Build a School in Uganda

St. Mary’s Primary School in Kampala, Uganda is home to many bright children who are committed to earning an education. Father Francis Banura Kaboha, the Priest of Bukuumi Catholic Parish, is humbly asking for Catholic World Mission to assist in completing the renovations of the partially completed school. It would make all the difference in the world for these elementary school students to attend a fully constructed school where they can spiritually and educationally thrive.
Fr. Flood, Fr. Kaboha & Dea Rick Medina

Fr. Paul Flood, pastor, St. Benedict’s Catholic Church; Fr. Francis Banura Kaboha, St. Mary’s School, Bukuumi; Deacon Rick Medina, Catholic World Mission.

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me receives not me but the one who sent me.” –Mark 9:37

Every morning these ambitious students walk into a school that closely resembles a barn. The dirt floor school building is currently being held together by open slat walls that leave no protection against inclement weather or outdoor activity. The children are covered by a tin roof in one school building and are roofless in the other, creating an unstable learning environment. Despite these hardships, the students of St. Mary’s Primary School are persistent and hard-working. Can you help provide the stable schools rooms that they deserve?

Kids at St Mary's school Uganda

How Can We Help?

Our plan is to help Father Francis finish the renovations to the school. You can help the school cross the finish line and victoriously celebrate along with these deserving children in finally having a safe place to learn. With your help, we are able to give the students at St. Mary’s Primary School in Uganda a place to grow as individuals, and elevate their faith as they witness the power of God and His followers.

St. Mary's School in Uganda needs your help

One school building remains roofless. 

St. Mary's School in Uganda needs your help

St. Mary’s Primary School in Uganda desperately needs renovations.

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