and the Sisters of Mary Immaculate pour themselves out for the benefit of the children of Providence HomeMany of the people who live in the diocese are poor farmers. Their income depends on weather conditions. Sri Lanka has struggled both with drought and extreme flooding in recent years, putting the farmers’ livelihood at risk. As a result, they are not able to give as much to the Church. Instead, they rely on the diocese’s charitable works to help them meet their needs.

With your help, which is urgently needed today, the Diocese of Kurunegala can continue to provide excellent care to these 60 children. Please, support Providence Children's Home today.

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Bishop Perera to Visit Atlanta, July 2018

Bishop Perera will be in Atlanta this July to fundraise personally for Providence Children's Home! You can hear him preach at masses at All Saints Catholic Church in Dunwoody, GA July 14-15 and at St. Thomas the Apostle in Smyrna, GA July 21-22. We are so excited to work with Bishop Perera on this amazing project. We look forward to welcoming him to Atlanta! 

It's always an honor to work with bishops from around the world. We first met Bishop Perera when he visited Atlanta last fall. He has a true love for God, a strong devotion to the Eucharist, and cares for the people of his diocese with a truly pastoral heart. 

Please join us in praying for the success of Bishop Perera's appeal to raise funds for Providence Children's Home. If you're able to give, click the green "Give Now" button below to donate today, and know that your generous gift will go directly to the orphans of Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.

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