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June 8, 2018

Be Summer's Hero: Make Dreams Come True in Haiti

What can a jeep give?

For us in the United States, it can give adventure: think mudding, bouldering, driving with an open top and other summer jeep activities. A jeep can give fun. It can give you opportunities to create memories. 

Click here to help give a jeep to the Missionaries of the Poor in Haiti.But for the Missionaries of the Poor, the men’s religious order we help support in Haiti (and a few other countries), a new vehicle is a vital resource not just for enjoyment, but for survival.

The Missionaries of the Poor bring hope to the Cap-Haitien community, and it all flows from their devotion to prayerIn Haiti, these brothers operate a compound that is made up of four different homes for lost and abandoned people in the village of Cap-Haïtien:

Asile Communal – 120 elderly and homeless adults
St. Joseph Home – 45 special needs children
Nazareth Home – 15 adolescent boys
Bethlehem Home – 20 HIV/AIDS patients (children & adults)

The brothers provide for everything these 200 people need, including meals, basic medical care, and bathing and dressing them when necessary. When there’s enough food, the brothers also share with the surrounding community.

Everything the brothers do is oriented toward affirming the dignity of those they serve. From the tender care with which they treat their residents, to the small jobs they offer the locals so they have the dignity of work, the Missionaries of the Poor work to make sure every person they meet knows that their worth and dignity is rooted in their identity as beloved sons and daughters of God.3 ways a new vehicle will improve life for everyone living at the MOP compound in Cap-Haitien

The Missionaries of the Poor play a vital role in Cap-Haïtien, but they also have a vital need: transportation.

With a new vehicle, they’ll be able to meet many of their residents’ needs, from taking them to doctors’ appointments, to buying and transporting food, to disposing garbage (in Haiti, garbage disposal is a constant problem).

Thankfully, the brothers have already been in contact with a dealer in Haiti. They’ve found the right vehicle and laid the groundwork to purchase it. But the Missionaries of the Poor need your help to gather the necessary funds to finalize the sale.

These men have selflessly laid down their lives to serve the poorest of the poor and spread the Gospel. Please help them buy this vehicle, which will help them in their work for years to come.


Meet the people a new vehicle will help:

Your gift today will help 200 residents and the brothers that care for them. Here are a few of their stories:

Brother Lorenzo, MOPBrother Lorenzo

Brother Lorenzo is from the Philippines. He entered the Missionaries of the Poor in 1999 at the age of 36.  He considers his vocation to be a miracle, because 36 is well past the usual age limit for entering the Missionaries of the Poor. "If it comes from God," Brother Lorenzo said, "nothing is impossible." His first assignment was in Jamaica, where he served for 18 years. He’s come to the community in Haiti within the last year. Speaking of his vocation, he tells us, “Following in the footsteps of Christ is not always easy, but the joy is there when you live in total surrender to Christ. Serving the least of our brothers and sisters is our invitation to true happiness. The poor are a passport to Heaven. They are instruments to us to help us love God and our neighbor. I am very grateful to my beloved poor and to my community for the chance to live my vocation.”

Katerina, one of the 200 residents who call the MOP campus home






Stephanie Lange recently visited the MOP compound in Haiti and met Katerina. Upon her return, she told us, "Though Katerina's disabilities keep her bedridden and mostly nonverbal, her eyes sparkle with joy and her smile lights up the room. And although she looks very young, Katerina is actually 20 years old! In many ways, in spite of her disability, she is a typical young woman. She loves when visitors come to the MOP compound (especially handsome young men), and she loves to be held and consoled. To go outside, Katerina has to be carried, but she loves going outside and having the company of whoever carries her as they enjoy the Haitian sunshine together." 

Scroll down to see more photos from Stephanie's recent trip to Haiti at the bottom of this page!

One little boy, left, is comforted by another, right, after being abandoned by his family at the Brothers' compound

Give now to help the MOP feed children like Dobit and Francis





Your gift today will impact 200 residents and 1,000 families

Your gift today will have an immediate impact on Dobit, Katerina, and Br. Lorenzo. The new vehicle will also allow Br. Lorenzo and his fellow Missionaries of the Poor to meet the needs of the 1,000 Cap-Haïtien families who rely on the MOP brothers for food and work.

The total cost of the new vehicle is $26,076.56. For an American household, the cost of a new vehicle is no small undertaking, and this one for the Missionaries of the Poor religious community in Haiti will be no small undertaking, either.  But together, we can provide these deserving men with a vital tool for their ministry.

Give now and help people like Katerina and Brother Lorenzo.

Click here to give a jeep to the MOP community in Haiti today!

Asile Communal, one of the homes operated on the MOP compound in Cap-Haitien, Haiti The Brothers' chapel

Click here to give a jeep to the MOP community in Haiti today!

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Our very own Stephanie Lange just got back from Haiti! See pictures from her trip below:

Stephanie got to join the Florida State Catholic Student Union on their spring break mission trip to Haiti. Here are some of the pictures from that trip.

FSU missionary plays with Winika at MOP compound in Haiti The MOP brothers play an important role in Cap-Haitien's economy, employing 42 locals Prayer is at the root of everything the MOP brothers do

The brothers are always willing to lend a listening ear. One of the best parts of a mission trip to the Missionaries of the Poor compound in Haiti is getting to know the children The view of Cap-Haitien from the compound


FSU students got to play with St. Joseph residents every day FSU students also got to help care for Asile Comunal residents Stephanie with Brother Lorenzo at the Port au Prince airport

Garbage disposal in Haiti is an ongoing concern. Most people burn garbage to destroy it, releasing toxic fumes into the air.