Chapter 4: Are You Missionary Material?

Many Catholics feel compelled to work as missionaries, doing their part to spread the Gospel and serve others. If you feel called to be a missionary, you may be wondering if you have what it takes. Although missionary work isn’t easy, it can be deeply rewarding if you’re passionate about sharing the Gospel and feel driven to help others.

This chapter aims to help you determine if missionary work is right for you. You might find you are a perfect candidate for missionary service abroad. If you discover you’re not ready to travel on a mission, you can still make a significant impact from home. Make a secure donation to Catholic World Mission and help support a community.

Should I Be a Missionary?

Deciding to become a missionary takes a lot of thought and prayer. It’s not a decision to make on a whim but to consider carefully. Think about whether or not you feel God has called you to be a missionary.

How to Know if I Am Being Called to Be a Missionary?

If you think you’re meant to be a missionary, consider if the following apply to you and your current situation:

  • You’ve developed a skill that you can use on a mission trip.
  • You feel confident in your faith.
  • You find joy in sharing the Gospel.
  • You are prepared to serve others before yourself.
  • You are open to experiencing completely new cultures.
  • You embrace lifelong learning.
  • You’re ready to get out of your comfort zone.

If each of these descriptors applies to you, you might be ready to join missionary service. A great place to start is your local church — find ways to serve and gain experience with a short-term mission.

Can Anyone Be a Missionary?

In a sense, every Catholic is a missionary. In Pope Francis’ message for World Mission Day 2019, he said, “This mission is part of our identity as Christians.” You need not venture across the world to be an active missionary in your life. Anyone who is committed to their faith and loves Jesus can be a missionary. You can be a missionary in your own home and community.

What Are Today’s Social Issues?

Missionary work often involves coping with social issues alongside evangelism. Up-front exposure to certain social issues can be emotionally taxing. Make sure you’re prepared to face real-world crises. Some of the social issues you might face today include:

  • Food insecurity
  • Climate change
  • Child labor and trafficking
  • Poverty
  • Inequality
  • Violence and conflict

Mission Resources

If you’re interested in learning more about missionary work, check out, which offers many different resources. You’ll find information on evangelism, Christian newsletters and books, links to Christian smartphone apps, details about current projects and many other resources.

You can also find historical information from the Boston University School of Theology. It offers information on Christianity throughout different parts of the world, which you can review before going on a mission trip. For instance, if you’re planning to join a mission trip to China, check out the Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity. It lists biographical facts about Chinese and foreign Christian missionaries.

Learn More About Mission Projects

While all Catholics can be missionaries in their own homes and communities, it takes a special level of dedication and zeal to serve as a missionary abroad. If you’re considering becoming a missionary, ask yourself if your situation and characteristics would lend themselves to success. Being a missionary requires confident faith, joy in sharing the Gospel, selflessness and an open heart and mind.

If you think you want to become a missionary, reach out to Catholic World Mission. We’ll be happy to provide information about our mission projects. To stay updated on the advancement of our missions, feel free to join our mailing list.

Make an Impact With Catholic World Mission

Missionaries are passionate about sharing the word of God. Any Catholic can be a missionary in their own home or community — however, some Catholics feel called to aid with the Great Commission abroad. It requires incredible resilience, strength and religious zeal to work as a missionary far from home.

Christians have been missionaries since the time Jesus lived on Earth. Although Jesus’ disciples were not called “missionaries” in the Bible, they were on a mission to share the news of God’s kingdom. Today’s missionaries have similar goals — to teach others about Christianity and act with love.

Ways You Can Contribute

You might feel compelled to join the missionaries of history by going on a mission abroad. Be sure to discuss opportunities with your local church. Your church leaders can help connect you with short-term missions to help you determine whether you’re prepared to serve long-term. You can also use online resources to find trips you might join.

If you feel called to spread the joy of knowing Jesus but cannot travel abroad on a mission, you can still help from home in several different ways. At Catholic World Mission, we’re here for you. We also offer the option of planned giving, so you can continue giving to children and families, supporting missionaries as part of your memory and legacy. We appreciate any donation, no matter how big or small.

What We Do at Catholic World Mission

Our mission is to ease spiritual and material poverty by empowering poor people and sharing the Gospel of Christ. How do we accomplish our goal? We connect our donors to communities and dedicated partners around the world, ensuring every dollar makes a difference. When you donate to our organization, your money goes directly to the communities we serve and helps the missionaries, priests and laypeople who make our missions possible.

Make a Difference Today

Whether you wish to support evangelism and leadership development in spiritually poor communities or feel driven to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless, you can reach out to Catholic World Mission. We need your support and prayers. Contact us today to learn more about our organization and giving opportunities.

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