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February 6, 2018

You Can Help 250 Students on the Brink of Despair

Click here to give now to Holy Ghost VTC in Tanzania!Do you remember the first time you felt hope?

The first time you had not just hopes and dreams for your life, but a plan and a practical path you could follow to get there? Maybe it was when you decided what your major was, or the time you discovered a path to getting out of debt, or when you finally started classes to hone your skills in your favorite hobby. 

For 250 students in Tanzania, the practical path they need to reach their hopeful future brings them to Holy Ghost Vocational Training Center (VTC). But now, the school--and all of Tanzania--faces a crisis that could take away the momentum these students have worked so hard to achieve. You can help today.

Watch the video below and keep reading to learn how you can be a vital part of the relief effort today.

Path to Success in Tanzania Often Leads to Arusha

Since 1994, the Holy Ghost Vocational Training Center has provided the path to successful careers for the young people of Tanzania, allowing them to work hard to build futures free from the confines of poverty.

When the Spiritans opened the VTC in 1994, their mission was to alleviate poverty by providing basic carpentry skills to their students, which would equip them to find work as skilled laborers and generate sustainable, consistent income for themselves and their families.

The VTC’s legacy continues today. Enrollment has steadily grown from 60 boys in 1994 to 250 boys and girls today. These ambitious young people can earn certifications in various trades including:This gate represents hope and new beginnings for 250 students in Tanzania.

  • Carpentry
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Electrical Installation
  • Masonry and Brick Laying
  • Secretarial and Commercial Industries
  • Tailoring
  • Information Computing Technology

The VTC is truly a place where young men and women can come to not only learn marketable skills, but also gain a sense of their God-given dignity. (You can learn more about the VTC's incredible students here.)

But the Holy Ghost Vocational Training Center--and all of Tanzania--faces a crisis.



Carpentry has been a mainstay for the VTC since the beginning. Many students, like Neema, eat only once a day when they're fed at school 

Drought Cripples East African Countries

For the last two years, East Africa (including Tanzania and the Horn of Africa) has endured severe drought.Click here to give now and send food to drought-crippled Tanzania

 “This situation is alarming. I am feeling restless, since almost all our grain stores are empty and our ability to purchase the grains we need is hampered by the rising price of food.” - Fr. Arnold Baijukya

The farm's average production vs. 2017 crop productionThe mainstay of the Holy Ghost Vocational Training Center is its small farm. In good years, enough food grows to feed the whole school community--students, teachers, and staff. A normal harvest typically includes 4,220 kilograms (9,303 pounds) of maize (corn) and 1,234 kilograms (2,270 pounds) of bananas, among other crops. But in 2017, only a fraction of the normal crops grew: just 1,146 pounds of corn and 361 pounds of bananas.

Drought has crippled Tanzania. There is simply not enough food. Even cows are dying.

78% of people in Tanzania's rural and urban areas have experienced food shortage. There is constant worry and fear throughout the country, and it is not unusual for a family member to go without food for a whole day. The price of food has skyrocketed, making food unaffordable for poor families—and the VTC—to buy food when their own crops fail. 

Our friends in Tanzania need your help immediately. Our partner, Fr. Arnold, told us, “This situation is alarming. I am feeling restless, since almost all our grain stores are empty and our ability to purchase the grains we need is hampered by the rising price of food.”

Despite Dire Situation, Hope is Alive

This banana field usually provides enough food to feed all the students at the VTC. This year, only 164 kgs were harvested, about 10% of a normal yield.Hope is alive.

Fr. Arnold has found a shipment of corn and beans for an incredible price. 15,432 pounds of corn and 6,613 pounds of beans are available for immediate shipping to Tanzania for just $8,790 (just $.40 per pound!).

Fr. Arnold also has his eyes set on the future, and a long-term solution so that the VTC never has to worry about drought again.

A geological survey has been completed on the Holy Ghost Vocational Training Center's 23 acres of farmland. The result: water has been found!

Once the immediate need for food has been met, and needed resources are available, Fr. Arnold and his community plan to dig a well. This will be a reliable source of water if the rains ever fail again.


Give Now to Feed 250 Students

Hope is most certainly alive for Tanzania. Fr. Arnold tells us that it has rained recently—enough for them to plant their corn field.Fr. Arnold hopes this corn field will get enough rain to produce a plentiful harvest.

We can only hope and pray that it continues to rain enough to support the seedlings, but the students and staff at Holy Ghost Vocational Training Center can’t wait that long. They need your immediate assistance to survive this drought.

Any amount helps, but here are some options:

  • $30 sends 75 pounds of beans and corn to Tanzania!
  • $55 pays for 137.5 pounds of food!
  • $100 funds 250 pounds of food--enough to feed every student at the Holy Ghost Vocational Training Center for one day.
  • $250 sends 625 pounds of food to Tanzania.  

All it takes is 35 people to give a gift of $250 to send this shipment of beans and corn to Tanzania. Will you be one of the 35? Or will you share this story with someone who can be one of the 35? It is easy to change the world when we work together!

Please also keep all of Tanzania and East Africa in your prayers. Beg God to send needed rain to Africa. Pray for the Spiritans, their ministries, this precious school, and every student who enters the gate.

Click the green button below to send a life-saving gift to our brothers and sisters in Tanzania today!

Act now. The need in Tanzania is urgent and the excellent price on this shipment of beans and corn won't last forever!

Give now to help 250 students survive  a deadly drought

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