As we enter the liturgical season of Lent, our hearts turn to the transformative power of prayer. This holy season invites us to purify our hearts, a crucial step in deepening our  communion with God. It’s a time to detach ourselves from earthly obsessions, surrender our personal ambitions, and align our desires with God’s will. The pursuit of our own goals, even in the guise of evangelization, can subtly lead us away from God as our guide. This form of activism, which focuses on our own efforts rather than God’s grace, can be a subtle heresy. True evangelization allows God to be the protagonist, working through our purified intentions.

In order to embark on this journey of spiritual purification, we must devote ourselves daily to moments of silence and mental prayer. In these moments of quietude, we should bring forth our worries and frustrations and examine their roots. This introspective journey requires an openness to let go of our attachments, trusting that God’s plan, often mysterious and unexpected, surpasses our understanding. In this heart-to-heart dialogue with God, we learn to trust Him, believing that He can bring good out of even the most challenging situations. As we let go of our attachments and open our hearts, we become channels of His love and grace, reaching out to others not for our own sake but as humble instruments of His will.

This Lent, let us commit ourselves to this path of detachment and surrender, trusting in the transforming power of God’s love and grace.

Fr. Lino Otero, L.C.
Director of Regnum Christi Movement, Atlanta at Regnum Christi | + posts

Originally from Nicaragua, my family moved to Miami, Florida when I was a teenager.  Soon afterwards I experienced the call to serve God without reservations.  Since then, I have had experience in hospital ministry, working as a middle school teacher, leading a parish school, organizing soccer tournaments for kids, starting a radio station, training priests in leadership formation, organizing a parish community from maintenance to mission, and much more.  I love spiritual direction and preaching.  Years of philosophy, psychology and theological training have enriched my personal life and have shaped my message of hope.