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    Call or email Deacon Peter Ranft with the stock name and number of shares you are transferring. This information helps us identify who sent the stock and that you receive the proper gift crediting and gift acknowledgment for tax reporting purposes.

Support Catholic World Mission By Donating Stocks To Charity

With the help of our charitable donors, we can join together to alleviate suffering, illuminate the mind and ignite the Spirit of our brothers and sisters in remote communities worldwide.
Your donations go toward furthering the Church’s mission to be the eyes, hands and feet of Christ as we share His love and make disciples of all nations.
We partner with impoverished communities by providing aid and relief where they need it most through material, educational or spiritual support. See our brokerage information above to donate stock, bonds or mutual funds. You can also make a cash donation online at your convenience.

Are You Eligible to Donate Stocks to Charity?

Anyone that has owned stock or other assets that have appreciated for more than one year is eligible to donate their stock to charity.

How to Give Stocks to Charity

Appreciated assets like stocks, mutual funds and bonds are an effective way to give more to your favorite charities and causes and simultaneously benefit from specific tax advantages like charitable income tax deductions. To donate appreciated securities or stocks, you must:

  • Ensure your preferred 501(c)(s) nonprofit organization has a brokerage account eligible to accept stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  • Make your stock contribution through your donor-advised fund or a third-party service before December 31st to qualify for tax benefits.
  • File a stock donation report through your donor-advised fund or by using IRS Form 8283 when you file your year-end tax return.

Why Donate Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds to Charity?

Learn more about the benefits of supporting Catholic World Mission by donating your appreciated securities:

  • Give more by avoiding capital gains taxes: The capital gains tax rate is 20% on a long-term stock holding. You can skip paying capital gains tax when you donate stock to a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, meaning you’ll be able to give more to your favorite causes than you could if you sold the asset and then donated the cash. You can also deduct your asset’s market value from income taxes — up to the allowable amount by the IRS.
  • Easily balance out your stock portfolio: Due to fluctuating investment prices, your stock portfolio may occasionally become out of balance. One of the easiest ways to rebalance your portfolio is to donate your stocks or bonds to charity. Doing so allows you to avoid capital gains taxes and deduct the donated share’s market value from your income taxes while supporting the causes close to your heart.
  • Donating stock and bonds is convenient: Donating your stocks, bonds and mutual funds is easier than you might think with a donor-advised fund. With a dedicated charitable investment account, you can donate your stocks to multiple nonprofit organizations with relative ease, allowing you to take a deduction for the tax year you donate and fill out a single form regardless of the number of charities you decide to support.

Your Generosity Makes a Difference!

By donating to Catholic charity organizations such as Catholic World Mission, your donation can make a direct difference.

We also provide regular updates through   photographs and    videos to show the immediate impact your donation provides.

We encourage you to donate to Catholic World Mission today to support us as we meet basic needs and spread the love of Christ throughout the world.

Spread the Catholic Faith Across the World